Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Solo Traveler Prequel

Okayyy...so this post is a bit late. .. but still post worthy because, simply, It's Colorado :) . I got to go to Denver/Boulder area the week of August 24-28.  It was a business trip supposed to be from Wed to Fri, but I asked them (Trustile, the company that flew me there) if I could extend my ticket thru the weekend and they did so with no prob. yay :)  It was a solo weekend, so I was excited to see how it went. I figure I'm going to be doing that for 90% of the time next year, so why not see how it is?  The travel prequel if you will!  Is it strange that I like hanging out with myself? Im like a toddler-- can entertain myself with very little :)

The one thing Ive been nervous about going stag is having to keep amazing experiences to myself.  I'm very expressive (surprise!) and I very much like to share experiences.  I always knew this about myself, but it became super obvious last year when I got scuba certified.  I was lucky to be in Costa Rica for my first official dive, and there are so so  many incredible things to see, but no way to call out or flag down my buddies unless they were looking right at me!! After the first dive we had to make up a signal for "Awesome" so I could stop giving the "go up" signal (which happens to be a thumbs up;).

 If you read my Ithaca post, you know I'm just in love w/ mountains/ rivers/ hiking/outdoors-- and Colorado did not dissapoint! The first day I was hiking around in Estes Park, surrounded by fantastic view after fantastic view-. All of which I had the erge to say, Look Look!!! But... obviously there was no one to say Look Look to, so I've decided that I need to take a video camera!!!  The blog is a good outlet, but if I have a video---Then I can say, "Looooooook how cool!" to it and feel like Im sharing! Problem solved!!!!!!! hahah. So that's something to look forward to.. aren't you excited?  Im thinking either the Go pro or the Kodak Playshort... advice?
Gem Lake, Estes Park, CO

 I re-confirmed another tidbit about myself...  Staying on the trail is not something I do very well:).  I did a 3.3 mike hike called Gem Lake Trail, and I took about 4 hours to do it... because off-trailing is soooooo much more fun!!!
How can I not climb on that?? I must :)

Met some awesome folks on the trail, Dave and Gina (small world- she used to live in Mia), we chitty chatted quite a bit. When they were starting to head back, I said for them to go ahead... I had to climb the big rock first. They offered to take the sequence of pics below and even emailed them to me! Thanks guys--- that was pretty great of you!

This is at the base of the lake in the picture just above-
 just to the left of the waterline

Someone's happy :)
ps.. that's my water bottle tucked in my pants ;)

Made it!

Made a few furry friends... saw a cute bunny within 5 minutes of the trailhead (an omen of good to come!) and these chipmonks (or squirrels?) were bold! Anything for trailmix :) 

Thank goodness no spiders... Im a bit anxious about the first time I run into a tarantula :( acccccccccckkk. Hope I dont faint and fall off a cliff somewhere!  Stayed at a hostel that night... totally wasn't prepared. Forgot hostels dont have pillows and sheets! hahah--  good thing I can sleep anywhere after a good workout :)   Next morning I joined a small group rock climbing expedition.  This picture can pretty much sum up the aaaaaaaawwwwwesomenesssssssssss:

Yes that's me.. the yellow dot. Swweeettt
The thing about rock climbing I love--- it's a game of logic.  You need to really think about where you're going to go, try to anticipate the sequence of moves-- and especially in the case of climbing w/ out ropes- how you're going to get back down!   Going up is about a million times better than going down. In hiking.. clearly. But lots of stuff if you think about it. Going down stairs? Hurts the knees. Going down a ladder? scary. Moving down in a job? sucks. The market going down, your fork going down the garbage disposal, dating down, falling down, looking down on someone... these all suck!! I can only think of ONE going down that I like... downhill snowboarding/skiing/sledding of course ;)

After that, I spent the afternoon people watching (one of my fave activites) in Boulder.  Great place-- very ecclectic crowd (love that too).  Their street performers were pretty impressive:
Foot behind the head while standing... I can do that :)

One handed handstand on a ghetto stand w/ fire and knives-- def cant do that!
Her name is Cate the Great, has a degree but does this cuz it's what she wants to do. Love that.
Spent the last night with my awesome hometown pal Andy Bair and crew-- we went to the Broncos game which was great cuz they were playing the Seahawks- our team.  It was some great fun... and we capped of the night w/ a little grocery cart racing at the 24 hour supermarket. hahahah.  Drinking may or may not have been involved. ;)

Mile High Stadium, Denver
How cool is this Stadium?
Andy Bair!! Bekah and Jake Colbeth--- You guys ROCK!
Thanks so much for being the bestest hostsssss!!! xoxo
Cant. Stop. Laughing. :)
Colorado-- you are awesome.  I will be back :)

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