Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Bloom Wagon: Spread Happy!!!

Living my architect side's dream right now by designing a pretty awesome cabin/treehouse to live in on an amazing piece of land (read about it here) I just bought in Washington State!!!  Since it's raw land though, I need somewhere to live while building.  Hmm, well, I just so happen to own an RV (with pink interiors!!!) that is currently parked in Alabama. Perfect! ....just need to get it here.... plain driving it across would be too vanilla for me.... 

Ahhhhh, the idea is born!!  My performer side's dream comes true too: 

loooooveee to spread happiness. I love to work hard, I love to play hard, I love to do good deeds, make people smile, and be an example of how much greatness one can squeeze out of our one wild and precious life! What better way to combine all that than on an epic cross country RV adventure trip, practicing the always awesome art of spreading happy?! Want to be a part of this??  Yes please!

What we'll be doing:

Creating events, outings, gatherings, and social shenanigans of all kinds where we can spread love, joy and happiness, inspiring curiosity, growth and change. There will be random acts of kindness, volunteering, and all around good times in both urban and rural settings, as well as climbing mountains, seeking out swimming holes, and searching for adventurous and authentically awesome people (who may eventually be a part of the Bloom Woods! See workaway.info ad here)

Positivity rules the RV, henceforth known as the Bloom Wagon ... the mobile unit of the Bloom Woods! :).
Parker's concept sketch for the Paint Job= YES YES YES!

Who we are: 

I (Becky Fromm) met Parker Jones in training class, both having been hired as cross-country adventure tour guides. We met, we camped, we bonded, we had ridiculous amounts of fun, and we chatted many a night away over any topic under the sun. As both architects by degree and funsters by birth, a beautiful friendship was inevitable :)

We are so open to other people hopping on with us! Where do you live? Let's swing by and pick you up for a day or two!

Requirements for joining are:

Be an AWESOME person: meaning badass, big-hearted, open-minded soulful human being who is clever, compassionate, confident, and a great communicator interested in making the world a better place! 

Send me an email (beckyjo@thebloomwoods.com) with a little video of yourself saying how you're awesome, where you're located, and what idea you've got to #spreadhappy!!! Send some other unabashed info about yourself too! Don't be shy, I am an information junkie... the more the betttttttterrrr :)

What we need help with: 

We need contacts all across the US (from Alabama to Washington State) who can:

-help us set up events (social, volunteer, adventure, etc)
-find either the individuals or organizations that would greatly appreciate some helping hands and some happy
-create some buzz for us
-collaborate with local businesses 
-find the best spaces/places/adventures in the local area
-people who want to stow-away and go on a mini adventure with us! 

Or any other skills you want to share with us to make it outstanding!!!! 

Here's our general destination route, which most certainly will change and have detours added, so if you are full of enthusiasm for spreading happy, don't be scared if your location is far off :). Approximately dates: leaving Huntsville, AL March 23, arrival to Hood River, OR, April 23, 2015.

IDEAS welcome! Suggestions welcome! Hook-ups welcome! Introductions to awesome people welcome!!!! We are hoping to find a Videographer to come along for the whole ride, expenses covered!  A grand adventure for free?? Yess! It's for real!! We're going to be making YouTube videos along the way and a documentary of the whole trip! Know someone who would be perfect?? Is it you?  Please check out below for more info!

So please, please share this around with anyone who could benefit or be involved!!! Email me at beckyjo@thebloomwoods.com. The website is underway, but feel free to follow along at @thebloomwoods on instagram, and hashtag #spreadhappy!!!



The lowdown:

We’re looking for a badass, big-hearted, open-minded soulful human being who is clever, compassionate, confident, and a great communicator interested in making the world a better place!... who is also a gifted videographer :).

Our current team of 2 enthusiastic and positive persons are heading off on an epic cross country RV trip, with the intent to practice the always awesome art of spreading happy. We’d like to document this journey... that’s where YOU come in!

What you’ll be doing:

Videoing the adventures! The prep, the drive, funny moments, impromptu social interactions, and most importantly, the spread happy events. Just plan to be camera ready at all times :).

Making/editing/uploading short films on a consistent basis, while planning for a longer, overall journey recap film at the termination. Team member Parker will also be part of this.

