Friday, January 4, 2013

Today was awesome :)

Today was just fabulous. For starters, my nephew gave me his awesome, “That’s How I Roll shirt”. My new go-to shirt for sure :) 

My auntie Cindy has super graciously allowed me to borrow their truck, which used to be my Grandpa’s!!!! Sooo, I’m sure I have a bit of him with me as my guardian angel on this trip... AND I have his tapes! Yep, the truck has only a tape deck...  Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash were two of my favs today :).   

I stopped and picked up a nice guy walking along the side of the road. His name was Pat, he was trying to get down to see his daughter. Aww :).  Guess where he needed dropped off?  In Lebanon... which is where my cousin and his brand new baby live!! With only 10 minutes notice I was holding 3 month old Lucy! ahhh so cute and so great to see fam :).  Picked up another guy, Robert, he was going to drop off a job application. I'm feeling like I’ve done good deeds today!

It was unbelievable clear and blue sky (super far from common in the NW in the winter), so I got to marvel at the sensational scenery, especially the famous evergreen trees! This area is def an option for my future commune!!!! I LOVE NATURE!!!!  Got to Ashland happy as a clam, found a hostel just as sunset was backlighting up the mountains all around :).  Made pals w/ my new roomie, we went to the co-op for dinner where people were friendly and unique and SO many smile at you!! YES!! Hostel lady informed me it was “First Friday”... so all the galleries stay open and serve wine ;). One of the galleries had this quote on their wall, "It's better to be absolutely ridiculous, than to be absolutely boring."  Can I get an amen? ;).  Come to find out this town is chalk full of galleries and artists! YES, more please!!! Now I’m back in my room and I’ve been writing and I loveeee it!!!!

From the car and still awesome :) 

Love me some mountains... and gramps truck!

I have got my mojo back :)... I’m thrilled that it feels like I finally shed the last of my bumming month.  Not having the answers is sometimes the answer :).  I have no doubt I’m on the path I’m supposed to be. Tomorrow I cross the border to Cali and to my new home for the next three months. Not sure what kind of internet connection I’ll have there... In fact, Im planning to limit my internet to once/week even if it’s full reception so don’t get all antsy-pants if it takes me a while to reply to you;).  

Becky is attempting quiet time!!! Whoaaa Nelly! :) 

How good is this??! 

hmm... well it almost was a short blog but I want to share some other amazing signs from the last few days that prove it's going to be a good year:

New Years Day, driving the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway with my oldest/longest friend Serena (since we were 5!), on another unusually clear day! The mountain (Mt. Hood) was out in full view, in all it’s amazing glory. Hilarious chats w/ Sereen... good for the soul :).  Shouting out how it was going to be a great year JUST as we drove past a billboard that said “New Beginnings”! 

Going on an unplanned, spontaneous hike, and discovered my new FAVORITE waterfall!!!!! You can walk behind it!!!!! Did some off trailing, some trail running, found a bone, and a brownie that my fab friend Christopher gave me when I left!!! The hiking was fantastic. The weather cleared up. There was icicles and moss and ferns and more waterfalls and a cute bridge and views of the mighty Columbia.  I’m reminded again and again that I need to be in the woods. That was bliss :)

Columbia River, looking at Washington's shore :)

Oregon forest :) 

I took this picture! Looks like a postcard! This is Horsetail falls of I-84 in Oregon.

See the icicles???!!


Oneonta Gorge tunnel

A random shelter... I want to make one!

And not one, but two incredible reunions with old friends that have amazing energy and positivity and filled me up with happiness and joy and enthusiasm. Puzzle night with sis and mom and gram, dad's b-day with family who came also on short notice, and with two new babies in tow! And talks with mom... those are always my fav :). 

I hope you are recognizing your signs for a good year :)  My definition of a sign:  Anything at all that can be viewed in any possible way as positive. Sooo, pretty much you can find them as soon as you are ready to look for them :) 

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  1. Becky, I am concerned about you picking up strangers on the road. My dear this is not the Age of Aquarius in the 1960's. This is 2013. Picking up hitchhikers is not a safe thing to do. All you need is to pick up the wrong guy. There has been a great many women disappeared on west coast roads & highways in the last 20 years. Better safe than sorry. So stop doing that very dangerous act. Karma only goes so far. Be safe my friend & enjoy life safely.....your friend Julio