Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Types of Assholes

I had to interrupt my Denver post for this important annoucement:

Being a Considerate person toward others is quite possibly the easiest, while still being one of the most pleasant qualities you can have!!! 

Seems so simple, right?! This doesn't even mean being nice!!! It's simply "showing kindly awareness or regard for another's feelings, circumstances, etc." (that's straight from  But noooooo!  Today has been one rude person after another and it's soooooo awful!  I actually had to walk out of the building department this morning, without saying g'bye to any of the "considerate" people, because I could feel the tears welling up and didnt want to embarrass myself in a professional setting!!!  ...and when those tears well up there's no stopping them! It doesnt even matter that it's not personal, or that it doesn't matter, or that the issue will get fixed anyways.... I just get so emotional when simple consideration, perhaps just even an acknowlegdment, for a fellow (wo)man can't be given. 

What's up with that? I have this theory about assholes... do they really know they are assholes? I think some are just plain assholes and have no problem being so. But, I have to believe that a majority of the asshole moves we come across in daily life are just because the person doesn't actually realize it's a douchebag move (they are oblivious or self centered), or does it and then feels bad about it (temporary assholishness is what I call it when I do it;).

1- Genuine Asshole (aka Douche)
2- Oblivous/Self centered Asshole
3- Temporary and Remorseful Asshole

You can take most of the stuff that irritates you and put it into any of the 3 categories-- but it's usually just a guess as to which it is.  Say you're in a one way parking lot waiting to get out, when the car in front of you passes a farther away open space in order to wait for a dude walking out with 7 kids and 2 carts of groceries.  To park 4 spaces closer to the store?  HOLY moly.. really? ... Said driver can honestly be any of the 3 types:  (1)- Total bieeeoootch watching you squirm in the rearview mirror while laughing like a hyena, (2) she sees you but is totally ignorant to that fact that you may not want to wait for 10 extra minutes to save her 30 steps, or (3) she didnt notice you behind her cuz she's making a grocery list for her sick kid at home, finally notices you too late, and says to herself "shit, im a jerk"  and waves 'I'm sorry'.

Another example:

You enter a public bathroom and there is pissy all over the seat and turds left in the toilet... yuck!!  The perpetraitor?? Could be (1) a true asshole,  Isnt that what cleaning people are for? ( i dont condone this!) or (2), Completely self centered and couldn't even imagine having to touch the flusher or put paper down first to actually sit. or (3) they ran in, in serious have-to-go mode, was such in a rush they couldnt wipe the seat first or risk peeing their pants, and then, during the pee got a call that their car was being towed, and ran out like a bat out of hell. Maybe they even come back in after the debacle to clean up!

Last example:

Someone comments on a physical trait that you have no control over (i.e. big nose, big ears, hairy arms, etc) and it's not directly an insult- but clearly on the verge.  For instance, not long ago someone says to me, "wow, you've got big feet."  Okay, so either (1) they are a total assssholio and passively trying to make me feel self conscience about myself,  (2)  they've never been taught 'not to say anything if you dont have anything nice to say', or (3) maybe they have a foot fetish and some how forgot to include the words, "...and I love them!" to turn it into a compliment. :)

Sometimes my "made-up-story" for #3 can be a stretch... but I try to always assume it's #3, because you really never do know what's going on it someone's life.  Shit, what if someone's family just died or something terribly awful happened so that's why they arent paying attention? Or maybe they had no parents and were raised by wolves and never learned common courtesy??  This is a philosophy that has helped me get through many a situation, including traffic jams, insulting remarks, getting cut off,
totally UN-helpful employees, bad work ethics, etc.

BUT, on occasion, (like today!!!) there is absolutely no doubt that the person is anything but a total jerkkkkkkk, I cant come up with ANY story to make me think anything but how much this person SUCKSSSSSSSS ... and that's when I cry! hahaha.  SERIOUSLYYYYY THOUGH!  How can you enjoy life when you're making other people sad?  Maybe reverse physcology will work with these people....I think I should pass out stickers that say, "Love your enemies, it pisses them off ."

Soooo, the moral of today's story boys and girls... is to be nice to me or I might cry :)  Orrrrrrrrr on a grander scale...

Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson

Everybody, my friend, everybody lives for something better to come. That's why we want to be considerate of every man - Who knows what's in him, why he was born and what he can do?
Maxim Gorky

Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are. ~Author Unknown

Feel free to share your Asshole stories or theories :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

I heart Weirdos!

Since the announcement of this trip, I've been given all sorts of good advice, resources, stories, contacts, and a number of books I should read.  The one book that has really stood out so far is called  "The Art of Non-Conformity" by Chris Guillebeau.  I give it two thumbs up.   That's probably a biased opinion since it's about escaping the hum drum of a normal life, which just so happens to be what Im off to do :)  Hoorah!

