Monday, October 19, 2015

How to Walk

Early last week, I ‘randomly’ decided to text a delightful women I had met on 4th of July.  We met wakeboarding with a mutual friend that day, and she was just a lovely, enthusiastic, cheerful human. As we got to talking, I learned that she works with a Peruvian shaman who leads medicinal ceremonies. Ohhh??!!?? That had much interest to me after the incredible experience I’d had at the Shaman School last year in Ecuador which opened my heart to pure and limitless love (read here!).

As things go, months passed without communication, but she had left a lasting impression in my mind.  How wonderfully ‘random’ then, that last week when I did initiate contact, her shaman was not only here in Portland (for his once a year trip) but there would be a ceremony that Friday night...and there ‘just happened’ to be only one space left. 


Ah, San Pedro, Wachuma, the “Plant Teacher”. How excited I was to meet with it again, exactly the same weekend as our introduction a year ago. Coincidence? I think not.  Timing couldn’t have been better. 

Why? Because I knew I could use a heart opening after the summer of countless setbacks, financial anxiety, and grueling hard work. 9 Acres of raw land provided me many important hard learned lessons; expected but not to that degree, understandably accompanied with self-doubt. It was the self-sabotage that was unexpected.  Was this the right decision? Or is that just me always excited and jumping in with 2 feet? I was not just stressed, physically and emotionally drained, but becoming more and more cynical (and I didn’t like that one bit). I’ve been more than ready to feel some boundless love again in my heart, like I'd experienced in Ecuador.

My favorite lesson.. but dannnnggg this struggle ;) 

The amazing thing about San Pedro, is that it is a teacher. A great teacher doesn’t just give you what you want, they give you what you need. They show you how, but you have to do the work.  As we entered the ceremony, very beautifully led by the Don and his crew, I thought  I had an open mind.  Of course I couldn’t expect it to be the same, probably not even similar to my first experience, oh, but it’s funny how our expectations can be masked. 

As we drank of the first round, then the second, I was barely feeling la medicina at all. Since this is a ceremony, not a party, the drinks are very intentional and well spaced. It was at least 5-6 hours in, and I was growing very impatient, even jealous of the clear transformations happening in some of the others around me. I was trying to stay within, yet unable to detach from the commotion around me, watching others to avoid the anxiety within me. 

I couldn’t wait for the third cup, and when it finally came with barely a sensation, I became agitated, and along with that shameful. Am I not a kind person? Compassionate, empathetic, positive?... yet here I am silently judging and whining and being a debbie downer.  The shamans were focusing on others who were having intense journeys  and I felt envious of the attention I wasn’t getting  then getting mad at myself for being so selfish!  Vicious cycle!

There came an optional round for a 4th cup, and I basically ran up to take it in.  Before the a few others finished I already wanted another. I wanted it to kick in. I wanted to feel the drug.  I didn't care about the medicine, I just wanted to escape then. To avoid my shame, avoid my problems, avoid my self

As morning starting to peek thru, I approached one of the Shaman’s crew and asked if I could have another cup. She asked why, and I said, “I’m too much in my head.”  she asked why, and I said I didn’t know. She then put her fingers to my chest and said, "Those who are in their head too much are usually ignoring their feelings".... and with that,  the tears fell. 

She took my hand and led me to sit down. With her physical and verbal safety net, I started to ball. Not really understanding why, just knowing it needed to come out. 

“Don’t hold anything in”, she said as she pin-pointed stress spots in my knotty back, “Just let it come.”

And so I wailed. The medicine was there, I was just blocking it. Blocking it, along with all the feelings I wanted to deny, of being lost, unclear, unsure and... scared.  That one is so hard for me to admit. I didn't realize how much I identified with being fearless.

Whatever it was, it felt wonderful and horrible. To just cry and cry and admit that I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what I’m doing, or what I really want, or why I let myself fall into such a self-sabotaging summer cycle.

As dawn broke, we went around the circle and shared our experiences. I love this part, the humility and vulnerability and connectedness that comes with sharing intense experiences and talking about it.

The first time around, I passed, unable to put into words what I was feeling. Over an hour later when it came back to me, with tear streaming eyes, I began with an apology: for my childlike reaction, and for bringing unloving energy to the space. Then the realization almost unfolded before my eyes. The pattern of my summer was condensed into one night, and I saw it. I’ve been seeking comfort and guidance outside of me, that night and all summer. I wanted the medicine to do all the work. I’ve been lost and confused, but not sure how to deal with it or what to do about it. I'd been reaching out to all the things I know that let me escape from myself: alcohol, weed, sex, social media, sweets... I’ve been waiting for someone or something to come and tell me what do do, when the reality is I just need to be able to sit with myself in silence and kindness and patience to see it.  

