Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Here fishy, fishy...

Jellyfish that is :(

Uggggggghhhhhhhhhh I am a walking itch factory!!!!!!   It's been 5 full days since I got multiple stings and they are getting more and more itchy, not to mention more horrific looking :(.  Do I really need someone to pee on my to make this feel better?? Please no! ;)

I've got this triathlon coming up on the 25th-- the Escape to Miami- Olympic distance!  I havent done a tri since '09, but my good pal Erick Lora asked if I wanted to do it with him. I was really slacking right after World's, so I took the plunge and hired Armando Cruz (owner of Miami Fit Body Boot Camp- check it out!) to make a schedule for me.  It's intense.... last Saturday he had a 2 mile swim for me! ACKKKKKK

First off, the most I've ever swam is .9 miles-- which just happens to be because thats the swim distance in the two other Olympic Tri's I've done.  So far this year, I've only been doing 1/2 mile or so... so I was a bit nervous.

It went something like this:

First .5 mile was headed SE, where there's not a great visual cue about what direction to swim, so I have to pull my head up out of the water a bunch to make sure Im not swimming out towards shark bait water-- took me like 18 minutes!  Headed back NW... where there's Brickell's Four Seasons Building- super easy to spot, plus no sun in your eyes-- took me only 13:45! As I was crossing the 1 mile mark and pulling my arm out to see my time, I got my first love from the jellyfish!!!! Ouchhhhhhh- super stinggg! On my lower back and high back of thigh. The worst thing about it is the attempt to get away, in total panic mode. I probably looked like a twitching spaz ;).  I got out and was thinking I needed to quit... but was so bummed cuz still had the energy to do the swim.  Waited like five minutes and talked myself into going back out with this thought process:  If I swam a whole mile and only saw 1, what are the chances I see another??  Okay so turns out that was stupid... At around .4 of second mile, I went through a gang of them, and was in serious spastic mode trying to divert mid-stroke.  Its funny screaming under water too... it just comes out regardless of the conditions I guess ;)  After seeing about 4 in a matter of a few seconds, I swam like a bat outta hell to the shore. UGGGGGG... this was such a defeating moment.  I really really wanted to finish. Plus I should mention my swim cap tore and so my hair is totally pasted to my face, clouding the vision even more! :(  I had been swimming farther out, and going SE, so decided NW was my strength, and if I walked up to another buoy (each buoy is .1 miles), I could swim back the last .6 fast and furious.   There was a little hiatus to build up my mental strength as two little kids were out on a paddleboard and started freaking... they had dropped their paddle :(.   I swam out and searched forever for the paddle... no dice. The poor dad (who showed up like 10 minutes later!!! geez!) wasn't too happy... turns out he had just bought that paddle the day before for $150.  Who sells a paddle that doesn't float?? I think he got jipped. 

Lower back a couple hours after-- you can
still see my swimsuit lines--
that saved me some!

Back now-- welted up and spreading
like a rash! Ewwww!

My hamstring (and peek of booty!)
couple days after-- Direct hit!!
Can you say nasty?

So, back to the swim.  Each time I had seen one before, it had happened that I'd taken a breathe and just put my face back in the water, and there it would be. My biggest fear heading back was for my face.  What if Im turning back in and one just face plants me???  ohhhhh lo and behold, with less than .1 to go-- I got a face plant!!!!!!!!! Luckily it was just on the side (and lucky I wear goggles) but still... really?


BUT I finished, I officially swam 2 miles.  Granted there were multiple interuptions, but what the heck, it's still 2 miles :)  

E-lo and I went back Tuesday morning...  saw two jellies within the first few minutes.   Normally, these type quotes would kick in and I would want to keep going as I had on Saturday:

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Colin Powell
A failure establishes only this, that our determination to succeed was not strong enough. Christian Nestell Bovee

Instead, and we high-tailed it outta there.   Sometimes determination needs to take a backseat to common sense :)

Who has got a pool for us to use?? :)


  1. lol...note to self...don't swim with JELLY FISH! I can come pee on you if you need me to. ;)

  2. are one determined chick!! Nice ass by the way... I wish my upper thighs looked like that!!!! JRF

  3. First off, congrats on swimming the full 2 miles (especially under those conditions). You're determination is inspiring. Secondly, nice booty

  4. HAAAAA That looks painful... duda what if u wear like one of those thin wetsuits ( cuz a wetsuit must be hot for FL) or like a surfer tshirt or does the sting go through either way? yeahh nice ass!!! ;)

  5. Hey Becky! Way to stay hard-core but next time you may want to soak those spots in vinegar (=acetic acid) for at least 15 minutes to keep the nematocysts that came off the tentacles from releasing their toxins. Good luck in your Tri!

  6. I remember my first sting. I didn't blog about it like a big crybaby, though. JK.

    I tried to get stung just to see what it was like, and it sucked! There were burning welts that kind of looked cool, but I had to drink like five beers to ease the pain. Sometimes the medicine is worse than the ailment.

    1. Ha! Only you would TRY to get stung! hah