Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I used to be indecisive... now I'm not sure

Ahhh my first blog post! I've been considering doing this for a while but finally decided (right now while I should be working but have no motivation) to just do it! Thanks Nike :)

First topic?  Indecisiveness.  Yes it's a word. It's a good desciption of me right now too.
Work or blog? Walk to 7-11 or sit here. Follow diet at lunch or cheat? Uggggg
I think if I had one wish it would be to calm my brain at bit.... it's an endless stream of mostly ridiculous thoughts. How does one turn that shiiiiiit off?? ahhaha.

Okay well short first blog... Im ending the cycle and deciding.... deciding to actually clock in and make some money today :0)... but first off to 7-11. haha