Friday, June 7, 2013

NOT scary things :)

I like to hitchhike. I like to pick up hitchhikers. I like to ride my motorcycle. I like to go off-trail. I like to travel alone.  I like to talk to strangers. I like to stand too close to the edge (especially near extremely steep cliffs). I like to balance across bridge railings and fallen logs. I like to climb rock bluffs and trees and just about anything I can shimmy up.  I like to leap, flip, or fly off any cliff, bridge or tree into any river, lake or watering hole :).

...and, very importantly, I like to do these things whether someone is watching or not. More often than not, I am doing them alone because then I don’t have to feel any guilt for causing elevated blood pressures in those observing ;)

Somewhere around a 50' drop ... this was a massive adrenaline rush in Australia last year! 
Of course, I do love a fellow crazy! 

That's just me, I crave adventure. Call me crazy? Great! I'm perfectly happy to have that be a description of me. Crazy= awesome in my world! As I get ready for my second +/-4,000 mile roadtrippin' journey, this time on the East Coast ....and on my motorcycle...  the caution warnings are rolling in ;) 

Awwww, thanks ;).  I deeply, honestly appreciate the concerns and warmly welcome the ‘please be careful’ advice! Be careful is the sweetest little 'code word'  out there; it's love saying, “I care about you and would be very sad if you got hurt’.  I will, promise! 

The interesting tipping point is when it goes from care and concern, into trying to talk me out of whatever it is I'm about to do, trying to ‘save me from myself’, or even secretly thinking I’m a fool for taking on so much risk. "You shouldn't do that" is another 'code word'.... this one meaning: “I don’t trust that you can make smart decisions for yourself.’... and that's not nearly as endearing ;). 

Here's where I turn the conversation to confidence. Confidence is my forte. I've got it full up inside and outside and all over and it radiates out of my pores. I trust my motor skills/hand-eye coordination/physical abilities, well, with my life :).  "Yes, Becky, you can do it, but it's the other cars that I'm worried about,  and that guy could be a murderer, and there could be a bear in the woods or a lockness monster in the lake."

I chose to do things that I love, or I like, or I want to do, or I want to make a stand for, with calculated contemplation of the outside risks. Yes, all sorts of bad things could happen. Bad things can also happen walking under a coconut tree or driving 3 blocks to starbucks or standing there with your teeth in your mouth ;).  

I’m quite in tune with where my own line turns from fun to fear, from courage to stupidity.  I don’t do anything I’m not comfortable doing. There’s no shame in realizing I’ve gotten in over  my head. I’ve turned back many a time on my escapades, realizing it’s just not worth it.  I can promise you that I have zero desire to 127 hours myself ;).  

I fully realize one day I might get hurt. Hopefully it’s a scratch, but I’m willing to take the risk of something more significant. I’m scared of quite a few things (namely global warming, deforestation, overmedicated America, processed foods, insurance companies, consumerism, greed, spiders, etc), but an accident is not one of them, and certainly not death.  Maybe it’s a bit morbid to say, but if I passed tomorrow, no one can say I haven’t had an amazingggg life!!! AND, I will roll over in my grave if anyone ever said, “She shouldn’t have done that”.  Please don’t ever say that!  I am living my life exactly in line with the way my life should be lived. I’m responsible for my own choices and I make my own destiny, whatever it may be!

Does my extra craziness mean I'm expediting my wisdom??!! I think so ;) 

That being said....I still have A LOT to do in the next 70+ years, leaving my mark on the world you know, so I’m planning to stick around!  Oh... and please keep the 'be careful's' coming... it's nice to be loved ;)

I am truly sorry if I cause anyone nervousness. I would absolutely do all my shenanigans even if no one was watchingI choose to share and document my adventures, not to brag or seem tough or make anyone jealous, but because pictures and words are my brain's back up drive (I can't remember shit without a memory jog), and, as a bonus perk, I've always know my confidence is a motivator for others, and that continues to be validated by the compliments I get. 

Especially a barrage of awesome compliments have been given to me lately... “You inspire me to never be afraid of an adventure”  “You have pursued things I only dream of doing” "You get people to do things they wouldn't normally do “You open people’s eyes” .... just as I've been studying and filtering and planning out my future. Coincidence? No way jose ;)

I’m not showing off, I’m showing up. For life!  (and mine is just a bit like a Barnum & Bailey show life! ;)

I love my heaven on earth life :)   

These last few weeks have been full on business planning, which includes delving into my Life Coach training. As one of the class exercises, I had to narrow down who my ideal client was. They had us single out our strengths and then pinpointing who we could have the most impact on. What’s my great strength? It keeps going back to my confidence, but not just the physical part, more-so the internal part. It goes way deeper than my not-so-secret desire to be a Hollywood stunt-double ;).   

There are a lot of things that scare people, that take courage despite their somewhat mundane nature...  Getting older for one! Getting grey hairs!  Public speaking, being the center of attention, wearing the amazingly functional fanny pack!! hah.  Even being naked! 
(Good lord I love all of those;)  The deeper fear behind all of these, are the things that we can’t see, that no one wants to talk about, and can't ever find a solution for.  I fancy myself an expert at living, because I don’t fear dying, but more importantly, because I don’t fear shame or vulnerability or a ‘bad’ outcome or rejection. And I certainly don’t fear failure. There is no such thing in my vocab, we learn from everything.  Learning and embracing that will rock your world :) 

The path to conquering these simple-yet-so-hard things, are what have defined and illuminated my confidence, my life!... that adrenaline stuff is just extra bonus :)

What becoming a life coach means to me.
Knowing the tools to share, not the answers :) 

So, who do I concentrate on? Who is my clientele?  If my great strength is my fearlessness, then (I want to help everyone, but) I think it's a good idea to start with the person teetering on the edge of fear :)

The person that dances around the kitchen, but sits and only wishes to at a wedding. 
The person that loves to sings in the shower, but is too shy to sing along at a concert.
The person that wants to be the volunteer at a live show, but is too timid to raise their hand.
The person that wants to participate in the carnival games, but doesn’t want to look childish.
The person that wants to help the old lady at the store, but thinks about it too much and misses the opportunity.
The person that wants to ask out a hottie, but can't muster up the courage.
The person that tried something once unsuccessfully, and is too embarrassed to try again.
The person that loves themself, but not all the time.
The person that likes their life, but feels jealousy too often.
The person who feels confidence, but battles insecurity.
The person that wants to live a fuller life, but isn't quite sure where to start.
The person that knows they are an awesome person, but needs someone to remind them for a while :)

The person teetering on the edge of knowing their own greatness, of embracing their own indiviuality, their unique quirks. The person on the edge of real self-love and real self-confidence. 

So many of these these wonderful qualities get stopped just short by those little-huge fears of shame, rejection, failure; and ultimately keep your real you from coming out.  Once it comes out, that's where passions are discovered and dreams become reality, but also where real bliss happens :).   And helping that happen... is my dream. 

I can give a nice little push ;) 
Being fearless doesn't mean driving a motorcycle across the world. That's for the crazies ;). Being fearless means standing up for who you really are in a world where people want you to conform. Being fearless means letting go of shame and embarrassment and anxiety so you can experience life completely uninhibited and alive!

I want to spread fearlessness :).

In fact, that is the basis for my whole future life/business/home...... 

That will start soon after this last amazing crazy summer of dragon boating/ hiking/ motorcycling/ non-stop adventure!!!!

....More on that coming soon!!!!  Stay tuned ;)

Please feel free to comment :) I love them!