As I was speaking, I ‘randomly’ thought of the item I had brought for the altar. A sweet little book, a gift, that I grabbed in haste while running late.  The book is called, How to Walk, and it hit me then that this was my message.  The truth is, I said, I don’t know anything. I have so much to work on still. It’s easy to think we are farther along, but I feel so much more free when I admit that I don’t know anything. 

I also admitted that I talk to much. I say, “I am this, or I am that, or I am going to do this” and in doing so I limit myself, and then feel shame when I end up doing something different. It was a wonderful admission, to say it outloud. To open up to what I was bottling in. 

The ceremony came to a close shortly thereafter, with many bear hugs and a feast of a breakfast. What started quite rough, ended in the beautiful understanding that I did get what I needed, it just wasn’t in a pretty package this time.  I am my own healer. I do know what I need, right now time and patience and self-love. 

As I was driving away, I passed a car pulled over and noticed a girl peacefully looking out at the scenery. It made me smile, but when looking in my rearview I saw a dent in her car and that it was angled oddly. I whipped around and scurried to see if she was okay.  We got the giggles over her parking job and how it appeared like an accident. She thanked me for the concern and extended her hand, but it felt appropriate, so I motioned for a hug. She accepted it, a nice long bear hug like all of us in the ceremony had just shared. In our goodbye she put her hand on her heart and said that she had really needed a hug. Ahhh, there’s that love :). It’s always in me.

When I got home I turned my phone off and disconnected my wi-fi. I wrote, I slept, I read, I thought, I ate without multi-tasking, I cranked up the heat, I just soaked it in for almost 2 straight days... and I loved it. 

The love is always in me. The joy is always in me. The peace is always in me. When does it get obscure? When does it feel lost? When I try to do too much. When I push and push and push and go and go and go, and then I end up trying to force it because I know it is in me. People ask me how I traveled abroad for almost a year and didn’t get exhausted. Because I didn’t travel for a year. I would travel for a few days and then when I was tired, I would spend an entire day in my hostel writing. I remember my pal JF in Nepal, begging me to go play. We’d been rafting and biking and water-falling, and it had been awesome!! He couldn’t believe I was going to spend a whole day inside, but luckily I upheld my boundary: No-way-jose, I gotta write about this!!!  I only became exhausted when I didn’t get a chance to write, to process.  Most of that trip I had little connection to wifi, and most evenings I was in my hostel room before dark. What did that leave time for? Reading and writing and reflecting on everything that had happened.  There’s a direct correlation between my happiness and my journaling. 

This summer, I’ve journaled almost nothing. I’ve blogged almost nothing. I’ve filled every moment of time with some task, and then when I did have a moment of rest, I was so exhausted I wasted it by drifting to sleep with instagram.  One of my biggest reasons for leaving Miami? There was too much going on.  I was letting my socially gregarious side swallow my understated (and unknown at that time) strong introversion.  I fooled even myself this summer by thinking that by being out in nature and getting to create made the difference. It doesn’t. 

It’s the quiet time, the self time, the nothing time that keeps me whole. It’s the writing, the reading, the analyzing time that feeds me. I am a self-analyzer to the core, and when something is off, I need the time to sit with it, fix it or accept it, once again loving all parts of myself. I can't hide from myself, because when I don’t love all parts of myself, I start becoming critical of others. 

I knew it all along. I was saying this all summer, have been saying it for years since I first discovered the immense benefits of meditation in 2011. But there was “so much to do”, and I just wanted to push through, do as much as possible while the weather was still nice. I am a doer by all definitions, and that just doesn’t work at all with my being.  Self-care doesn’t care about the weather :). 

I’ve got a trip to Guatemala next week.  I’m taking my journal, not my phone. When I get back, it’s retreat time! Retreat back to simply living in the moment, and living simply by retreating into my self and my cozy little Bloom Wagon. As the season changes, I seek to change. Thank goodness for the RAIN!!!!!!!! 

It’s easy to think we don’t have time for ‘trivial’ things.  How can I stay inside and write when there’s a ditch to be dug?  How can I spend the afternoon reading my book when there’s gravel to be spread. How can I go down to the creek and meditate when the rain is coming and guests are coming and laundry needs to be done, etc, etc 

The truth is, I have to let go of wanting to do everything. It’s ironic how loving so many things and so many people has become my double edged sword. By being curious about everything, I’ve kept myself constantly busy with trifles. By being interested in doing so much, I’ve been unable to focus or narrow down on what passion is most important.  By really caring about so many people, I’ve let my true friendships deteriorate. 

In writing this blog, I went back and read my first blog about the ceremony in Ecuador. I was reminded of the Tarot card that started that evening, “Specify your desires.

A year later exactly and I haven’t gotten much closer. I’ve got the land now, and the dreamsoh the dreams that keep coming and coming and that shift and change daily. Fuuuck. I don’t know. Is it possible to have too many dreams? When you keep having more and not focusing on figuring out where to start, yes! To specify my desires? This seems the most daunting task of my life in a way. But absolutely a necessity. 