Funny enough, although the book applies a lot to my upcoming trip,  it's what the title means to me that I really like. It hits home for me in a way that the book isnt even focused on! haha. Non- Conformity IS an art!! I have ALWAYS been intrigued by eccentric people. Those who really, truly, actually dont give a shit what anyone else thinks (unlike those who say they dont but reallly do, myself included).  Last week while over in Tampa,  I was arounds hundreds of people.  As is always the case for me,  I was drawn to chat it up with, or randomly compliment, those that are different: The old ladies with the funky outfits on, the man with the foot long braided beard, the girl with the dreads and 75 different patterns in her clothing, the guy with the longggggg hair (okay, that had double intentions of flirting;).  There's something extremely appealing to me about Non-Conformity. It's an art of having the courage to be different in a world of conformists.

I find it so ridiculous that a celebrity can wear the most ludicrous outfits or hair fashions-- and it becomes a trend. But if you saw that same thing on someone walking down the street the day before, most people would point and snicker. Lame.  Then there are people like Lady Gaga... she admits in her show that she was "weird" and was constantly getting teased and tormented.  As you know, she made it huge, and now is adored for those SAME qualities!!! Isn't there something wrong with this picture?

It's not so much about physical appearance but that's just an easy way to identify it. I guess in general I'm just talking about compassion to be and say who you are and let other people be as well!   IMHO, one of the worst traits a person can have is that "Im-too-good" attitude. We all know someone this way. Maybe you make a bad joke, and instead of laughing it off, they make a snort noise, raise their eyebrows or roll their eyes, and make the situation about ten times more uncomfortable than it needed to be! Imagine if that didnt exist?? And we all just laughed and laughed about your lame joke? hahah. I like that...especially since most of my jokes are bad ;)

My friend Maya who lost her son ( had this up on her blog a while back:

That's what I really want.  I think I'm getting there :)  I guess if I dissect it, I conform as much as I feel I have to :(.  Im supposed to be an adult, a professional, educated and mature.  Most of you know me as generally okay with being an outlier... but I definetly stifle it some.  Im kind of tired of being politically correct...  and professionally appropriate... and socially judged.  Its such a waste of brainspace! 

I'm not suggesting that conforming/being normal is a bad thing (Im pretty sure I'll be back to 9-5 eventually!).  Nor that everyone run off, quit their jobs to travel and become a bizarro! ..that's just what I plan to do :) hahah. I guess if there was a something I hope you'd take from this, it would be that the next time you see someone who is being unconventional,  dresses eccentric, or says something off the wall--- instead of snearing, scoffing or making fun...  think about their courage to be different!!! Maybe if we all have more compassion we can open the door for more originality, and for ourselves to truly be who we are. :)
What makes you tick, what makes you happy, what do you really want from life?   "People say that what we're seeking is a meaning for life. I dont think that is what we're really seeking. What we seek is an experience of being alive." 
I dont know what I want from life and this trip yet, but feeling more alive can sum it up pretty good :)  Certainly I dont want to be normal!   I dont necessarily know what this will mean for me.  Im probably not going to shave my head.... but if I did it doesnt have to signify a mental breakdown! Maybe it's just friggin hot! :) 

 By the way, today just so happens to be the one year anniversary that Ronan was diagnosed with cancer :(   Maya is proclaiming today as Ronan's Day of Kindness.  You can join along on facebook and do something wonderully nice today to honor him :)

Dont be content with being average.  Average is as close to the bottom as it is to the top.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Live World's Coverage!!!

Hi Fam and friends! Finished with the practices--- first race is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo excited!!!! Lets get this show on the road!!  There's a link below where you can see live the races or find the results.
Also on that website if you go to the homepage and then look for the schedules you can see the race times. I'll be in either the premier women races and/or also the premier mixed (which is a super honor since only 8 women make the mixed boats!)   My first race tomorrow is at 11:45 (unless i get pulled!) Ack!
My anxiety has been pretty high so far. I'm pretty sure Im the newest paddler of the whole crew (which is like 100+ people- since there are premium, senior, grand master- both with men and women) so I feel like I have the spot to lose, and they keep emphasizing that we CAN lose it... so I'm like freaking out every time I make a tiny little mistake!  They are not big on positive reinforcement on this team so I have to keep telling myself (and some wonderfully kind teamies also) I got here for a reason!! I feel good and strong... we just need to start racing already so I can get the jitters out!! Im going to do some yoga in the morning to hopefully take in some zen :)
Having it here in Tampa is a blessing in disguise.   We're the hometeam! I hadn't thought of it that way before, because I was just wishing for an excuse to travel farther.... but having it here is GREAT!  Homecourt advantage!!!  We're like mini celebrities with our jerseys on---  It's such a thrill! 
Okay well love you guys and thanks for your support!