Helping any which where else you would like to contribute :).


Departure: Huntsville, AL, Approximately March 23
Arrival: Columbia Gorge, WA/OR, Approximately April 23

Overall availability: March 16- May 1. Final dates disclosed upon selection.

Route: To be determined (will take suggestions!).


All costs associated with RV, including fuel, campgrounds, upkeep. Also all materials needed for events, advertising, marketing. Freedom to be creative (and we encourage you to self-promote yours skills). Opportunity to inspire people. Epic memories of a lifetime!!!!

AND, your flight from wherever you are to us in Huntsville, AL.

Asked of you:

We are plant-based, organic and healthy eaters. You don’t have to be, but you should be willing and pleasant in regard to eating this way! It’s so yum :) If you have the means if would be great if you can pitch in for food, but since you are 'working', it's not required.


Your end flight from Portland, OR to wherever you are going (unless you decide to stay on. Further engagement may be available! The Gorge is an AMAZING place to spend the summer :)

Your own entertainment. Your cell phone. Costs of equipment/ software. Booze :). Basically think of it like a fun road trip w/ good friends (which we’ll be very soon). We’ll cover the basics, you cover anything additional you will want/need for you own personal needs. We hope beyond hope this is something you can add to your portfolio (and personal experiences) that will bring goodness to your life :)

Overall Expectations:

Ideas are welcome! We want to get to know you! We want your input and insight. We want you to use this for your own creative expression and promotion as well!

On a continual daily basis: work on marketing, website updates, social media, the video editing, trip planning, promotional advertising, grocery shopping, and a bonus if you can cook some of the meals or drive some of the drive.

Application Requirements:

Please email or submit links of the following to beckyjo@thebloomwoods.com by March 6. Selection will be made by March 13th, 2015. We'll fly you out on or around March 20th, 2015.

1.) 3-4 examples of your video work
2.) Testimonials from past clients and their contact info.

3.) Please submit a 2-3 minute SIMPLE video of yourself, just talking, nothing fancy. Express why you want to be part of this adventure, and tell us about YOU. Not just as a videographer (your work can speak for itself, right?) but as a human being. We will all be in super close quarters for at least a month. Our promise to you: we will share our loving souls, generous hearts, and the ability to communicate even when it’s hard. And provide loads of fun :).

Also, please check out these videos to understand what style we like. Think a mix of fun, funky, inspirational travel adventure videos mixed with anything Soul Pancake :) Of course it should be unique and individual, show us your stuff!

Living the Adventure,  Captain and Clark,  Hey Nadine,
Learning with LouisStorytravelersVagabrothersTravel by Michael FlarupJonas and SteveHeart Attack!

Equipment Requirements:

All necessary equipment you’d need to produce a quality film. That’s up to you. Super fancy is not required, but quality is. We currently have a Go-Pro for anytime use.

Example: camera, video camera, computer, software, backup equipment, tripod, protective case and carrying luggage (able to be worn- i.e. on a motorcycle). Head gear to capture footage on adventures (hike/bike/swim).

Additional Applicant Qualifications:

Must be empathetic and sensitive to the emotions of ALL humans. Must be a great communicator. Must be capable and happy to engage in deeper conversation and experiences. Must be compassionate, courageous, and able to answer the question, “What makes you special?”.

Must also enjoy nature, adventures, eccentricity, and be adaptable to all situations. A low-maintenance lover of camping, and of possibly ‘roughing it’ for days at a time. We don’t expect or want perfection, just all-around awesome :).

Minimum age: 25.

Applicant Suggested Qualifications (not required):

Willing to ride on the back of (or drive) a motorcycle at times :).

Other notes: 

Housing will be provided thru May 1, although we may arrive to Hood River a week or two prior. You will have this time to continue with the video production.

The agreement will end upon issuance of the final video, but further engagement and/or employment could be discussed upon arrival to WA.

We are happy and willing to help you in your personal goals and endeavors. If you have ideas or suggestions, please let us know!

