Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Mother's Love

As each day comes, I’m learning more and more about myself, my journey, following your heart, accepting yourself, but even moreso, about loving, giving, and being grateful.  Every morning starts with me giving thanks for my situation (whatever it may be at that moment- good or bad), and it struck me how significant it is that everyday the first person I thank is my mom :) What a blessing that is!  We don’t choose our parents, and not everyone has the best relationship with theirs, so I don’t take it for granted that my favorite person in the whoooooole wide world just happens to be my Mudda Debba :)

I’d like to give a long distance gift of pure thankfulness.  Anyone close to me knows how I adore my cute momma, and I tell her so regularly....  Buuuut, I like to do things out-loudly (can I quoin that word?)!!!!  Sooooo, this blog is my homage to my mother, Debbie Jo :)

Outwardly speaking, we are very different. She’s short and delicate looking with dark hair and green eyes.  She’s super quiet (we used to tease her about not being able to yell) soft spoken with soft mannerisms, and absolutely epitomises the word ‘approachable’!  (She has had strangers openly ask her if they can be friends within minutes of meeting her :).  She just radiates sweetness, kindness, and has this keen ability to make you feel like every word you say is sooo very important. Pretty much, there’s no one quite like this woman, and I would bet big money you couldn’t find anyone that dislikes her.  

Inwardly, the way we think about things is very much the same...  eager for new knowledge and always with an open mind.  We have a curiosity about so many things, it’s the way that gets expressed/put into action that is unique, a product of our own confidences. Debba (aka Debbie Jo, aka Mudda, aka Momma, aka Mudda Debba... I love nicknames :) grew up in an extremely loving but super cautious, color-within-the-lines type upbringing  Thus, she always lived life safely and with conformity, not exactly the beacon of self-assurance.  We had a wonderful conversation once about how she knew she had been more of a spectator of life than a participant. She wanted more than that for her daughters, so she’s been able to boldly step out of her comfort zone and instil having our own individuality, independence and confidence (Okay, obviously with help from Daddie-o too, but that’s off topic!).   I am so so very grateful to be able to say I can’t recall a time that I was ever told I was too little, or too young, or too anything but able. It was always- you can do it, go for it.   

She wasn’t without fear though, I can still hear her in my head even now- her little precautionary sayings: “Take something for your arms”, “wear your sunscreen”, “use the buddy system”, and her favorite one lately: ”you’re being careful, right?”...So cute :).  The more important moral/ethical/golden rule lessons are there too, the ‘wallpaper’ of my life in a way, always there in the background.  What else is always there? I’ve been away from home for more than 11 years, but anywhere and everywhere I go, I always feel loved. It’s like her energy travels across the globe and just wraps me in a super comfy love blanket :)

Im the youngest of 3 sisters, and all of us turned out so unique (I’m the ‘crazy’ one;). We all interpreted the lessons different, for me, it was that I could do anything... or at least try and not fear a rejection/failure/ loss.  I knew I would have at least one person who would say, “...but becky jo, you looked so great trying’! hhahahh.. she’s so cute :) The most amazing thing though, is that despite our completely different paths/personalities, each one of us girls has the same feeling towards her: that we would do anything for her.  (I’ve got dibs on her when she’s old and feeble and needs care :).  It wasn’t about molding us into what she wanted, it was just love and support, plain and simple. 

Motherly love they say.  She doesn’t want me to change (even though Im sure she’d love to stop being nervous!), doesn’t manipulate or use guilt trips, she doesn’t care that I wear a fanny pack or that I talk too much, accepts my character flaws, and was beyyyooond fully supportive when I decided to quit my job and leave a perfectly ‘safe’ situation.  In fact... she’s getting her own confidence to come and join me somewhere!!! All this, and she doesn’t ask for anything in exchange, she just loves!! ... and that folks, is the definition of unconditional love. Why is it reserved just for mothers to their children?  Shouldn’t it be that way for allllll love?  Wow... if all love was like that we’d have a pretty fab world :). Hmmmmmm... yesssssss, think about that ;)! 

So my wonderful Mudda Debba, Thank you for giving me the most absolute unconditional love ever. Thank you for an unwavering support that allows me to take on anything. Thank you for your cards, notes, and care packages to remind me Im loved. For sacrificing your summers at the ball park! For slaving away helping with my house remodel!  For your always making my favorite foods when I come visit! For your advice, your wisdom, your shoulder to cry on, your availability -always!  Your love of growing and learning and sharing, your kind heart, your sympathy, your smile, your craftiness, your work ethic, your ability to take in the good and toss out the bad, your zest for life’s lessons, and your guts in letting me be who I am, even when it scares you!  For being the only person I could sit and do nothing but talk to all day and not feel like I need to go do something :) .  Thank you, for taking your whole young life to cultivate the courage you always sought for yourself, and giving it to me and Jule and Nan as a precious gift :) If I can be half the mother that you are someday, all my future chubby babies will be soooooo very very luckyyyyy! 

Can’t wait for you to come join me, live out some of your own dreams, become the confident participant, and let another part of the world experience your aura of wonderfulness!!!

Inside and Out :)

ps... she's a real estate agent in North Alabama... buy a house ;) hahha 


  1. Little One, Little One, Little One -

    You seem to have forgotten that your big sister has seniority over you and therefore will be caring for mother when she is old. Nice try though!

    1. you realize you dont get to take mom and not chip....better just leave it to Becky :)

    2. Yes I do!!!!!

  2. Becky Jo, What a beautiful and spot on tribute to your mom (my sis). Love you, Auntie Becky

  3. I'm speechless (and you know that doesn't happen often). All three of you are so amazing. To think I had even a small part in the women you've become is truly my greatest accomplishment. Your courage to go see the world for yourself is inspiring. The way you live your life is confirmation that my instinct to prepare you for life rather than protect you from it were right on. My favorite part is that my love travels with you where ever you are. I thank God every day for my Sandy Marie, Julie Renee, Becky Jo (and Cole Timothy). My heart is full and overflowing. Love you, Mom with a heart (and don't forget the sunscreen!)

  4. It must have been something with the water in the 60's and 70's in South Kelso. We do have some pretty amazing mothers!

    I've enjoyed reading all of your posts, Becky. Keep it up, and keep enjoying life!


  5. Wow Becky Jo...the way this blog made me feel is indescribable. Such a perfect description of not only what an amazing person she is, but also the way we see her and feel about her. Thank you for writing something that is so true and perfect. You have an amazing ability to spread joy and happiness and positive vibes, and I couldnt think of a better more deserving person to shine the light on right now than Mom.
    And the way you write...its like I can hear your voice and feel your energy popping right off the page with every blog. I feel so lucky, not only to have the best mom in the world, but also to have two of the most amazing ladies I know as my sisters and best friends. I am inspired by all 3 of you every day. Love you very much. Jules

  6. People are going to start asking your mom for her autograph.

  7. This is a very beautiful post about Deb. What a great way to express love, life, and adventure through this blog. I'm so proud of everything you are accomplishing Becky Jo and letting your mother know how special she really is. This blog is coming more to life everyday through your passionate words. Cheers to the Fromm family! xoxo


  8. Becky Jo~ so beautifully written! And what an inspiration to all of us mom's currently raising children to evaluate what we are doing and strive to be amazing for our children as well. Your mom is wonderful! I remember as teenagers, your mom would come to kiss you goodnight and she would always kiss her finger and then put her finger on my forehead and tell me goodnight too. I always thought that was so sweet. Especially when I was in my not so sweet stage. Amazing women start as little girls with amazing mother's :) Love you, Mandy