Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lucky Me!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh my goodness I have luck like NO OTHER!! I should play the lottery, seriously!!
I've always felt this throughout my life... everything just always falls into place.  In all reality, I say "luck" but I like to think of it as Karma.  If you read my Ithaca blog, you know I love that whole Pay-It-Forward concept.  Maybe this is some of that happening?!  Guess I better stay on my best behavior so it keeps rolling in :)

Soooo, what's my latest luck?? Welllllllllll-- okay there are two things actually:  One-- Im about to go on a travel trip around the world.  Is it a bit coincidental to anyone else that I happen to make the National team, and will be competing in a World competition with all sorts of countries represented in a week????!?!?!? Helllllllo networking!!!! I will be one serious social butterfly during the 10 days in Tampa for SURE!!! 
"Oh, you're from Singapore? How funny, I just happen to be going to Singapore... can I call you??!"
I will have no shame :)

Okay now for the EXTRA SUPER LUCKY NEWS!!!!
This whole trip hinges on me renting out my house-- as that is how I'm going to afford to do this.   It's been a point of nervousness of course because what if they default the rent, or stop paying, or trash the place, or a million other things random craiglist people could do.  SOOO, IVE FOUND RENTERS ALREADY AND THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!

It just so happens that one of Tom's best friend from college is also an architect.  He and his family bought a house in March only about 2 blocks from mine.  He's living out every architects dream in that they are tearing down the existing house, he has designed his own and will be building a new one!!  Fantastic news on it's own.  He texted me a few weeks ago--- wants to rent the house so they can be near the construction site while it's going up! HALLLLLLLLLLLELUJAH!!!!!!!!

It's a PERFECT situation.  It's he and his awesome wife and they have two cutie-patootie kids, a boy and a girl.  This is good for them: being close to the new place, getting used to the neighborhood, I can work with whatever timeframe they want. And it's good for me: Peace of mind, peace of mind, peace of mind :)

Wow... Im just on cloud 9.  And to know this early in advance too... it's getting more and more real every day!!!!!!!!!!!!

This does mean Im leaving a little bit earlier now... we just settled on that they will move in the end of October.  That means I leave in November- only 3 months away!!!  Soooooooo... rub up against me while you can to get some of my luckkkkkkk!!!! :)  haha


  1. Luck is created with action and mindset. You have both. Your making the national dragon boat team was no luck my dear...that was all hard work (I can attest to that)> Cheers to you and trust your training. (Just in case GOOD LUCK, LOL).
    We'll be cheering you.

  2. Hey Becky! I am already feeling luckier just reading this! You are bubbly, beautiful, and a joy to be around. I wish you the best in your upcoming travels!

    - Toby

  3. That is so awesome Becky!!! To know you have someone you can trust taking care of your house for you and they only need it temporarily-that's awesome!!! I believe you are not lucky, but blessed :) Love Mandy