Follow us:

Becky: @thebloomwoods
Parker: @national_parker


#spreadhappy :)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Vulnerability: the birthplace of Innovation :)

I love her so much. All of her books are fabulous. And if you haven't seen her TED Talk,
please watch it HERE. It's so worth the 20 mins :) 

Yesterday morning I was stressed, cranky and super emotional! I just couldn't keep it together. I felt compelled to make a quick video... which led to another... which led to an idea... which led to excitement... which led to my mission of spreading happy... which led to a new friend...  and then the next thing I knew, I was documenting the whole awesome day!!!! 

This is why I love vulnerability, you get right to the heart of what's wrong when you're in such a real true raw and emotional state.  This is why there is no such thing as a 'bad' experience to me.  We learn, we grow, we create change from the hard times.  I loveeee the hard times!!  Isn't it true that flowers grow from the dirt?!! :) 

Here's my day, starting from tears and ending with a fabulous idea turned initiative for spreading happy. How can I help you??!! Want to be on part of our #SpreadHappy Tour???!! :)  Enjoy!

SO, as you saw,  I got super stoked about building a community, bartering, asking for help, and Spreading Happy!!!! I did make a workaway.info listing, check it out here!!!!!  I'm so ready to really start doing my part to create goodness in the world on a bigger level, and having a home base is critical for my rejuvenation (see last blog for more on that!).  THAT SAID, do you want to be a part of this? Either with your own project you need help with or do you know someone that could use some help?  Do you know fun adventurous and GOOD people that could help us set up events along our journey? 

Here's our general destination route, which most certainly will change and have detours added, so don't be scared if your idea is far off :).

IDEAS welcome! Suggestions welcome! Hook-ups welcome! Introductions to awesome people welcome!!!! We are hoping to find a Videographer to come along for the whole ride! Please check out this page for more info, and share it! Pretty please!! 

THANK YOU! xoxoxo 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

HOME!! Home! home :)

HEY HEY HEYYYY, I’m a land owner!  It’s offiicial! AHHHHHH!!!!!! 

(if that doesn't work, here's a link to Youtube)

Yup, yup yup, you heard that right! It’s an 8.9 acre slice of Heaven in Carson, WA. The heart of the magnificent Columbia Gorge, smack dab in the middle of the world- renowned Pacific Northwest! It's amazingggg...and it’s got my name on it!!! I feel like a proud parent. My baby, the Bloom Woods, has an address :).

The site is overflowing with character. Very dynamic, steep slopes, super green, great groupings of trees (for treehouses!) and simply oozing with Potential!!!! It’s close to town yet feels secluded, it follows 1,100’ of Carson Creek, AND.... IT HAS A WATERFALL! Like a legit, 12’ + Waterfall!!  It’s absolutely perfecttttt!!

My friend Sara modeling the waterfall. Pics don't do it justice! 

Deb and I adding some color, marking out the first cabin site!

Transplanting our first trees!

The creeeeeekkkk!!! Already with a log crossing :) 

Yes yes and yes :)

"Study Nature. Love Nature. Stay close to Nature. It will never fail you."   -Frank Lloyd Wright

 “Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” 
― Gary Snyder

Cuteness bench!

"In every walk in nature, one receives far more than one sees." -John Muir

The first time I saw this property was the day after thanksgiving. Yes, almost THREE months ago!!! Since then it’s been a crazy mess of coordinating, researching, and planning (basically me running around like a mad woman :). To the building department, the utilities department, meeting with septic engineers, surveyors, geotechnical engineers, green home consultants, contractors, making site visits, creating master plans, home designs, garden placement, getting approvals from the city, the state, understanding the codes, adjusting lot lines, introducing myself to the neighbors, negotiating with the owner, researching compost toilets, grey water systems, solar, local materials, basically everything....  wheewwww! And that was just for due diligence!!  It took a while, but it’s offically DONE! The exchange of title has been submitted to the courthouse!!  Becky Jo Fromm= land owner!!!!! YEHAAWWWW!! 

Everybody is excited at the courthouse!!! 2-18-2015!

So, what does this mean for the Bloom Woods??!! My dream and vision for over 2 years now? It's alive and thriving!!!! Think creative retreats, community gatherings, educational programs, adventures,  home-stays, healthy living, and definitely nature and nurturing the blooming of self!!!  Did I mention my mom is moving out here to be my right-hand woman??? Um, yes! She's not only my favorite person in the world, but a ridiculously talented landscape designer, interior decorator, and simply superb painter, muralist and overall artist.  It's 9 acres of blank canvas, ready to unleash our creative talents on! Have no doubt,  this place is going to be fan-f'ing-tastic :). 

