Friday, May 27, 2011

Itchy feet

5am!!!!!!!!! Realllllly?! I'm pretty cranky about this small factoid.... considering I went to bed at 1am, woke up at 3, and haven't been able to get back to it since then.   Aaannoying... but maybe Im just toooooooooooooo excited about all the cool stuff happening to me lately?!?!

Cool thing #1:  Today (technically yesterday?) I finally told Tom.  I started out by balling like a huge baby!! He was an angel of course... super supportive and receptive of the idea.  He said he's prepped himself that eventually I would leave-- that he knew i wouldn't stay forever :(   He had lots of wonderful compliments to give and that doors would be open if I wanted to come back.  Everyone should have a Tom in their life... really is a pleasure to know someone so fantabulous :)

Cool thing #2:  I'm leaving tomorrow (today I guess) to Philadelphia! Those of you who don't know, I've really gotten into Dragon Boating (more info at this year.  Turns out I'm pretty good at it too!!! About 6 weeks ago my teamies told me about tryouts for Team USA... I decided, why not?  I passed on to the next level, which was tryout #2 in Tampa about 4 weeks ago-- and made it there toooooooooo!!! So now I'm off to Philly for the national tryout!!! If I happen to make it, the World Championships are this year in Tampa, with 37 countries competing :)   Two years ago it was in Prague, I think Hong Kong before that...It's kindof a bummer that it happens to be in Tampa this year, but I suppose I shouldn't complain ;) 
Whooooooooa!!!  Even if I don't make it, I'm sure I'll learn a whole bunch and have fun doing it!!! Here's a picture of my team, Puff, during a race. We've got guns :)

Cool thing #3:  I'm putting myself on a pretty strict budget for the next 6 months... so when looking for hotels in Philly, I was told about this website called AirBNB. AMAZING!!! It's basically a couch surfer type website, for strangers to let strangers stay in their spare bedrooms for super cheap!  Im staying with a girl named Andrea for $100 total and have her whole apartment to myself (she's gonna be off housesitting).  Why is this so cool? Airbnb is pretty ginormo... so I can use this little trick on my travels!!!

Suck-o thing #1 (life can't all be daisies and sugar ;) :  ... the reason I think I really can't sleep--- fire ants!!!!!!!! ugggggggggggggghhh. I think I have like 15 bites on my feet and they are INSANELY itching!!! I've put pretty much an entire tube of hydrocortisone on and am still scratching like crazy :(   Thank goodness the tube is only one ounce, so I can bring it on the plane!!

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