Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Live World's Coverage!!!

Hi Fam and friends! Finished with the practices--- first race is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo excited!!!! Lets get this show on the road!!  There's a link below where you can see live the races or find the results.
Also on that website if you go to the homepage and then look for the schedules you can see the race times. I'll be in either the premier women races and/or also the premier mixed (which is a super honor since only 8 women make the mixed boats!)   My first race tomorrow is at 11:45 (unless i get pulled!) Ack!
My anxiety has been pretty high so far. I'm pretty sure Im the newest paddler of the whole crew (which is like 100+ people- since there are premium, senior, grand master- both with men and women) so I feel like I have the spot to lose, and they keep emphasizing that we CAN lose it... so I'm like freaking out every time I make a tiny little mistake!  They are not big on positive reinforcement on this team so I have to keep telling myself (and some wonderfully kind teamies also) I got here for a reason!! I feel good and strong... we just need to start racing already so I can get the jitters out!! Im going to do some yoga in the morning to hopefully take in some zen :)
Having it here in Tampa is a blessing in disguise.   We're the hometeam! I hadn't thought of it that way before, because I was just wishing for an excuse to travel farther.... but having it here is GREAT!  Homecourt advantage!!!  We're like mini celebrities with our jerseys on---  It's such a thrill! 
Okay well love you guys and thanks for your support!


  1. No wonder you going to be on that boat, you rock girl!!! all my support and energy!

  2. Go Becky go Becky!!!!! Ill be cheering from my office!!!

  3. Sending all the positive energy your way....

  4. You'll do great Becky Jo! -CMil