Friday, June 17, 2011

Backstage Access!!

If you want to come watch the World Championships in Tampa this year, August 2-7, send me a headshot of yourself and I can get you an ID to come into the Athletes area...  I feel cool :)


  1. Sounds like a good road trip!!!

  2. Hey it's Mandy I still need to sign up as a follower, but do you know what days you'll actually be competing yet? Were still waiting to get our vacation info back but it would be awesome if we could move it up to August instead of October!!! BTW I feel super cool having one of my best friends competing for Team USA!!!!! Also I really think you should come home for Fourth of July :) Madisen's State Softball Tournament is in Longview this year on 7th Ave. We would both LOVE for you to see her play!!! If not maybe next year on your travels.... Luv ya

  3. What days will you compete, I want to try to make it that weekend