I’ve said many times that we can’t wait to be perfect because it doesn’t exist. We can still be sharing and contributing while we are growing and learning. I really believe this to be true, and so I write about my own ebb and flow. 

At the same time, it’s not a good idea to run before you can walk.  Especially with scissors and a blindfold on :).   

Thanks for this lovely present Jerm & El! Bet you didn't know it would end up being so profound for me….
or maybe you did ;) xoxo

And so, it begins. My rebirth. With self-care instead of self-sabotage. With mindfulness instead of mindlessly numbing my issues aways with decadence. With freedom instead of the labels that limit me. It’s so liberating to just say I’m starting over. I start with simply learning How to Walk. One step in front of the other, one day at a time :)


Thank you for allowing me to share my ever-changing mind, life and heart with you. It is my greatest joy :) 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Big guns

I wrote a whole lot this weekend. Wrote so much it’s probably a few chapters in my future book ;). I really wanted to post a blog, but the brain spew was uber chaotic and just far too much material to edit down into sense over a weekend. Instead, I’ve decided to pull out the big guns and let them do some talking for me.  We’ve got my favs Tony Robbins and Brene Brown in the house, the wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert, and the one and only Oprah herself.  Enjoy the good company:  

Stop with this, "I'm fine" when you really aren't business! 

Enjoy this gigantic roller coaster we call life :). 

I'd like to insert the word *hot* to make this extra complete :) 

You can't go wrong if you know you operate for good :) 

Change is one of my top favorite things. It's coming, might as well embrace it ;) 

Have an excellent week friends :)  

Friday, July 3, 2015

Nude for thought :)

Photo from Oregon Live article: Here

Last Saturday was the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland, OR.  Yes that's right, naked biking! As in, 10,000 super rad Portlandians pedaling throughout the city in an amazing display of unmasked and uninhibited human freedom. We were 'protesting' (that's the law loophole that allows us to be naked in public) in support of human-powered transportation, safe streets, and positive body image. 

Whewwwww! Now that's a cause I can get behind! ;)

Pun intended ;)! 
More crack thank a drug dealer!!!  Photo by Drew Bandy

When I saw the advertisement a month ago, it took but a nano-second to confirm attendance!! I knew what I was getting into after my 'random-chance-encounter'  (no such thing) with this World Naked Bike Ride Organization in Philadelphia a few years back.  I was sitting in a yoga class when the ruckus outside started happening... once we realized it was naked people on bikes streaking by, I lasted maybe 2 minutes before I couldn't stand it, I had to join!!  I 'just-so-happened' to have ridden my bike to class that day (even though I was only a few blocks walk from my friend's house), and opportunities like that don't knock too often. I apologized to the teacher, exited, disrobed right there on the curb, and pedaled along!!!!  Yeeehawww!

This time around, I was more prepared... meaning bodypaint!!!!! Can you guess what I got done??  Rainbowwwws, helllooooo! ;)!

I love rainbows!!! Remember this blog? Read here!

After getting painted, and then even painting a few people, my time slot for volunteering came up.  I helped by fundraising for the organization, selling bike seat covers (an excellent investment at $5!) and stickers by perusing thru the masses... meeting just, oh, a few thousand nudies! That was phenomenally fun, as was the liberating and energizing ride (complete with a nude band and nude bike tricks!).  The cherry on top was most certainly the dozens of us jumping off the docks and ramps into the Willamette River at the end of the night.  Naked!!! Ohhh so wonderful!!!

This roadside band was naked!!! Yayy!
Traffic jam
Hey Butty! 

Why do this? Why nudity? For me, it's many things, but at the core it's simple: positive body image.

How many sets of boobs have you seen in real life? AKA not in the movies or magazines? How many dicks? How many asses? Well, after 2 naked parades , 3 Fantasy Fest's, nude beaches, plus miscellaneous gatherings and such, I’ve seen kazillions ....and I can tell you, your body is absolutely imperfectly... which makes it perfectly yours, and that is your beauty. :)

Fun with paint! 
Free to be just as you are

I love that these kids are being exposed to nudity as normal, not as sexual :) 

The irony of people feeling scared to get naked in front of others, is that it is from within the masses you realize just how great you actually look. There is no perfect body, and for me, the experiences of seeing so many have made that a reality. Sure, there are some that seem dang close (and so they get paid for them!), but the other 5.99 billions bodies out there are imperfectly perfect.  Big/small, short/ long, perky/saggy, curvy/straight.. there are examples of beauty in every package. Comparing is no bueno!!! 

