Friday, January 2, 2015

Why housesitting is fabulous :)

When I first arrived out here to my housesitting station, the owner’s were nervous and apologetic that I’d get bored out here in isolation. I tried to assure them there would be no chance of that, but Bridget (the super sweet wife) still left me the phone numbers of all her friends out here, just in case I needed some human interaction;). 

After 4 weeks, ‘bored’ was indeed the farthest thing from reality. That word really just doesn’t exist in my world :). I’m (as always) amazed with how fast time flies and in truth could have used another few months out there! ha

The cabin was a gem. It’s out in Glenwood, Washington, a town of approx 450 people, with a total of 68 kids in the entire K-12 school! There’s a long sweeping driveway off a mostly isolated country road that leads down to the timber-frame home. It’s a darling little floor plan, wood everything, a nice open loft and a giant masonry russian fireplace that keeps the whole place warm. It’s surrounded by a pine forest in all directions, except for a sliver cut through to allow a peak view of the amazing Mt. Adams.  There are a number of out-buildings, including the firewood shed that I gathered from every day (2 top-down fires a day to keep it warm), the chicken coop (housing 11 hens), and the log-cabin storage building, on top of which the two turkeys chose to sleep every night. Interesting choice :)  

Home sweet (temporary) home! 

Mt. Adams heading into Glenwood. Wowza! 

There’s no cell service, but we have wi-fi.  This has been my least favorite part... still being so in-touch with society while delighting in the seclusion. Of course it was great to have wifi, allowing me much valuable research/coordination and prep for my upcoming plans (stay tuned!!!!!) but it also allowed me access to the pitless hole that can be social media. Uggh! I actually bought and downloaded the software “Anti-Social” which allows you to parent yourself, but my actual use of it was sparing.  When I build my own cabin I’ve decided to not have internet in it. The community building of the Bloom Woods can have it, and if I need it, I have to walk there! Done deal! 

So, why was is cabin sitting so awesome?  It reminded me of all the reasons why I'm so ready to settle down!!! Here’s my top ten reasons... in no real order :) 

10. Desire to nest: I LOVE not living out of a backpack. Period. Travel is rad and will always be part of my life... but I like being ‘home’.  My first day there I unpacked every single thing, rearranged the furniture to my liking, set up my yoga/meditation zone, made a makeshift closet, an office, and moved all the lamps. Ahhh to be settled ... for a month’s worth anyways :). 
9. Home planning:  As an architect, the prospect of designing my own house is just as exciting as Christmas morning to a 5-yr old :).  It’s extremely helpful to live in other people’s homes, because of the opportunity to both approve and nit-pick those things I would want in my own place. For instance: more LIGHT! I need masses of light, especially when the sun goes down at 4:30pm.  Also, having an indoor hammock = BRILLIANT!  I’ve made an entire list :) 

Indoor hammock on Wild Pants Wednesday :) How awesome is that cow art?!?

8. ‘Being home’: I am a homebody for sure. For me, Day= activity, Night= home.  I don’t even like to drive after dark.  It’s wonderful to ‘go home’ and know I’m not leaving for days at a time.

7. Seclusion:  I loved not worrying about curtains.  Being in the city, or anywhere with neighbors, typically requires closing the curtains every night. Ewww no. I loved being in the middle of nowhere and not worrying that the deer could see my every move :). 

6. Being outside everyday:  Get wood, feed the chickens, play with Nelly, dump the compost, empty the fire ashes, get more wood, lock the chickens in, etc.   I was outside at least 4-5 times a day, which is not only wonderful but easily fulfilling a daily goal of mine: to just be outside everyday.  Contrary to what some people think, It’s quite easy for me to stay in all day. I get totally caught up in writing, reading, crafting, whatever.  BJ and PJ’s are close buddies :).

5. Love of projects:  The truly lovely family that lives here consists of the parents, their 9 and 11 year olds, and, surprise! an 8 month old baby! I had asked if there was any home projects they wanted me to work on, and they mostly (politely) dismissed the idea, but passively mentioned the pantry!  Bingo!!  My specialty :). It was a total pleasure to deep clean and organize their cabinets as my daily entertainment :).   AND, it just reminded me so much of why I want my own place: I love to fix and organize and craft and update and revamp and Pinterest EVERYTHING!!! Having my own place means I’ll be in project heaven :). 

4. Love of schedule and structure. Spontaneity is excellent for sure,  but when there are certain things I want to do everyday (meditate, exercise, stretch/yoga, go outside, eat healthy) having a routine makes it soooo much easier! Of course at times it is still hard to do even when settled, but it’s a heck of a lot easier than when on the road. The grass is always greener people!

3. Discovering audiobooks!!!  I found Wayne Dyer’s “Secrets of Manifesting” audiobook there, and decided to listen while driving down to town. It’s just short of an hour to Hood River, and 2 to Portland.  Radio gets annoying... Audiobooks are not!!!!! This is an amazing discovery for me! Any you recommend? Or old ones you want to get rid of??? Send me, send me please!!!! 

And the top #2 most awesome reasons housesitting is awesome?? These two are so great they get to have their own blogs: 

Before saying adieu to this blog though, I just want to point out how it was I got to even do a month of most-fabulous cabin-sitting.   I put out some feelers :). This is usually my stilo when I'm figuring out what's next. I sent a random email to people I knew around this area, asking about RV parks; Jay wrote back that he didn’t know about anything RV, but was I interested in this?! YES!

People often ask me how I manage to have so many awesome experiences, and it pretty much boils down to putting myself out there. I talk to strangers. I join random groups. I test the waters. I go places alone with a curious attitude. I am OPEN! That was my word for 2014 and I’m using it again for 2015 because it’s been so great for me :).  You never know what might come up or who you might meet that becomes a significant part of your life if you keep your eyes, heart and options open. In fact, the only reason I know Jay, is because I was introduced to him by someone I met selling my trailer on Craigslist!  (Which is also where I met the local commissioner buying some snowshoes!)  And I now have an architecture gig because I met their neighbors! And I met the shop teacher at the gym and will commission some projects to their students! And I randomly ran into another Life Coach who I’m excited to see what we might come up with!!! 

Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb... that’s exactly where the fruit is :) 

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