These dreams… they are huge. Giant. I like having giant dreams because I love to be inspired, to constantly be reaching and growing. That said, I will continue to rein myself in just enough to stay on par with the dreaded budget :).   And truth be told, all that I actually need right now is simply a home. Ahhh.. just saying it makes my heart warm :).

Oct 28, 2011 was the last night I slept in my house in Miami; I’ve been living out of my backpack ever since.  Sans a 3 month apartment I rented and 2 months at my mom’s,  I haven’t stayed in any one bed more than a few weeks, and most often much less.  My backpack has been brutalized in the most glorious of ways: via 6 Continents :). I think I can legitimately call myself a true nomad.  

While my wild side has thrived, my domestic side has emerged in full force.  I love to cook! I love to clean! I love to organize! I love to be home after dark! Every single cell in my body has been screaming home, home, home! Give me a home! :).  

One of the biggest revelations that has come up in the last 3 years, is my quite surprising tendency towards introversion, at least in the way that describes where you get your energy. I gain my energy almost entirely from solitude. I then get so jivved up, I have to explode that exuberance somewhere: on you :).  That’s what I'm known for, the eruptions of my built up energy. It can be intense, so I’ve been told :).  But, if I haven't had that solo time, what you see is tired and strained and me floundering between two worlds. The incubation is vital to the bloom. 

With any eruption though, that energy can drain pretty fast (speed depending on the company), and I must retreat to my space to build up again. Oh wait... what space?? That’s right... I haven’t had one. 

BUT NOW I DOOOOO!!!!!! Now I do, now I do, now I do!!!! I’m GIDDDDYYYYY! 

Okay, so it's raw land still...meaning no 'home' just yet... but at least I can see it :) 

Having this home base is absolutely crucial for me. The solitude, the recharge, the meditation, the silence... these have become clearly essential to balance my eruptions of extroversion.  Discovering and getting intimate with meditation has absolutely been indespensible all this time, and I will forever practice and preach of it's miracles. Of course, having a dedicated space for meditation seems even better!!!!! 

I have a million plans for the Bloom Woods, but the reality is... the Bloom Woods is simply a representation of me. It’s my philosophy for living, “Be always Blooming.”  Nature heals me. Solitude heals me. Growth heals me. I have every intention that the Bloom Woods (the company) will grow into it’s appropriate purpose, whatever that may be, along with me growing into my ever-more authentic self and the magnificent evergreen trees that will shelter it all.  

Of course, having a homebase doesn’t mean I’ll stay put :). It just means I’ll know I can, if and when I need too :) My life goal is to spend 6 months with people and 6 months in solitude. There will always be travel, that is certain. My life is the balance between extreme home and extreme adventure. It's always about a balance :). 

My journey thus far? Flipping fantastic! It's crazy to know that I've gotten to see/do/be so much, yet I'm only just beginning!!!  The last 3+ years especially have be INEXPLICABLY WONDERFULLY and AMAZINGLY INDESCRIBABLE (read almost 4 years of novel-length blogs that just touched the surface of illustrating the transformation) :). I really can’t summarize except to say that leaving Miami was the best thing EVER I could have done for myself,  my true self. I was not living my most authentic life there. I knew it but I didn’t know what was missing. I've regained a large part, but still know I’m not even close to entirely there, but certainly loving the process of discovery every day, feeling as authentic as I can be for what I’ve experienced thus far. 

Without a doubt, I believe we have to actively seek our authentic selves. Curiosity, courage, confidence.. these are things we must cultivate. There are things we were born to be and do, and often times, it might be something you’ve never even heard of, have no hint of, no experience with. Being authentic is not always easy, but by-golly it’s a fight I am willing to fight tooth and nail for :).  Are you? Even as authentic as I live, I know there is still something coming for me. Something else untapped, just waiting for me to unearth it (ahhh!, can’t wait! what’s it gonna be??!!)  

In my life's book, I'm closing in on the 'plot thickens' part! Page turner!!!! 