It is an absolutely phenomenal feeling to accept, and then even love, the body you call home. I wasn't always so comfy naked.  My breasts are uneven, my nipples lopsided, my curves minimal to say the least.  Some cellulite, some stretch marks, too much chubb here, too much hair there... these are things our culture tries to make you feel ashamed of.  Nope! Don't do it, don't compare!!! I love my home, my body.  I treat it right and it in turn empowers me to do anything I want, and it speaks to me loud and clear when it has something to say.  It's only fair I then love it unconditionally!!!! The reason I like to get naked? If you’ve been reading my blog a while, you know I get high off being an example, making people think outside the box, maybe push a boundary or two. I have no problem being an intentional fool or social outcast to demonstrate an important point, and it’s the same with nudity.  By societal terms, my body is nothing to call home about. Yet, the more I grow into my absolute authenticity, empowering my self-esteem and unfolding life purpose, the more comfortable I feel in my own skin. There IS an inner beauty that shines through.  To exist as an example of self confidence in a imperfectly perfect package is an honor for me. I promote nudity, because it’s just another way to promote being authentic and having consistent and constant self-love. When you know who you are, when your soul is full of peace and love and happiness, you can't help but be beautiful.  

So then, the big question is: What comes first? The chicken or the egg?  The acceptance of your body or the acceptance of your soul?  Loving the curves of your body or the depth of your heart? I think it's commonplace to believe that if you are 'perfect' on the inside, the body will follow along.  Or that you'll be happy once you get your body looking 'better'. But what if, by seeing enough real, imperfect bodies, you begin to accept yours, and from there you begin to accept your individual thoughts, feelings and vulnerabilities. When you stop judging and start loving others with all their imperfections, it's only a matter of time before you do the same for yourself :).

The intention of this blog (along with all of them), is just to get you thinking. There is no right or wrong when it comes to nudity, just what we are comfortable with. We are all soooo different, and at such different stages in life (half the naked riders had their undies on!).  Is it not true that what can be a powerful tool for one may seem crazy to another?  Sometimes just being open to the possibility is all it takes to start a domino effect of goodness.  :)

I hope you have a wonderful and happy 4th of July weekend! Wishing you sun, fun, freedom... and inner and outer confidence! If at some point you should want to experience being entirely unmasked, but need some stepping stones, give me a holla!!   I’ll don my birthday suit a million times if it helps to get this point across... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL :). 

P.S. Here's some links to blogs/articles/photos from the spectacular event:

Blog from a first-timer , Oregon Live coverage, Stripped-down-look

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The house that made me.

Yesterday, I officially sold my house. The house. The ridiculously, extraordinarily empowering house that has allowed me to travel for three+ years, to pursue knowing myself, finding myself, loving myself, discovering my authentic life and purpose, and is now gifting me the ability to build my future. The house I made is literally paying me back for believing in it. YAHOOOOO!!!!

Before, March 2010
I found this fixer-upper on Zillow back in 2010. It was a two-years-vacant foreclosure: ugly, beat up, and with all sorts of problems. It had many suitors but no takers. Within minutes of entering though, I knew it was the one. It had character, promise, and most definitely potential.

What I saw in my mind (and created) when I first walked in. That ceiling!!! 

I gave it love, attention, and a chance... it gave me the wings, foundation, and opportunity to have the sweeter-than-sweet life I was meant to live :).  THANK YOU HOUSE!!!!

I bought it for $155,000 on March 31, 5 years ago today. It took some jumping through all sorts of hoops (i.e. the banks didn't want to loan on the condition), and the taking of some giant risks (i.e. it had an illegal structure attached). In a way it was my baby,  spending the next 9+ months being happily anti-social, spending every evening and weekend in full on renovation mode while still working full time in my architecture office. I suppose I was tired and stressed, but moreso glowing with pride and love and the excitement of all the newness. I spend about $90,000 in renovations, giving it new windows, doors, flooring, a roof, etc, etc....a new life. It started to look and feel like a home again. I loved living in it, I loved showing off the transformation, I loved continuing to beautify it. I think it decided to thank me for believing in it. It said "Heyyyyyy, why don't you rent me out and get the heck outta Miami?!?"

And that's how I've lived the last 3.5 years,  Thriving on the rental income I earned each month (full story here). These last 3.5 years have been nothing short of magic, chock full of life experiences that have made me understand so much about life, about love, about what happiness really is and where it comes from, how blessed I have been, how much I have to share, and how much more I have to learn. 

After! December, 2010
March 2015! Wowza, check out those plants!! 

Yesterday, one day shy of exactly 5 years since I bought it, it closed for final sale price of $472,500.... 

Holyyyyyy shitballs right?!?! Math has always been my favorite subject, but that investment equation just might be my favorite computation eveeeeeer!  I share the numbers solely to put a physical real-life example on what I am constantly preaching. Take risks. Take a chance. Look for potential. See the good. Be the good. Really listen to your inner voice. Follow it. Follow your heart. Be vulnerable. Believe in yourself, invest in yourself, and follow a path so upstanding that you have nothing to hide. “Pronoia” is the belief that the universe is conspiring to help you.  That is what I believe, that life has invested in me, like I invested in my house, so that I can give back ten-fold, making as big of an impact as I can. 

