Saturday, November 19, 2011

The adventure begins!

I left Miami on Wednesday... a very very bittersweet moment for me! So many amazing people and memories in Miami, so many new ones ahead of me.  No home, no job, no car, a one way ticket and a cute boy to say bye too = sobby Becky;).   But, even with the leaving of all the great people in Miami, I am beyond excited for the future!!

First stop: Alabama! I'm here staying at my mom and stepdad's house.  There's nothing quite like "Mom's house."  Im not a guest here, Im home :) It doesn't hurt that my mom is an accomplished landscaper/ painter/ AND interior decorator--- so it's beautiful, cozy, quaint... just what I needed :)  Andddd, the extra icing on the cake?  My sister Julie is still here! In transition to her eventual new home in Memphis.  We're like a lil family again! Just missing the other big sis :/

So far,  we've worked on a 3000 piece puzzle, gone shopping for backpacking gear (I found the perfectttt bag- and it's blue!!),  lounged around, lots of chai tea, lots of good food (thanks Jule... awesome chef!), Stepdad Chipper has showed me all about Krakatoa (crazy island volcano that I am sooo going to visit in Indonesia), and lots and lots of talking talking talking!!!  Yesterday morn I went for a bike ride in the 40 degree weather--- awww so nice!  Crisp air, fall colors, friendly neighbors.  I think I like cold weather better than I thought... I'm quite happy about that.

Then I heard about DayGlow, and the peace and quiet came to an end ;) hahah.  The guy helping us at the outdoor store, Taylor, mentioned it was going to be in Birmingham that next night (this was thurs).   DayGlow is a concert, but they happen to also throw paint all over the crowd :)  umm..yes??!!!  I tried to convince Jule, asked a few people I know here, even looked on craigslist for a buddy to go with.  Finally I thought, I'll ask Taylor!  Worst that can happen is he says no!  I had his cell number cuz he had called to tell me about my bag order, so I sent him a text along the lines of, "I know this is random, but can I tag along w/ your friends to DayGlow?"  He said yes!  Yipppeee!

Six of us went, pretty awesome group- It was a blast! I never thought I liked house music so much until I had gone to the BassNectar concert a few weeks back, and this just reinforced that I'm diggin' it!  The vibes  feel like they invade your body and you just can't help but dance and wave your arms... pretty cool stuff!  The paint of course just made it that much more exciting, and they had a SIIICK laser light show that was worth it just for that.
All in all, an awesome experience, and I get 5 new friends out of it :)

Pre-paint, all white still!

Mid dance partyyyy

Love this picture... put your hands in the air!

Yes, I did. Yes, I did ask the biggest guy there if I could sit on his shoulders. Sooo much better view!


So much fun! Thanks guys! :) 

I'm happy to have had a crazy night, but honestly, I'm so content with and looking forward to more peace and quiet for a while!!  Mom's knitting, Jule is cooking (pumpkin soup!), Chip watching TV, and I'm gonna work on that 3000 piece puzzle alllll night as soon as I post this!!  Relaxation is definetly under appreciated in my life... I've got another 11 days here, we'll see how long I can last without another adventure :)

Cute momma!

Cute Sister and ginorm puzzle!

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  1. Sounds like a pretty cool start! But so far, that's Anywhere USA!! Looking forward to reading about you climbing the highest mountain in Australia!