Sunday, May 20, 2012

I need a cow name :)

Today was the bestest day!!!  So fab I must write it all down now so I don't forget anything!!!!

Right off the bat, I woke up to a brand new baby water buffalo, born during the night!!! Soooo amazing and cute too!!!  They don't name their animals (what?) and I'm so astounded Bishnu says I can!!! An American name they want!!! 

Bessy is the first cow name that comes to mind... but it's a boy, soo....

Tea and biscuits still served even though I had overslept an hour :).  On to the veggie garden for weeding, which I was happy about as I prefer this over the corn chopping;).  Once in, our good ol' traditional breakfast served!  Delish :). Then my sati (friend) Soba asks me to go to her house, she wants to dress me in a saree so I can take the pic home to America!!! Awww love her! 

Aren't we cute??!
Back to the house, I’ve got 4 people waiting to do more exercises! Turns out the boys have come a few times looking to do it when I wasn't around!  The 5 of us go at it for 45 sweaty minutes. Music, a photographer, and a crowd makes me feel almost like a real trainer! Armando, my awesome crossfit coach back home (quick plug: of Miami Fit Body Boot camp) would be so proud ;) 

Farm version of box jumps = Brick jump overs :) 

No crossfit routine is complete without planks!!!

Tortured them a bit with this one... hold it, hold it :) 

Pratima is again there waiting for our scheduled play date, so I rush ‘shower’ and head across the field.  I’ve brought my computer, and their curiosity means that’s the first order of business... Photo booth fun! I love this moment. All the kids and ama’s gathering on the bed, giggling to death, so great :).  Then it’s game time. They want to play the human hand tangle again (said they’d practiced but couldn’t get it right, cute).  Nepali tag again, which is brutal for me this time... I was “it” for like 15 minutes. I chased one girl all the way thru the corn fields even to no avail. Fast little buggers:). The mothers took pity on my sweaty mess of a self and fed me papaya after (it wasn’t very good but it’s the thought that counts) :). The kids (technically teenagers I should say) want more game! From my brain's very important game databank, I teach them thumb war, dizzy bat, ha-ha belly game, airplane, and some of the funkier yoga moves, all successful if measured by laughter :).  A bowl of corn gets spilled during one unsuccessful attempt, and I seize the opportunity to grab the sifter I’ve seen used back home (farm home:), and even this is a riot. It works similarly to flipping a pancake (which I can't do either) so everyone laughs :).  I'm quite the entertainer it seems!  There are about 5 amas sitting around watching and laughing now, and the kids are apparently pleased, seeing that they all keep asking me to come tomorrow and the next day and every day till I leave before I’ve even left ;0)  While I’m french braiding one of the ama’s hair, Pratima has even ran back to ask Bishnu if I can stay for longer! aww :)   After a few more braids (including mine), another photobooth session, and ‘you-must-stay-for’ tea and snacks (flattened rice) I head home. Wow, such a greeeeat afternoon! 

"London Stop" the start of tag.  I had to sit this round out... wearing me out these kiddos are;)


Frog faceee! Photo booth is so amazing :) 

Purty hairdo's :) 
The fun doesn't stop there. Back home for a quick afternoon job of moving rocks for the new road’s entry drive, Bishnu and I decide to cap the day by playing badminton.  I haven’t played this in who knows how many years (maybe junior high even) but it’s neck and neck, Nepali vs Americana!!!:) I love being an athlete :)  So nice to just be good at stuff, thank you lord (and dad) :)   We’re out in the middle of the corn fields and as we head back the sun is setting in my favorite rainbow fashion :) Beautiful.  

New entry to Eco-Village almost complete! 

We're currently tied 1-1.... winner takes all pride tomorrow :) 

Upon arrival home, there’s a dude with his arm shoulder deep into momma buffalo! Whoa!  Remember how we have a new baby? Well placenta needs to come out!  This morning I’d thought it was too bad I hadn’t seen the actual birth, but after seeing this placenta thing, maybe it was a good thing! It was pretty eww.  I was trying to hide that thought, but it pretty hopeless. Like when you eat something bad, your face gives you away? I was decently grossed out! And that’s not a typo above... it was a dude, not a doctor!  Full on beer belly hanging out of his tanktop, sandals, sunglasses on his head... no glove! ha! THIS is farm life!!!!

I felt a bit shameful for taking this pic... but I just couldn't resist!
Sorry if you're grossed out too!  

Sweet moment between mommy buffalo (who I've cleverly dubbed Buffy) and new baby!!! 

No electricity tonight so I take a candlelight ‘shower’.  Maybe this is a better method since I can’t see as much :).  Dinner time with one of my favorite sides (potatoes and lady fingers) and then it’s neighborhood gathering time.  I'm sitting there and I have an revelation.  This is EXACTLY like an after hurricane party back in miami!  After said storm, when there was no power, we always would sit outside and chit chat w/ our flashlights, it being too hot to sit inside, can’t do anything anyways, so why not have a party?  The difference here being there’s no cooler of cold drinks, and no hope that maybe the power will be back on tomorrow. Once again, we are so lucky America!  
I’d already been reminiscing about what a great day it had been, when the excitement continues! All the sudden Soba, sitting next to me, starts screaming and jumping. What else to do but follow suite, so of course I start screaming and jumping too :). Its a snake!!!! and it’s just slithered over her foot! ackkk!  Sanjay whacks it over the head a million times as I'm asking if it’s poisonous. It’s pretty little, but the unanimous response from the 3 english speakers: ‘Very'.  So very in fact, that they make the effort to even burn it’s head before burying it in a hole!!!  Since it rained last night, it makes the ground very hot so they’ll start coming up for cooler air.  Whoa.  Guess what we’re doing first thing in the morn? Plugging snake holes w/ rocks :)

Herpatologist friends... what kind is it? 
Fantastic day :)  It's just past 12 (fan has been working the past hour!!!) but I don't know if I'll be able to sleep for a while.  I'm giddyyyy!!!! What am I gonna name that little calf?!?!?!?


  1. Billy.... like Buffalo Bill :) Sorry sis thats all I could come up with..gotta go to work. Love you!! JRF

  2. I like Billy too! :) And they can't say it's not an American name ;)
    ~Erin R.

  3. 1. Moo Moo

    2. I like the side plank and chair poses. I didn't know you were into yoga???

    3. Thanks for the card!

    Thinking of you,