So what's next? After living the last three years on $1100/month, believe without a doubt that I could live out the rest of my days in blissed-out self-centric ease, in a hammock in Nicaragua with a mango juice and good book in hand.

Sounds rad right?!?  Certainly I’ve entertained the idea of doing just so, but that trickle of self-fulfilling thought gets drowned out by my constant flood of desire to play a bigger part in elevating the overall human experience. If the last three years taught me anything, it's that we make a living by what we get, but a life by what we give. I have no desire to get money rich. Money for me is nothing but a means to do more good in the world (hence the Spread Happy journey!). I've been blessed to understand how it feels to be soul rich, and I'm not only addicted to it, I can't fathom not trying to share it.  

It's become overly and utterly apparent that the more authentically I live my life and nurture the core needs I have, the more extraordinary my contribution outside becomes. Each and every one of us have something unique to offer the world, in all different shapes, sizes and scales. Mine happens to be big and bold, and I mean there to be no comparison to anyone else’s.  My message is this:  When you grow, invest and arrive to the point of solid self-worth, self-care, and self-love, you won’t compare. You just know you are doing the right thing. And from that right thing grows this bliss, right along with a need to contribute in your own special way.

That’s what The Bloom Woods is.  The combination of everything that makes my soul thrive, so that I can continue to live and grow into my highest level and therefore contribute to the world at my highest level.  That is the goal of life right? To be able to combine all the things you love into something that can not only provide a means to live well and happy but also a clear way to give back? Check out my new website for all the details of The Bloom Woods here

The success of my house in Miami is but a testament to me that I am on the right path. The outcome, whatever it shall be, is exactly right. I don't just know it, but I breathe this: everything turns out exactly as it should. No fear, because I know my intention. When you have fear, simply look to your intention. Is it pure? Is it good? Is it making a positive difference for others? Then poke that fear in the eye and drop it like a ten thousand pound weight. :)

The worst that can happen? I lose it all and have to start over! Actually, all the money I'm making from this sale will be spent by October of this year, invested in the Bloom Woods land, the infrastructure, and a small cabin for myself and one for mom that will be build this summer!!! That is not scary, it's exciting. I see the potential.  I don't know exactly what’s going to happen,or where all these ideas in my head might end up....and thats just fine, because the overall goal is there: "Be the change you want to see in the world."  My life purpose is to Spread Happiness any and every chance I get!!!  

I leave you with this analogy from the architect/philosopher in me: Ugliness is a temporary condition, one need only look deeper. Beauty comes from a light in the soul. Beauty comes from letting a structure, an idea, a person, be what it was meant to be. All one needs to do is feed that light. Feed it with love, kindness and authenticity. You have to scrape away the layers of society. Sometimes full on demolition. Find the true you. Find the true meaning. Find what you want to be. Uncover it. Love it. Believe in it. Take that risk and step forward into change. Don't be afraid to fail. Failure is but a stepping stone to your authentic and extraordinary life.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Love is Love: Spread Happy Huntsville!

Our first event is coming up, and it's GOING TO ROCK!!!

We've gotten hooked up with a rad venue that is also going to advertise for us!!  We got shirts and stickers and paints and banners ANDDDD special guest Mr. Christopher Scott Boykin is going to come up from Florida for it!!!! Woohoooo!!!

Check out the sweet flyer Parker made:

"In the midst of the Alabama's state court challenging a federal court order to issue same-sex marriage licenses, The Bloom Wagon team is organizing a day of love, joy and rainbows on the East Lawn at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment, America’s largest independent center for the arts. Join the #SpreadHappy team by bringing your blankets to lounge, your instruments to play, your frisbees to toss --all to support marriage equality.  Wear your most colorful outfit and help paint a community rainbow mural to show that love is love; no matter the age, size, race, or gender. Spread Happy! "

SOOOOOO, come on out and support a great cause! If you are an artist, bring your own easel and canvas and feel free to paint your own rainbow work as well.  A performer? A musician? A nerf football badass? A professional picnicker? Come on out:  your presence is present enough :). 

Much love, 
Becky Jo

The Bloom Wagon is an RV on a cross-country road trip, powered by 3 friends with a mission to spread happiness, love and authenticity, while promoting and encouraging others to encourage others! Find out the route and more info to join in, follow along and participate at, on instagram @thebloomwoods or facebook. Stay continuously involved by striving to Spread Happy whenever and wherever you can by hashtaging #spreadhappy and #thebloomwagon

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Be a Candle AND a Mirror

I say, be a candle AND a mirror :). 

