Monday, July 18, 2011

Veggie Juice

I've been trying for a loooooooooong time to eat healthier...  It's proven to be quite futile :(  So, I'm switching gears.  I like veggies, I really do... it's just the preparation I dont like! Me and the kitchen... not very good friends :(   My new idea then? Why not just drink them!

Attempting to make this work, my coworker showed me a place on Google Maps somewhat near my house that seems organic and maybe has what Im looking for.  The next morning, I decide to check it out. 

As I'm nearing the place, it's pretty obviously closed down, but for whatever reason I still parked.  I walk up to shutters over half the windows and closed curtains on the rest... but there's one little 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper that says juice party! hmmm.  So I go try they door, and it's open! I step inside to a weird corridor, with a door to an obviously closed store, and another door with a stairway behind.  Not sure what made me step into the stairway, but I do, and I hear someone say, "Brother!", obviously expecting.. well, his brother :)

I answer with, "Hello??"  followed up with some noises of obvious confusion from the other voice :)
This guys comes to the top of the stair, and Im like, "do you guys have juices here?" hahahha
What a dork!  Anyways, turns out, the guy bought this place, is currently renovating it, with plans to open up a new vegan cafe (with tons of juices) in just a few weeks!  He's held a few Juice Parties (hence the small sign) to start promoting until it opens.  I tell him how I found the previous place (which has been closed for a while--oops) and how Im trying to drink my veggies now since I find it hard to eat them :)
He say's he's about to make some juice and do I want some?!!

So that's how I find myself upstairs of this boarded up restaurant having veggie juice in the new owner's apartment!  He made fresh carrot, kale, and something else I dont recall (free of charge!)... it was awesome!  He's planning all sorts of great things: more juice parties, a raw food challenge, a yoga and juice event.... promoting the lifestyle, not just his business. 

I was super impressed!!!  What a super cool experience that I walked into!  Im def gonna make this a regular pitstop and hope the business thrives  (and I become healthy!).... so you should check it out too!! 

It's going to be called Choices Cafe, and it's just off Triangle Park, near Brickell... Here's a pretty cool video I found about Alex and his vision:

Choices Cafe
379 SW 15 Road
Miami, FL, 33129

(917) 750-5502


  1. Only you sis . . .

  2. i would have bolted the second the guy invites me upstairs for some juice.... the power of kale.

  3. You are so much braver than I, but we already know this!!! How about we go check it out when it opens, but I'll have a fruit juice instead haha ;)