Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Wowza... what a weekend! Soooooo I made Team USA!!!!!!!!!!!! Ackkkkkkkkkk!!!
Not only did I make it... I got the fastest time!! What!??!?! I know!! Craziness :)

I've always been athletic but this is just strange.  Me and Deb were talking about how funny life can be.  How so many people out there may be super great at something but never know if they've never given it a try... and on the opposite, the people lucky enough to find out that apptitude super young and make something of it.  For instance, the kid who starts playing the piano at like age 3 and is a prodigy.  I wonder how many other prodigy's there may be out there but who have never sat down at a piano??  Life lesson: get your but out there and try new stuff... who knows what'll happen!!

About 4 months ago, mid February, I searched Meet-up.com for a mountain biking club. This website, by the way, is fabulous. It's a way to find like minded people who already do the stuff you like to do, making the pestering of your pals and having to organize an event unnecessary.  So I searched "Oleta" State Park (where there's a great mountain biking trail).  Didn't find a mountian biking club, but I did find a group called Puff, a dragon boat team, that was having a beginner practice the next day.  I thought it looked fun and decided to give it a try. Fast forward 4 months and somehow I secured a seat on Team USA, and will be competing against 37* other countries in the World Championship in August!!!!!!! Crazy is the only word I can say!!

Up in Philly we did the trials and then had 3 of the hardest practices ever!! Two on Saturday and one more Sunday morning.  I usually switch sides when we practice here, but since I had to choose I paddled left all weekend... holy soreness.  I hope I dont look lopsided :)   As hard as it was, it was pretty awesome... not only was it like splash mountain out there it got so windy,  I learned a TON! Coach Bob drove along side us in a power boat- videotaping and correcting our form.  I wish we could time trial again now since I feel like I'd be even faster after seeing where I could improve!

Last note on this subject... buffness.  Im nervous I might be getting some serious muscles.  Some random dude the other day says, "you work out?"... then went on to say I might be a little too big!!!!! Hellllllllo?!?! Inappropriate talk to a girl! Sooo... please all you out there... know I have ZERO desire to get buff or cut or look tough or look anything remotely close to that! ... but considering how cool it is to say Im on Team USA,  I'll back off after August 7th!!!! :)

*it ended up being only 19 other countries. A bunch dropped for financial reasons or Multiple governing bodies type drama. Not sure really!

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