Friday, December 16, 2011

Adios America!!

I can see already I'm going to have to make a bigger effort to keep up with this blog! Soooo much too do!!! I want to write about my Aussie experience already, but...not just yet ;).  Life is about the Journey, not the destination, and I just caaaan't skip over my fabulous WA/OR/CA departure trip... so I'll do it quick-like in photos :)  


Born and raised in: Kelso, WA

Okay, so technically this is Longview, WA... but they are sister cities, close enough ;) 

Me and Pops.. pretty much twinerrsss!

Walking Lake Sacajawea w/ Tim and Cind :)
Isn't it great? Pacific NW is the bessst!
Family excursion: Sister Sandy, Dad Timbo, Nephew Cole!

For our Christmas tree!!! Cut it down ourselves -- much prefer this way over buying it at the grocery store :)  They had reindeer, llamas, goats... and a santa. We all sat w/ him :)

Spent lots of time w/ family, almost all of it actually. Had some great lunches/ bike rides/ games nights/ wrestling sessions/ dinners/ walks/ talks/ movies/ and some squirrel chasing... and totally slacked on the pics :(    Loved every bit of it though.  Thankssss guysss :)

Paddled with the Portland Dragon Boat team 'Burn', thanks to my fellow Team USA'er Aimee Edwards! It was full-on darkness and 30 degrees... but surprisingly not miserable! Yay 
Stayed w/ the Westervelt family: Evan, Mandy, Madisen, Lacie, and Blake.  We watched old videos of our gymnastics days, drank wine, and reminisced: Awesome :)  I got to sleep in Lacie's princess bed, and then it was off to the airport.

Welcome to LA!  Another fellow Team USA'er,  Ross Flemer, gave me the BEST TOUR EVER!! We rode bikes all over!! We went to the beach, up the piers, played pool at Blackies (famous place) took a ferry to Balboa Island,  saw awesome christmas lights, and capped off w/ yummy food and a hot drink to warm up!  THANK YOU!!!!
Hello Newport Beach amazing sunset!

Then one of bestest, and oldest friends, Sereen Bean, picked me up and we headed to Big Bear Lake, CA.   IT WAS AMAZING! I looooved it.  Snowy but nice weather, with a million outdoorsy things to do in any season... Huge rocks/ big ol' lake, Mountains... pretty much amazing.

We bundled up and went for a hike in the snow (proceeded to ditch more than 1/2 our layers),  went down this cool toboggan ride, sat by the lake and talked life. Can't get much better than that.

 Back to LA, we took it easy. Watched a movie, repacked my bag, decorated her Christmas tree... and then, it happened.  My very first moment of real nervousness.  Just a few hours before leaving to the airport, out of the complete blue- I just started cryyyying!  Like a good friend she came and cried w/ me. Aww :)  Thanks Bean!  I just thought, why am I leaving Miami? My fab life and my fabulous friends?  Why couldn't I just be happy where I wassss??  

It was pretty fleeting though.  Phewww! I came to my senses and remembered these things: my true friends will always be my friends, just like the ones I've been visiting with. Best thought ever :). I'll make wherever I live a nice home (being an architect helps there ;), and if I can't find an equivalently awesome job- that's okay cuz I prefer camping anyways ;) ha.  So so so so soooo many things in Miami to make me want to stay... but my whole being telling me to get gooooone!! 

(I know I used this quote before... but it's double post worthy)

You should always listen to yourself.  Deciding to leave anyplace/ anything/ any person that's 'pretty-awesome-but-something-significant-missing'  because you're comfortable or scared or unsure is hard hard hard.   Change can be so many different things: good/bad, hard/easy, fun/scary. One constant though, that it's  inevitable- so you might as well be the one to decide what that change is!  No risk no return!!

How awesome is this? Growwww always!

Thank you to everybody who made my life in Miami awesome, and my last few months there absolutely irreplaceable.  Thanks to my family and friends for welcoming and supporting me in my transition.  Everyday is a gift, thats why they call it the 'present'!  I'm soooo grateful for the life I've had so far, and soooo grateful for the one I'm living right now, and soooo grateful for the one I'm going to start when I get back!  Australia is awesome.... posts coming soon, I promise!!! xoxo

Sooo wow... how did this end up being such a long post anyways?? Whoopppss!!! 


  1. You have given me an alternate ego. I love this blog and I have decided I am going to do some traveling....through you! I know it will work because your posts feel (only a better version of me or the me I have in my heart). All I know for sure is that whatever and wherever BJ is...I am too! I'll be there in moments of serendipity. I'll be there when everything is going horribly wrong too. I hope you don't mind me tagging along.

  2. You rock...! Keep having an amazing adventure...

  3. I struggled a lot with the why leave Tacoma area, good job, lots of friends, a potential for a job I really wanted, but then why not leave? I didn't want to have the shoulda, coulda, woulda's, we decided to go for it, we could always come back and with the exception of being lonely for girlfriend time I love it here and I am so glad I made the choice.

  4. So excited to hear more Becky! Love you muchly!! :)

  5. I love all of your posts so far... They are heartwarming, and telling of who you are. But I can't wait to hear about the Tallest mountain in Australia! (and any other exciting adventure that I can live vicariously through you!)

  6. Becky you are so inspirational! Love reading these and all your quotes! Keep em coming!! I too am traveling vicariously through you :) Much Love, Mandy