Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy 11-23!!!

Ahhhh 11-23, I love these two numbers. Today is a special day. :)  Makes me happy.

I'm so happy to be off of social media for a while too.  It's only been a day (and I had to log in again last night for some contact info-oops) but already I feel relieved. Like a big weight is off of me. I'd been contemplating retracting for quite a while. It was time :).

I think I'll post my 'would-be' facebook posts as blogs instead  :).  Short blogs?? Say WHAT??! haha

SO, on this day of 11-23, feeling so grateful and happy, I realized last years Thanksgiving post was on 11-23!!!

I went back and re-read it (you can too here if you want!) and had a barrage of ammazing memories and emotions flood over me :).

This quote was in there:

And I just got all giddy about reinforcing this FACT to you!!! I recently had seen this video by soul pancake, so if you don't believe me, watch this!! It really is SO SO SO TRUE!!! 

AND, there are many more I could make up: 

It is not intelligent people who are curious, it is curious people who are intelligent. (read that blog here)

It is not brave people that are confident, it is confident people that are brave. 

It is not likable people that are authentic, it is authentic people that are likable. 

I could probably come up with a million more. The point is, if you don't feel intelligent, brave or likable.... become curious, confident, and authentic. Those CAN be practiced. Those ARE choices. The other will follow! Happiness IS a choice, it's about finding what you can do to get it. Being grateful is PERTINENT!!! 

So, thank you. Thank you! Thank you!!! For everything I know you do, and all the things I don't, that have shaped you just the way you are :). 

AHHHHHHH! I'm happpyyyyy! 11-23! Wonder what will happen today???!?!?!? Something GREAT I'm sure :).

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  1. i love when the positive energetic explosion emerges, makes everybody happy!!