Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A slow down with Flair :)

I am at a loss for words. Stunning, I know :0). 

This past 6 months has been exciting, exhausting, revealing... so many places, so many personalities, so many emotions.  Over 14,000 miles driven, 23 states, 100+ nights camping. Learning white water, rocks & ropes, wilderness first aid, tricks of the tour guide trade.  Blizzards, helicopters, bears.....There is no summary. I want to write about these experiences and all the accompanying wisdom obtained from them, I really do..... Just not now :)/ :(. 

For all the physical and visual splendor I was exposed to, I am mentally drained by the long hours and varying group dynamics that accompanied them. Too much input, not enough time or outlet for processing what I've experienced. I’ve sat to write a re-cap blog a double handful of times in the last 3 weeks, with little to show but choppy sentences and a long list of you-tube uselessness in my browser history ;). It’s no mystery though, being that I have done almost nothing to feed my soul’s better half: the quiet side.  

Time to recharge!!!  

Normally, some good alone time in nature can do this for me... but after 6 months of crazy, some holistic intervention seems more appropriate!!!

Some of the most powerful, inspiring, progressive times in my existence have come from extended periods of quiet and tranquility. The ashram in Australia that I came upon ‘accidentally” (such a perfect example of life leading me where I needed to go).  The introduction to the real depth and wisdom and power behind the yogi life in India.  Then last year thriving at the yoga & meditation sanctuary in North California (and getting to return there just last month!!). These places, that embody the idea that a life lived loving and giving, without ego or judgement, have been pivotal; shaping not just my last 3 years, but integral in my future plans for The Bloom Woods

Always during these periods I have ranted and raved about how powerful meditation is, and that I plan to make it a priority to practice every day. It’s worth it, It’s necessary, etc etc. Yet, time after time I’ve let it get overrun on my schedule. Geeeezzz louise!  Stop that Becky ;).

What better way to bring healthy mind/healthy body back in my life than by immersion?  Ahhh yes, I love to throw myself into things:). Plus, after sitting on my ass in the driver seat and stopping at gas stations every two hours all summer, I need a serious detox ;).

Soooooo, I’m in Ecuador (the country slogan is "Love Life" btw)!!! Next week begins 4 weeks of all day yoga, meditation, silent & solo sessions, healthy food and an atmosphere of open, loving, understanding souls.  Ahhhh yes. I’m aching with happiness at the anticipation. :)

Why Ecuador? The ashram I'll be going to is rural and green, neighbor to a natural preserve. The buildings and grounds are local made by artists.  It’s affordable. I can practice my spanish. I can be around culture that doesn’t pride ‘cool’. I love me my latin boys ;). I get a certificate (I’m a collector of knowledge). And well... you know me, even my quiet needs some flair :)

Quito Old City :) You can rent bikes for free here! Tomorrow = YES!

My first meal: cold toasted corn soup w beans and plantains and an assortment of sauces and unknown things. Yum!

I arrived at 4pm... explored till about 6. Came back to my colorful hostel and passed the F out! Wow, I was tired!
Hence this blog at 2 am :)

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