Tuesday, May 14, 2013

STILL High on Life :)

I AM SO HAPPY!!!! I think this might have been the best weekend trip ever! I can’t believe the high-on-life I am STILL experiencing... going on two years+ now!!  ACKKKK!  I keep thinking life couldn’t get better and then it just doesssss!!!!!   If I could put my emotions and positivity and enthusiasm in a bottle, it would explode! Therefore, I MUST, absolutely MUST just try to spread it as much as possible!  Did you see this video I made a few weeks ago? I still feel like that, EVEN MORE NOW!!!!

AHHHHH life. Life life life life life life life!!!  It’s a mysterious miracle and I can’t even yip and yap and yell and scream and jump and climb enough pedestals to announce about how attitude is SOOO clutch, absolutely essential for a healthy and happy life! If ever there was a time to let go of any stress or bad emotions or fears or pains, that time is NOW! EVERYTHING ALWAYS works out as it is supposed to. Believe that with all your soul and nothing can get you down, and in fact, the good things start multiplying once you implement that philosophy, I am a total testament to that!!! Today is the first day of the rest of your life!! Do good things and good things WILL come to you. Have faith, be patient, trust in people, and trust that sometimes things may seems bad or unfortunate, but it’s all part of this wonderful cycle called life :). Without the dark we wouldn’t know what light was. Without down times we wouldn’t know what the highest highs were. Learn to love anticipation. Learn to love finding out the lesson in everything that happens. Find the good in every thing and every person. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for  :) Today is a perfect day for a perfect day!  WAAHOOOO!!!

Whoa, okay, sooo why was this weekend so great???  I flew up to Philly to try out for the USA National Dragon Boating Team. Welll SHIT, I made it!!!! That alone is grounds for awesomeness, but I just found that out today, so it’s really just the icing on the cake, the yummy cherry plopped right on top of a Philly awesome banana brownie fudge icecream split weekend!  :)

If you don't know what dragon boating is, 
watch this awesome video my local Miami team Puff made.... 
it will make you want to join :). 

I arrived Thursday night to Philly, and can’t even capture all the heaps of goodness that happened in 5 days... but you know I’ll try :)

Being picked up, caught up, fed and housed by my amazingly generous teamie Kristie. Taking out the OC, re-connecting and sorting out unspoken words w/ an old beau/ forever friend. Falling in the Schuykill River attempting more yoCga, biking all ovverrr the city, purple fountains, impressive architecture, sunny days, quaint streets, Boat house Row, random art and craft fairs, reading and writing while laying on city benches in beautiful city parks, green trees and colorful flowers, Spring in general!!!  

Puff reunions, awesome food, doing the ‘Rocky’ steps, colonial times re-enactments, running w/ my ‘sister’, sharing a room and the grand emotions and excitement and anticipation that comes with trying out for something important. Pride and joy for the happiness in my fellow testers, especially the encouragement and support exhibited at the trials, even though it's a competition. Being out on that water in the DB, where pain, pride and satisfaction live symbiotically. Knowing strength is much more than big flexed muscles, that confidence is necessary, arrogance is not, and whatever is in you shows whether you say it and want it, or not. 

The little things: show shoe scrapers next to front doors, public use bike pumps, artsy garbage cans, cobblestone streets, pumpkin spice chai lattes, flower boxes, window shutters, street music, the Liberty Bell and the copious amounts of gratitude I feel here in this city of Independence, for the freedom and opportunities that which being an American grants, of which I know understand immensely after all my travels.  

A powerful and symbolic morning mediation, precisely popped perfectly into my life at the exact moment and with the exact message I needed:).  Finally getting the heart-to-heart talk I wanted from ex-bf Ryan after a not-so-ideal departure in December, and having it be a more beautiful convo than I ever could have imagined. Immensely happy to know our soul connection will live on much more powerfully in the ever-more perfect realm of friendship than it did even as a power couple.

Having a reunion with my amazing travel compadre, Maruti Bear, who I met and adventured with for a month in India! It’s been just over a year since we parted ways at the train station in Varanasi, but we picked the adventures right back up here by hiking at High Rocks State park, climbing trees and thru covered bridges, over fences and fallen logs. We did yoga at Nockamixon Lake, drove thru a ton of amazingly quaint and picturesque neighborhoods of rural Pennsylvania, and reminisced about our India memories: horribly wonderful hot water ‘showers’  (buckets) in the frozen Himalayan mountains, 7 hour bus rides in dwarf-size seats, drinking chai with babas in a gigantic cave in Gangotri... Such good times! 

And lastly, being able to maintain my inner peace, despite leaving Miami in absolute chaos, (and knowing I’ll be back in it tomorrow).  It’s reassuring to know the advice I preach is able to hold it's ground when put to the test :).

OH, and did I mention, I MADE TEAM USA!?!?! Going to represent the red, white and blue in HUNGARY in July!!! YAYYYY BUDDYYYYY!!!!   (my passport also just sighed in relief, she’s getting her stamp this year!) 

2011 World Dragon Boat Champions!

 2011 Women's Premier Boat... Sexxxyyy!

You may remember, I made the team 2 years back and came home with gold as a World Champion in August of 2011! Since then I’ve been traveling and living the grandest possible life, a bit surprised how quickly it’s popped up again!  Since I’d been prioritizing other things, I wasn’t sure if I would/should try out again. Decided to attend the (super generously free) Dragon Boat kick-off camp in the beginning of April put on by the USA coaches, and see how it felt. Camp was amazing, the coaching was amazing, the attitude and camaraderie there was amazing....and thus ensued a month of 10+ workouts/week and building excitement. Trying to make it vs. now making it mean two different things for me. Making it was selfish: How strong can I get, how fast can I get. Now though,  the 'I' is forgotten.  Making this US team drives me in a way my own competitive spirit doesn’t even come close to. My motivation just exponentially ballooned, knowing I’ve got 21 other people in that boat  (plus a zillion more on land) all depending on me to pull my weight. In the words of a fellow teamie ( a super devoted and intense teamie), I will not be the weakest link.  I’ll be training mostly on my own, so eating right, practicing, and avoiding temptations takes on a new meaning:   making sure I do everything I can to be ready AND an exemplar teammate.  In my life in general, anything I can share, I will, and when other people are involved, my goal is always to lift them higher.  When I was running alongside Christianne paddling down the canal for her time trial, I felt more adrenaline and intensity cheering for her than I did in my own trial, knowing how bad she’s wanted and worked for this. My life’s goal (and future company's mission!!!) is to help everyone and anyone around me to thrive in whatever way that is possible.  Ohh... it’s ON now!!!  LET'S DO THIS!!! 

Kristie and her babies: G and Gwen :) 

What a pretty day to paddle! 

I find a bit of irony in the' City of Brotherly Love' currently being home to the last 3 guys I've dated... all who I met in different states! Hmmm.... :) 

City art! 

Yummy brunch w/ Tesfaaaa! 

I loooove spring! 

My seeeeesssster, Love you! 

Super special moment running w/ Christianne :)  <3


Yo Adrianne! 

This was an awesome craft show.. ALL recycled, handmade, vintage... good stuff :) 

Maruti chose this 700 lb rock to add to a shrine, we're lucky we made it out w/ 10 toes each :) 


High Rocks! 

Tree yoga :) 

We rebuild a cairn in the creek behind us.. can you see it between our heads?? :) 

That's me in the tree!!!  Can you see me???! haha :)
I love Pennsylvania!