Certainly I like to shine, but oh oh oh oh oh I tell you without a doubt, I would rather be the slowest, dumbest, laziest, least developed person in a room. 

What, what?  Isn't it nice to be the best?? In my case, I think no! WHY?? Because growth is my greatest constant need. I'm a front row, A+ teacher's pet, and proud of it. Learning is my hobby. 

As much as I love to inspire, I LOVEEEE to be inspired. I love to instigate, but I LOVE to support. I love to lead, but I LOVE to follow.  I love to teach, but I LOVE to learn. 

I start things because I have a need for continual progress and I love to share all things good. But, when someone else has an idea I can get behind,  I am GUNG-HO! Have you ever seen this FANTASTIC (that's cue for watch it!) 3 min video about how to start a movement?? In a gist, it explains how the first person to do something 'out there', is just considered a crazy (that's why I'm happy to start things,  I don't mind being the crazy one).  BUT, the video explains how it's actually the first follower that is most brave, and most critical! This person is putting themselves out there to be equally criticized, but is taking the chance anyways. From there, someone else joins, another, another... and the next thing you know:  MOMENTUM! (Seriously watch the video, it's so good!)

In college, my girlfriend Kim and I used to start the dance floor like it was our job. Sandbar on Thursday night, 10pm: everyone is mingling and the floor is empty.  She and I walk in, strut out, swing our hips (and mind you I'm no natural dancer!)... and without fail, people would start pouring onto the floor.  Our work is done; The night has begun. :)

SO people! Here's what you need to know about me. I love to support the superhumans and those that don't know they are superhuman yet :). I encourage this beautifully EASY gift of encouraging others!!  You can be a candle AND a mirror! I love to see people overcome their fears, and entertain their crazy ideas that come straight from the heart (aka take chances!).  I love to see authenticity come to the surface. I want to be your first follower! OR, if that is too risky/scary/uncomfortable, I can be the 'crazy' for YOUR idea, and you can be the first follower (and no one will be the wiser ;)!

On this #spreadhappy tour,  I'm sure to meet at least one person that is ready to take a risk, and just needs a cheerleader/sideside/audience/follower. They want to perform, they want to teach a skill, they want to try out an idea. Anything. They want to sing karaoke, be the first one on a dance floor, they want to recite a poem, look in another humans eyes and feel love, or just go skinny dipping for the first time ever!!! Whatever happens, we'll be smiling all along :). Do you like to encourage others too?? GREAT! Collaborate with us!! We'll take some stow-aways on a ride for sure :). 

And with that, I'd like to just dive into what the Bloom Woods is. What the Bloom Wagon is. They are both me, my philosophies, just different modes of delivery. They are vessels through which to support people on their journey forward. They are places that shall be non-judgmental, positive, and safe, but push the boundaries of the comfort zone.  

The Bloom Woods is the long term dream. It is the newly-purchased land upon which I will happily toil and labor and spend my days beautifying and molding into it's own destiny.  What that is exactly may take many forms. Certainly it will take many years (my lifetime really) and lots of capital that I will figure out later where it will come from.  What I do know is it's a place the truth-seekers, deep-thinkers, and open-minders can thrive, expand, bloom. :)  Ground breaking this Spring!

The Bloom Wagon is the official mobile unit of the Bloom Woods!  Clever eh?? It is the starting point. It is the kick-off. It is right now! It is happening, in a sweet-looking 1988 RV that we are painting something like this: 

We'll be selling these stickers if you want to pre-order!!! $2.00 includes postage! 

How AWESOME is this logo??? The ridiculously talented Mr. Parker Jones designed and drew that up!!! I am sooooo stoked on this, not only because it is amazing, he is amazing (as a human and an artist), but because this is something Parker wants to do professionally! He's a landscape architect who loves graphic design, but hasn't marketed his 'hobby'.  I knew he liked to play around, but it wasn't until he was already on board that I learned he wants to begin designing logos for cool companies. 

FATE!!! That's what I call that!!! 

How ridiculous that we became such good friends last year (we met in training to be adventure tour guides).  Such good friends in fact, he was a deciding factor for this Bloom Wagon journey. If he had said no when I asked him to join me... I probably would have done something much different.  I tell you, when you find Superstars, you hold onto them!!  You learn from them! You lift them! You support them and simultaneously soak up all their goodness! So much greatness in this dude!

Give a holla to Mr. Parker Jones if you need some design services. Follow him on Instagram @national_parker! At 24, we can all know that we are going to see big and amazing things from this rising star :)!  Thank you Parker, for being the first very important follower in my crazy idea to do a #SpreadHappy Tour! 

Click it for more info!!! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Bloom Wagon: Spread Happy!!!

Living my architect side's dream right now by designing a pretty awesome cabin/treehouse to live in on an amazing piece of land (read about it here) I just bought in Washington State!!!  Since it's raw land though, I need somewhere to live while building.  Hmm, well, I just so happen to own an RV (with pink interiors!!!) that is currently parked in Alabama. Perfect! ....just need to get it here.... plain driving it across would be too vanilla for me.... 

