Friday, May 20, 2011

Why not go out on a limb... isn't that where the fruit is?

It's funny to me that that first blog post in March is what it is.... it's a pretty good summary of me the last 1.5-2 years... just not really sure what to do next. Well, it's time for a decision.  It's been time for a while. Here it is:

I'm giving my notice at work, Im going to rent my house and travel abroad.  Hallelujah!

There's the big news, hence the name of the blog! I intend to go,do,see, learn, be and become as much as possible! Not sure where I'll start or how long I'll be gone, but I figure starting with a good 4-6 months I'll either be sick of it and ready to come back, or loving it and never come back, or anything in the miiddle- all of which I'd be okay with :)

There's a million zillion reasons why I've come to this decision, certainly waaaaay to many to try and fit into this first post.  I do intend to talk about them and keep this post up to date.  I'm not planning to leave until the first of the year, but Im starting the blog now for a few reasons:

   1.  Resources please!!!! If you've got friends/ family/ coworkers somewhere that would take in a couch surfer for a while-- hook me up!! If you have connections with hotels/ planes/ trains/ buses/ tours-- hook me up!! If you know somewhere or something I MUST do-- hook me up!!!
   2.  Money, money, money, money, mooooneyy.  I'm thinking if I can stay a few places for a few weeks or month at a time, and do whatever to make some money, I'll be okay.  Im looking, obviously, for somewhat short term gigs, and thats about the only requirement... so let me know what whatever leads you got... even if they dont pan out Id appreciate it! Teaching/ schucking oysters/ painting faces/ circus performer/ bartending/ pig farmer--- I'm not above anything (okay well i feel the need to say not prostitution or drugs!)
   3.  I'd been wanting to start a blog anyways... cuz lets just admit it, I love to talk :)  No one reads a blog unless they care to know what the writer is saying, so this is a pretty good option for me!  I figure I can blab all I want, and if you're reading this, maybe you care to hear it :)
   4.  Resources please!!! Did I say that already? Seriously- that's why Im starting this now... 6 months early. I'll feel nice and  comfy knowing there are lots of people all over the world who I could call if Im in a pinch, and who can then call my mom for me and let her know Im okay :)

So, for now, just know Im stoked beyond stoked to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You are going to be one missed woman but I'm so excited you are getting to do exactly what you've wanted to for so long now! I will keep a good eye on your house while you are away.. I definitely have to meet you in a cool place somewhere along your journey. How fun to have a blog for us to keep up with you. Go Becky go :)

  2. in the words of chocolate gaybe on "True Blood", i love you hooka & cannot wait to see where you're going and hope to join you somewhere. You have now climbed the ranks to become my favorite and most awesomeist friend yet :)

  3. OMG How freakin EXCITING!!!! I'm with KIM I would love to visit you somewhere along your journey. I have a couple of contacts abroad I will look into for you! Promise to come back though paleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!!!!!! I need my Becky!!!!!! Luv ya!!!!!!