Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Wowza... what a weekend! Soooooo I made Team USA!!!!!!!!!!!! Ackkkkkkkkkk!!!
Not only did I make it... I got the fastest time!! What!??!?! I know!! Craziness :)

I've always been athletic but this is just strange.  Me and Deb were talking about how funny life can be.  How so many people out there may be super great at something but never know if they've never given it a try... and on the opposite, the people lucky enough to find out that apptitude super young and make something of it.  For instance, the kid who starts playing the piano at like age 3 and is a prodigy.  I wonder how many other prodigy's there may be out there but who have never sat down at a piano??  Life lesson: get your but out there and try new stuff... who knows what'll happen!!

About 4 months ago, mid February, I searched Meet-up.com for a mountain biking club. This website, by the way, is fabulous. It's a way to find like minded people who already do the stuff you like to do, making the pestering of your pals and having to organize an event unnecessary.  So I searched "Oleta" State Park (where there's a great mountain biking trail).  Didn't find a mountian biking club, but I did find a group called Puff, a dragon boat team, that was having a beginner practice the next day.  I thought it looked fun and decided to give it a try. Fast forward 4 months and somehow I secured a seat on Team USA, and will be competing against 37* other countries in the World Championship in August!!!!!!! Crazy is the only word I can say!!

Up in Philly we did the trials and then had 3 of the hardest practices ever!! Two on Saturday and one more Sunday morning.  I usually switch sides when we practice here, but since I had to choose I paddled left all weekend... holy soreness.  I hope I dont look lopsided :)   As hard as it was, it was pretty awesome... not only was it like splash mountain out there it got so windy,  I learned a TON! Coach Bob drove along side us in a power boat- videotaping and correcting our form.  I wish we could time trial again now since I feel like I'd be even faster after seeing where I could improve!

Last note on this subject... buffness.  Im nervous I might be getting some serious muscles.  Some random dude the other day says, "you work out?"... then went on to say I might be a little too big!!!!! Hellllllllo?!?! Inappropriate talk to a girl! Sooo... please all you out there... know I have ZERO desire to get buff or cut or look tough or look anything remotely close to that! ... but considering how cool it is to say Im on Team USA,  I'll back off after August 7th!!!! :)

*it ended up being only 19 other countries. A bunch dropped for financial reasons or Multiple governing bodies type drama. Not sure really!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Itchy feet

5am!!!!!!!!! Realllllly?! I'm pretty cranky about this small factoid.... considering I went to bed at 1am, woke up at 3, and haven't been able to get back to it since then.   Aaannoying... but maybe Im just toooooooooooooo excited about all the cool stuff happening to me lately?!?!

Cool thing #1:  Today (technically yesterday?) I finally told Tom.  I started out by balling like a huge baby!! He was an angel of course... super supportive and receptive of the idea.  He said he's prepped himself that eventually I would leave-- that he knew i wouldn't stay forever :(   He had lots of wonderful compliments to give and that doors would be open if I wanted to come back.  Everyone should have a Tom in their life... really is a pleasure to know someone so fantabulous :)

Cool thing #2:  I'm leaving tomorrow (today I guess) to Philadelphia! Those of you who don't know, I've really gotten into Dragon Boating (more info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_boat) this year.  Turns out I'm pretty good at it too!!! About 6 weeks ago my teamies told me about tryouts for Team USA... I decided, why not?  I passed on to the next level, which was tryout #2 in Tampa about 4 weeks ago-- and made it there toooooooooo!!! So now I'm off to Philly for the national tryout!!! If I happen to make it, the World Championships are this year in Tampa, with 37 countries competing :)   Two years ago it was in Prague, I think Hong Kong before that...It's kindof a bummer that it happens to be in Tampa this year, but I suppose I shouldn't complain ;) 
Whooooooooa!!!  Even if I don't make it, I'm sure I'll learn a whole bunch and have fun doing it!!! Here's a picture of my team, Puff, during a race. We've got guns :)

Cool thing #3:  I'm putting myself on a pretty strict budget for the next 6 months... so when looking for hotels in Philly, I was told about this website called AirBNB. AMAZING!!! It's basically a couch surfer type website, for strangers to let strangers stay in their spare bedrooms for super cheap!  Im staying with a girl named Andrea for $100 total and have her whole apartment to myself (she's gonna be off housesitting).  Why is this so cool? Airbnb is pretty ginormo... so I can use this little trick on my travels!!!

