Friday, February 22, 2013

"I'm here to celebrate my sassiness"

OMG! So juiced up right now!!!!!!!!! I’m back at PVS, and today I went into town to do laundry and go to the post office. I was walking past a local classified board and, typically, stopped to check it out, just to see what’s going on. OMG... no way... A WYNONNA concert??/ TONIGHT!!! HERE???!? In Grass Valley??!?!?!  Whoa! WHOA! WHOA!

The rest of the day of errands went on... and I kept it in the back of my mind, debating. It’s a spendy little bugger of a concert.... but it’s my fav singer. It’s late, I should get back ...but it’s Wynonna. I shouldn’t spend the money... but what a crazy ‘coincidence’ slash HUGE SIGN that’s is here and now and that I should go and see her!!!! 

I decided to just go and see how the parking was. Found a good free nearby spot. Decided to call mom and see what she thought. Silent persuasion in her non-bias-ness. Decided to walk up and just see if there were any tickets left. There are a few. Decision made- I’m in!!! 

BEST DECISION EVER!!! You’re by yourself? Oh, well, there’s a seat right up front :). Local opener, Johnnie Houlihan, oh, he’s awesome. Oh, hello, Karen to my right, Greg to my front, Moreen to my right. Nice to meet all you nice people, let’s get excited!!!  Greg is a die hard, Moreen and Karen newbies. I explain how Wynonna’s just got such a powerful voice, it goes deep into your soul. I’m actually on the edge of my seat with anticipation!!! 

Most assuredly I was in the bottom age bracket. A sea of salt and pepper hair all around me as she finally came out. Damn. This woman is no joke. After her entry song she says, “I’m here tonight to celebrate my sassiness.”  Hell f’n yeah she is. She’s got some serious sassiness and it inspires the shit out of me!!!! I LOOOOOVE her! 

Song after song after song I know every one and sing and sway and clap along. Moreen actually whispers to me that I’m a good singer.  She’s obviously caught up in the the lyrics just as much as I am ;). Ha. The songs are real and raw and passionate. A lot about love I note. Ohhhh, yes, I’m caught up in loving everything at the moment!!!  I was seriously in a haze. A haze of whoa-nelly inspiration and awe and motivation. 

“Be yourself, because people will judge you anyways” 

Fricking A. Wynonna rocks my socks off.  Can’t believe I even debated not going. Dang my cheap side.  Good thing it wasn’t a purse or a shirt I was debating. Dropping dough on things? the rarest side of never... but experiences, these are my weakness. I’ll spend my last penny on an exciting experience.... and this was a hell-of-a-one!!!!! Best concert EVER. Their exit was bittersweet. Greg the die-hard and I celebrated the show’s amazing factor. I’d had an inkling Greg was gay... he sealed the deal on that question when praising each other’s enthusiasm just before departing. “You’re fabulous” he says. Straight men don’t say that ;). 

I rapturously drove the windy road home listening to more of her songs, on the tape that my gramps actually has in his truck!!! That’s just the cherry on top... my gramps approves of the Judds! Must be awesome-face :).

I can’t even sleep. I’m sooooooo energized!!!! There’s soooo much to be excited about in this life!!!!  LIfe is amazeballs. The word amazeballs is amazeballs. Hope you let something knock your socks off this weekend!!!! It IS all about attitude. Let yourself be inspired because it feels freakingggg awesommmeeeeee!!!! 

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  1. Wow Becky - the energy and vitality is just jumping off the screen...and it's so contagious!! Great post - thanks for sharing :)