Monday, December 26, 2011

Lazy day in Albury

(written on the 23rd)

Wheeeewwwww!  Feeling accomplished but exhausted, I ended up driving w/ Dazza back to Albury as a plan B after we left Kosciuzko.  He dropped me at the YHA for my first hostel night, and luckily I had the room to myself.  I was told there were no busses until Dec. 24, but I found one for the 23rd.  Phewww! Albury is not the most happening town ;)  I took a dip i the pool, a nice hot shower, ate some pumpkin soup and rolls for dinner, and passeddd out like a light! 
Woke up totally refreshed from another completely knocked-out sleep. Not even a twitch- guess i needed to catch up!   I had 18 hrs until my bus and was completely happy to spend it leisurely. Thank goodness for the hostel room to myself -I had my stuff everywhere, needing to repack my bag... wonder how long it will take me till I get it just right?  It still takes more or less a hour now! Figuring out where to put stuff, what stuff I’ll want easiest access too. What should go in a bag, what should go in my pockets.  Holy moly Im such a girl at times ;) 
Went down to the kitchen and made breakfast... pumpkin soup and dinner rolls..delish :)  I checked my emails and tried to find a better photo share system. I’ve got Picasa but I takes 30 minutes to load 10 pictures! accckk... anybody got a suggestion?? I ended up just making a new Facebook page for them... guess that will work. Snagged some free fruit cake (cuz no one would buy it!) and went to explore Albury. 
Took the bus to Dean Street, where I met up w/ Roland, the only other person staying at the hostel.  He’s French and is cycling across Australia then NZ for 8 months. At around 90km per day, he’s got some pretty sweet tan lines going;)  We toured the art gallery, the library exhibits and a pretty sweet little church called St. Michaels.  They’ve got a sort of barn-of-bethleham thing going so there were all sorts of little animals.. including a cow inside the church. Yep. ;)  The architecture here is super mixed,  even art deco going on... interesting :) 

Next, on to the botanical gardens.  I loooooove being in these places.  This one, albeit much smaller than the Melbourne one, is just as well maintained and beautiful.  There are picnic-ers all over... that makes me sooo happy.  Being outside!  I discovered my new favorite tree, a Lebanese Cedar.  It’s got perfect branches that make climbing basically like climbing up a spiral stair. I need one of these in my yard- FOR SURE! And as if you don’t already know, yes I climbed it. :)  Here we ate lunch. Tuna on dinner rolls, mm mm good. Lucky for me I’m far from picky:)  hahah. 

ahhhhhhh just wonderful :)

Best climbing tree EVER!!

Don't you just love this?? I do!

Next to the river... which, to be honest, was pretty ugly! haha.  We walked along the path for 20 minutes with not much but blah to see. We came across quite a few hills which is always surprising when just looking on a standard map. When we got to the Monument Hill nature trail, listed as steep, Roland and I split up. He needed to rest up for his ride tomorrow, did i mention he averages 90km a day? whoa. I walked on up... what seemed like it could possibly be a let down as I was ascending, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Not necessarily by the monument (it was nice), but by the perfectly awesome axis all thru the city it had on the other side.   I walked perfectly straight down and found myself back at the botanical garden, where I laid under the tree line. I LOVE tree lines.  I know I say I love a lot of things, (okay I do love a lot of things) but I especially love tree lines :).  I know, I just need my backyard to be a botanical garden! Yessss, I love epiphanies!!! ;) 

Nice Axis!!! Good job Albury!

It was a good day :)

My leisurely day turned hectic as I discovered the last bus to the train station was at 5:30! acckkk. I ran to the grocery store, picked up my bag, and rushed to the bus only to arrive 5.5 hours prior to my bus departure at 11:30pm! Oucchhh.  It ended up being nice though, I wrote all three of these last blogs!!! 
So, it’s off to Sydney tonight, Woohoo!!!! Bus leaves at 11:30pm and I arrive at 9am Christmas Eve. I am sending out grateful vibes to Greyhound for my being able to get some good sleep :)  Off to go have some tuna for dinner.. maybe I’ll  even spice it up tonight with some baked beans!! :) 

I make myself comfy:)
(written on the 23rd!) 
(full pics here)

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