Thursday, December 29, 2011

Three cheers for Dragon Boating!!

Team Puff in Tampa race in May... nice guns :)  Want some?
ohhhh Dragon Boating, how AWESOME are you!?!??! Sooo very awesome :)

Lets recap 2011: 

February 13th:  1st dragon boat practice ever! Woohoo!
March/April/May/June:  Races w/ Puff, Team USA Time Trials
July:  Team USA trips to Philadelphia, PA and Ithaca, NY to race
August: World Championships of Dragon boating, brought home two golds, 3 silvers, a bronze and the Nations Cup for Team USA!!!!
Sept/Oct:  More racing with my awesome team PUFF... plus bed racing/ contra dancing/ camping outings/ wall casts/ birthday parties/fantasy fest/ concerts/ trivia nights/ social super fun-ness :)

Which bring us to just this last month of December:

Paddling in Portland, OR w/ fellow Team USA’er Aimee on her team Burn.
Touring around Newport Beach/Costa Mesa with another fellow Team USA’er Ross.
Staying in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia at former Team USA’er Radley’s place (who I’d not even met, just cuz of the DB connection!) on Christmas Eve and Day
....and today, Paddling with Australian local Sydney Team DBS, with pal Monica who I’d met at World’s in August!

Practice in Sydney, AUS

Monica and Murray- met her at Worlds!
Holy awesome right?  I think I’ve got to give some credit here to DB... and do some promoting!!! This sport is so so so uber duber fantastic people! If you haven’t tried it, just do yourself a favor and google it in your local area and get out there!! What a great way to get out on the water, have a great workout, and meet tons of awesome people!!

So so very true.  "Replace the fear of the unknown with Curiosity"
For me, it was a huge pivotal point this last year.  I had my core group of friends already, not much spare time, and wasn’t really interested in a big commitment to a new thing.  BUT, how do you refuse such awesomenesss??? Simply... you don’t! and now... I think half the people at my last going away party were my dragonboater friends! I’m quite proud to be part of PUFF and part of the National and International DB community that is so willing to teach and share!  Spread the word!

Today was awesome.  When I first arrived, without knowing I was coming, a guy named Brett says, “Hey, I have a picture of you.”  He recognized me! How good is that?!  Then my World’s pal Monica (who I had traded jerseys with) shows up!  It was a very small world coincidence, because of all the teams in Sydney (20 plus...yep, it’s a big deal) I contacted a few, and happened to heard back from the coach of the team where I know people!  A sign?! Yesss you know it! :)

We paddled in the Parramatta River which comes from the Sydney Harbour.  They had 23 people show up for a practice on Dec 29th??!?! When the whole city is on vacation!  Impressive! Then they all round up and go out for food/drinks after... which they welcomely invited me along for. LOVE!!!!!

Dinner and drinks w/ the team!
So, seriously people.... what other sport can you travel around the world and just go hop in to practice with a great team?  Most teams have beginner intros for locals so you can get your feet wet (literally and figuratively)... Are you googling yet??  Anddd.. its for all ages, my team had from 21 to 69! If you’re in Miami, go check out PUFF! Here’s the site where they list the beginner practices or contact Sam, who is in charge of membership and totally awesome to boot! 

Team PUFF in Orlando!!  Love you guys :)

I know one thing for sure... I'm soooo googling the local DB team wherever I go :)

Miss you Puffers.  Thanks for, well, changing my life!  :) 


  1. Becky, I am honored to have been apart of a positive change in your life! It has done the same for me!

    Happy new year amiga



  2. Let me know if you head to Bristol...I paddled with an awesomely fun team while I was there and I know they'd welcome you on the boat.

    I can't believe the Aussies remembered my USA booty shorts!

    Hope you are having loads of fun. Miss you!


  3. Happy new year Becky Jo!! I love reading about your adventures!

  4. Hey you crazy nut! Where else can ya go and lose 20 pounds in 6 months without even is amazing how many lives this sport has changed...MINE INCLUDED!! I cant wait to see you again! MONTANA DRAGON BOAT RACE! SEPT 2014! :)

  5. BTW This is BIG JOHN!! PUFF BOY! :)

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