Monday, March 10, 2014

A polar plunge, an adventure run, and my crazy new plans Vlog!!

There are three SUPER great videos in this blog!! 4 min, 10 min, and 15 min, respectively!  They are all awesome IMHO and are worthy of 30 mins!! :)

The first is a super fun video summary of our social shenanigans at the Portland Polar Plunge!! Brrr!
We made friends with an amazingly awesome award winning producer, Dave Hood, and he put this video together for us! Way cool!

The second is a my first official Go-Pro video, of an AWESOME hike here in the Gorge yesterday morning! It'll give you an accurate glimpse into my mind during an adventure in the wild! If you can't/ don't want to watch it all, my fav part is a surprise I got around minute 3 :)

And the last is my shortcut to writing a blog (I could very well be the busiest person alive!) about a recent and BIGGGG turn of events in my life!!! It was easier for me to just Vlog it (video blog) this time, so check it out!!

Surprise, surprise! I'm on the move again! As much as I AM SO SAD to be leaving this amazing place so soon, and especially for the summer, I think it's a smart and good and WAY EXCITING plan! So, without further adieu:

Links mentioned:

Original "Barefoot Village" blog, my friend Jo's Youtube Channel, and my new employer- Peak Adventures !

And here's my crazy timeline:

March 11: Friends arrive!
March 11-18: Total adventure and shenanigan week! Promo video in the making!
March 19-21: Yakima, WA for Commercial Driver License Training school
March 22-23: HOME yay!
March 24-26: Yamika, WA: CDL School continues
March 26-29: HOME yay!
March 30: CDL License test (I better pass on the first try!)
March 31-August 7:  Nicaragua for Edith's and Jim's wedding, and my b-day!!!  Love :)
August 7-May 25: Bend, OR and all over the PNW for a 50 day Wilderness Outdoor Leader course!!!
May 26- May 31: HOME yay!
June 1: Fly to Santa Rosa, CA
June 2-June 26:  Training for new JOB!
June 27- Oct. 15:  GROUP LEADER for Peak Adventure Travel! ALL OVER THE USA! Woohoo

Oct.15 on:  Probably at least a week of rest ;) Then, Adventures with soul!  or who knows...The world is my oyster :).


  1. Becky!!! You're awesome!

    1. Thankkkkksss Alice!! Double Split jump high five!! :) hah!

  2. Love you Becky!!!!! I really admire you!! Have a BLAST!!!!

    1. The feeling is sooo mutual! xoxo thank you!

  3. Oh Becky !!!! You amaze me. I bet your momma is proud of you !!!
    (Keep me posted if you host an adventure for old ladies) lol

    1. Mos Def I will be Mary, my mom and aunt have already requested! Thank you!!!

  4. I think the steps you are taking you would have had to make anyways for Bloom Woods, the Wilderness Outdoor training and all of that is going to be amazing for your own business! It is so great to see how you embrace change and how you evolve in every step forward! Love you and hope to see you soon Sister!!!!