Ahhhhh, the idea is born!!  My performer side's dream comes true too: 

loooooveee to spread happiness. I love to work hard, I love to play hard, I love to do good deeds, make people smile, and be an example of how much greatness one can squeeze out of our one wild and precious life! What better way to combine all that than on an epic cross country RV adventure trip, practicing the always awesome art of spreading happy?! Want to be a part of this??  Yes please!

What we'll be doing:

Creating events, outings, gatherings, and social shenanigans of all kinds where we can spread love, joy and happiness, inspiring curiosity, growth and change. There will be random acts of kindness, volunteering, and all around good times in both urban and rural settings, as well as climbing mountains, seeking out swimming holes, and searching for adventurous and authentically awesome people (who may eventually be a part of the Bloom Woods! See ad here)

Positivity rules the RV, henceforth known as the Bloom Wagon ... the mobile unit of the Bloom Woods! :).
Parker's concept sketch for the Paint Job= YES YES YES!

Who we are: 

I (Becky Fromm) met Parker Jones in training class, both having been hired as cross-country adventure tour guides. We met, we camped, we bonded, we had ridiculous amounts of fun, and we chatted many a night away over any topic under the sun. As both architects by degree and funsters by birth, a beautiful friendship was inevitable :)

We are so open to other people hopping on with us! Where do you live? Let's swing by and pick you up for a day or two!

Requirements for joining are:

Be an AWESOME person: meaning badass, big-hearted, open-minded soulful human being who is clever, compassionate, confident, and a great communicator interested in making the world a better place! 

Send me an email ( with a little video of yourself saying how you're awesome, where you're located, and what idea you've got to #spreadhappy!!! Send some other unabashed info about yourself too! Don't be shy, I am an information junkie... the more the betttttttterrrr :)

What we need help with: 

We need contacts all across the US (from Alabama to Washington State) who can:

-help us set up events (social, volunteer, adventure, etc)
-find either the individuals or organizations that would greatly appreciate some helping hands and some happy
-create some buzz for us
-collaborate with local businesses 
-find the best spaces/places/adventures in the local area
-people who want to stow-away and go on a mini adventure with us! 

Or any other skills you want to share with us to make it outstanding!!!! 

Here's our general destination route, which most certainly will change and have detours added, so if you are full of enthusiasm for spreading happy, don't be scared if your location is far off :). Approximately dates: leaving Huntsville, AL March 23, arrival to Hood River, OR, April 23, 2015.

IDEAS welcome! Suggestions welcome! Hook-ups welcome! Introductions to awesome people welcome!!!! We are hoping to find a Videographer to come along for the whole ride, expenses covered!  A grand adventure for free?? Yess! It's for real!! We're going to be making YouTube videos along the way and a documentary of the whole trip! Know someone who would be perfect?? Is it you?  Please check out below for more info!

So please, please share this around with anyone who could benefit or be involved!!! Email me at The website is underway, but feel free to follow along at @thebloomwoods on instagram, and hashtag #spreadhappy!!!



The lowdown:

We’re looking for a badass, big-hearted, open-minded soulful human being who is clever, compassionate, confident, and a great communicator interested in making the world a better place!... who is also a gifted videographer :).

Our current team of 2 enthusiastic and positive persons are heading off on an epic cross country RV trip, with the intent to practice the always awesome art of spreading happy. We’d like to document this journey... that’s where YOU come in!

What you’ll be doing:

Videoing the adventures! The prep, the drive, funny moments, impromptu social interactions, and most importantly, the spread happy events. Just plan to be camera ready at all times :).

Making/editing/uploading short films on a consistent basis, while planning for a longer, overall journey recap film at the termination. Team member Parker will also be part of this.

Helping any which where else you would like to contribute :).


Departure: Huntsville, AL, Approximately March 23
Arrival: Columbia Gorge, WA/OR, Approximately April 23

Overall availability: March 16- May 1. Final dates disclosed upon selection.

Route: To be determined (will take suggestions!).


All costs associated with RV, including fuel, campgrounds, upkeep. Also all materials needed for events, advertising, marketing. Freedom to be creative (and we encourage you to self-promote yours skills). Opportunity to inspire people. Epic memories of a lifetime!!!!

AND, your flight from wherever you are to us in Huntsville, AL.

Asked of you:

We are plant-based, organic and healthy eaters. You don’t have to be, but you should be willing and pleasant in regard to eating this way! It’s so yum :) If you have the means if would be great if you can pitch in for food, but since you are 'working', it's not required.