Suck-o thing #1 (life can't all be daisies and sugar ;) :  ... the reason I think I really can't sleep--- fire ants!!!!!!!! ugggggggggggggghhh. I think I have like 15 bites on my feet and they are INSANELY itching!!! I've put pretty much an entire tube of hydrocortisone on and am still scratching like crazy :(   Thank goodness the tube is only one ounce, so I can bring it on the plane!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Living with sheeeit

I'm planning to rent the house out when I leave... fully furnished.   When I say fully furnished, I mean I want to leave everything... not remove a single item.  (Ok, I suppose I'll have to clean out the closets so the people can have space for their stuff but that's beside the point ;).  Do I really give a shit about all this stuff? NO!  Yet, why do I have gazillions of "things"? 
I've said a million times I dont care what people think... but that's a bunch of hogwash when I really analyze it.  Every single time someone comes over for the first time (even after that really) I spew out about a million disclaimers of, "This isn't done, that's not finished, I have these plans for that, this will eventually be done there, dont pay attention to this" etc.  Every time someone gets in my dirty ass car I give disclaimers, when I show people my work I give disclaimers, when I freaking just act like myself sometimes I even give disclaimers!!!!  What's wrong with this picture?  Im like a false perfectionist. I want everything to be perfect, but it never is, so I try to give excuses for why it's not?  I'm buying stuff to fill and decorate a house because that's what you do and especially as an architect I should have a nice house, right? But I hate shopping and I def. dont like spending money on stuff (Im a 'moments' type big-spender) ... I could live in a 10x10 shack and be just fine. Is it all about impressing?  But who? Those of you who I truly care about and who care about me don't care what I "have."  Who's a pychologist and can help me out with this?
Maybe a good starting point for the solution is that if you hear me start giving an excuse for why something I have/do/say/act isn't perfect, tell me to shut the heck up! Please and Thanks!!! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Telling TWeb

It's two days before Im planning "the talk."   Im dreaaddddddddding it.  Not because I think it will be bad, but because I know the person it will most negatively effect is the person I've come to call one of my closest friends :(

Those of you who don't know Tom Weber, you're missing out big time! You've never met a more fun, generous, genuine, hard working, selfless person.  Really truly totally, he knows me better than anyone. We've spent the last 7 years, 8 hours a day, working 10 feet apart and I can honestly say I've enjoyed every bit of it... I think I can count on one hand the times I've actually been truly upset with him :)  Probably he cant say the same-  I was 22 when we met. Poor Tom has seen me through ALLLLL my drama! You all know how I love to chat... Talk about blackmail material :)
You may have heard me say, "the reason I've stayed in Miami all these years is because I love my job."  That's been largely because it's such a pleasure to work w/ Tom.  It was just the two of us for pretty much 5 years, and for the last two the office has expanded to a big ol' 3.  You can imagine over that amount of time we've developed a system that works pretty stinkin' well.  We've created some wonderful architecture there and a pretty solid relationship too.  I'm quite proud to have been a part of the The Weber Studio.

Lately though, something just isn't right with me.  The job is still great, but I've got an itch (whole 'nother blog right there!). Over the last year, I've been considering leaving a lot, but it was the effect it would have on the firm stopping me. Aw shit, Tom'll be fineeeee, but it's just a bummer to know that my doing this is going to mean a lot of headache for him.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Why not go out on a limb... isn't that where the fruit is?

It's funny to me that that first blog post in March is what it is.... it's a pretty good summary of me the last 1.5-2 years... just not really sure what to do next. Well, it's time for a decision.  It's been time for a while. Here it is:

I'm giving my notice at work, Im going to rent my house and travel abroad.  Hallelujah!

There's the big news, hence the name of the blog! I intend to go,do,see, learn, be and become as much as possible! Not sure where I'll start or how long I'll be gone, but I figure starting with a good 4-6 months I'll either be sick of it and ready to come back, or loving it and never come back, or anything in the miiddle- all of which I'd be okay with :)

There's a million zillion reasons why I've come to this decision, certainly waaaaay to many to try and fit into this first post.  I do intend to talk about them and keep this post up to date.  I'm not planning to leave until the first of the year, but Im starting the blog now for a few reasons:

   1.  Resources please!!!! If you've got friends/ family/ coworkers somewhere that would take in a couch surfer for a while-- hook me up!! If you have connections with hotels/ planes/ trains/ buses/ tours-- hook me up!! If you know somewhere or something I MUST do-- hook me up!!!
   2.  Money, money, money, money, mooooneyy.  I'm thinking if I can stay a few places for a few weeks or month at a time, and do whatever to make some money, I'll be okay.  Im looking, obviously, for somewhat short term gigs, and thats about the only requirement... so let me know what whatever leads you got... even if they dont pan out Id appreciate it! Teaching/ schucking oysters/ painting faces/ circus performer/ bartending/ pig farmer--- I'm not above anything (okay well i feel the need to say not prostitution or drugs!)
   3.  I'd been wanting to start a blog anyways... cuz lets just admit it, I love to talk :)  No one reads a blog unless they care to know what the writer is saying, so this is a pretty good option for me!  I figure I can blab all I want, and if you're reading this, maybe you care to hear it :)
   4.  Resources please!!! Did I say that already? Seriously- that's why Im starting this now... 6 months early. I'll feel nice and  comfy knowing there are lots of people all over the world who I could call if Im in a pinch, and who can then call my mom for me and let her know Im okay :)

So, for now, just know Im stoked beyond stoked to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!