Your end flight from Portland, OR to wherever you are going (unless you decide to stay on. Further engagement may be available! The Gorge is an AMAZING place to spend the summer :)

Your own entertainment. Your cell phone. Costs of equipment/ software. Booze :). Basically think of it like a fun road trip w/ good friends (which we’ll be very soon). We’ll cover the basics, you cover anything additional you will want/need for you own personal needs. We hope beyond hope this is something you can add to your portfolio (and personal experiences) that will bring goodness to your life :)

Overall Expectations:

Ideas are welcome! We want to get to know you! We want your input and insight. We want you to use this for your own creative expression and promotion as well!

On a continual daily basis: work on marketing, website updates, social media, the video editing, trip planning, promotional advertising, grocery shopping, and a bonus if you can cook some of the meals or drive some of the drive.

Application Requirements:

Please email or submit links of the following to by March 6. Selection will be made by March 13th, 2015. We'll fly you out on or around March 20th, 2015.

1.) 3-4 examples of your video work
2.) Testimonials from past clients and their contact info.

3.) Please submit a 2-3 minute SIMPLE video of yourself, just talking, nothing fancy. Express why you want to be part of this adventure, and tell us about YOU. Not just as a videographer (your work can speak for itself, right?) but as a human being. We will all be in super close quarters for at least a month. Our promise to you: we will share our loving souls, generous hearts, and the ability to communicate even when it’s hard. And provide loads of fun :).

Also, please check out these videos to understand what style we like. Think a mix of fun, funky, inspirational travel adventure videos mixed with anything Soul Pancake :) Of course it should be unique and individual, show us your stuff!

Living the Adventure,  Captain and Clark,  Hey Nadine,
Learning with LouisStorytravelersVagabrothersTravel by Michael FlarupJonas and SteveHeart Attack!

Equipment Requirements:

All necessary equipment you’d need to produce a quality film. That’s up to you. Super fancy is not required, but quality is. We currently have a Go-Pro for anytime use.

Example: camera, video camera, computer, software, backup equipment, tripod, protective case and carrying luggage (able to be worn- i.e. on a motorcycle). Head gear to capture footage on adventures (hike/bike/swim).

Additional Applicant Qualifications:

Must be empathetic and sensitive to the emotions of ALL humans. Must be a great communicator. Must be capable and happy to engage in deeper conversation and experiences. Must be compassionate, courageous, and able to answer the question, “What makes you special?”.

Must also enjoy nature, adventures, eccentricity, and be adaptable to all situations. A low-maintenance lover of camping, and of possibly ‘roughing it’ for days at a time. We don’t expect or want perfection, just all-around awesome :).

Minimum age: 25.

Applicant Suggested Qualifications (not required):

Willing to ride on the back of (or drive) a motorcycle at times :).

Other notes: 

Housing will be provided thru May 1, although we may arrive to Hood River a week or two prior. You will have this time to continue with the video production.

The agreement will end upon issuance of the final video, but further engagement and/or employment could be discussed upon arrival to WA.

We are happy and willing to help you in your personal goals and endeavors. If you have ideas or suggestions, please let us know!

Follow us:

Becky: @thebloomwoods
Parker: @national_parker


#spreadhappy :)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Vulnerability: the birthplace of Innovation :)

I love her so much. All of her books are fabulous. And if you haven't seen her TED Talk,
please watch it HERE. It's so worth the 20 mins :) 

Yesterday morning I was stressed, cranky and super emotional! I just couldn't keep it together. I felt compelled to make a quick video... which led to another... which led to an idea... which led to excitement... which led to my mission of spreading happy... which led to a new friend...  and then the next thing I knew, I was documenting the whole awesome day!!!! 

This is why I love vulnerability, you get right to the heart of what's wrong when you're in such a real true raw and emotional state.  This is why there is no such thing as a 'bad' experience to me.  We learn, we grow, we create change from the hard times.  I loveeee the hard times!!  Isn't it true that flowers grow from the dirt?!! :) 

Here's my day, starting from tears and ending with a fabulous idea turned initiative for spreading happy. How can I help you??!! Want to be on part of our #SpreadHappy Tour???!! :)  Enjoy!

SO, as you saw,  I got super stoked about building a community, bartering, asking for help, and Spreading Happy!!!! I did make a listing, check it out here!!!!!  I'm so ready to really start doing my part to create goodness in the world on a bigger level, and having a home base is critical for my rejuvenation (see last blog for more on that!).  THAT SAID, do you want to be a part of this? Either with your own project you need help with or do you know someone that could use some help?  Do you know fun adventurous and GOOD people that could help us set up events along our journey? 

Here's our general destination route, which most certainly will change and have detours added, so don't be scared if your idea is far off :).

IDEAS welcome! Suggestions welcome! Hook-ups welcome! Introductions to awesome people welcome!!!! We are hoping to find a Videographer to come along for the whole ride! Please check out this page for more info, and share it! Pretty please!! 

THANK YOU! xoxoxo