SO, what does this mean financially? To be able to afford this land, I’m selling my house in Miami. which means I will cease to have an income! AHHHHH!!!! That’s freaking scary.... but a worthy fear that I am walking thru with gusto.  I could very well live out the rest of my days in my current situation, especially if I moved to Nicaragua. BUT, I’ve got dreams bigger than universes people, and I’ve never been one to just sit back and wait ;).  My plan is to just start. Start with one cabin. Start with what I have and where I can.  My plans of course extend far beyond that one cabin, but it will all work out perfectly (EWOP!). Whether you call it faith, confidence, assurance... there’s a fire in my heart that’s too powerful than to mean anything but success. It’s a wondrous thing, this 'knowing.‘  You’ve got to find it for yourself, but it’s worth finding. Get right with your intentions, and all the world conspires to help you :). 

“Whatever you are physically…male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy—all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside.”   ~ Cassandra Clare

What’s the worst that could happen?  Maybe I run out of money. Maybe I have to get a job. Maybe I’ll have to sell. Maybe I'll drop it all and live in a box. Maybe this land will never be anything more than my home. Maybe it's mean to be something entirely different.  All or any of these things would be sooooo fine! The beauty of no expectations, the beauty of an open mind, the beauty of knowing that whatever is supposed to be will be.... is that fear becomes synonymous with exciting. Oh, I feel fear for sure. These last three months I’ve cried and been stressed and have gotten ridiculous, FOR SURE. But it just feels right.  I'm feeling the fear, I'm accepting it, loving it, and I’m walking all over it :). It's all just another twist in the plot! I do love this book ;)! 

You know what might happen??? Maybe some investor will come along and fund the whole project! Or maybe the right people will join up and get the next building going!  Or maybe my other big exciting news will be a smashing success and another source of income will start up to fill in the slack!!

What’s this? Other BIG NEWS?? Yup.. cuz you know I’m all about that double rainbow :) 

THISSSSS... is the fantastic way I’ve schemed up to get my RV out here from Alabama, so I can live in it while building the treehouse!!!  I’m ecstatically fortunate to have the most wonderful and unparalleled Mr. Parker McAfee Jones coming along, and we are going to take a month just spreading happy along the way!!!!!!!! Yup, yup, yup, fun, fun, fun!!!   What’s that mean anyways? Spread Happy?  Think random acts of kindness, think volunteering, think sidewalk shows, think social shenanigans, think nature events, think community art, think soul searching, think intro to anything, think adventure... think whatever might pop into our heads! Or yours! Got ideas? Share them!!!  

Seriously, we are looking for opportunity to do good deeds! Do you need help on a project? yard over grown? Need a fence painted?  Please let us know, we might be able to add you to the itinerary!!! 

It's gonna be sooooooooooo epic!!!!!  

Parker's BADASS concept design for the Bloom Wagon. YES. YES. YES :)! Follow him at @national_parker

ANDDDD, we are looking for another AWESOME person to join us! This person must be first and foremost a top-notch lovely soul that loves epic adventures... and then, a talented videographer! We're going to be making you-tube videos along the way and a documentary of the whole trip! Know someone who would be perfect?? Is it you?  Please pass this info flyer along to them please please!!! Or find the same info at this page
The website is underway, but feel free to follow along at @thebloomwoods on instagram, and hashtag #spreadhappy!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Top Ten

Time for a Blog Highlights Reel!

It's been close to 4 years since I started this thing. Not sure how I went the first 28 years without it...  I looooveee to write!!  I tried to make it a TOP TEN list... but that was impossible.  I got it down to 13... close enough :)

Listed in chronological order, old to new, here are some of my favorite Blogs:

13. I heart Weirdo's:  This blog is from 2011. It's no wonder I love them... I've become captain of the team :).

12. Close your Eyes:   My first intro to meditation, forever changed my life.  Thank you Australia, for bringing this into my life!

11. Kindness of Strangers: Australia was amazing. IS amazing. So are Aussies :).

10. 4 Days of Kolkate awesome:  Incredible India, what can I say. That place is magic :).

9. Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!:  That wonderful day I entered my 30's.  Oh I do love this decade!

8. Farmville... not the Facebook kind:   Arguably one of my favorite home-stays, with a Nepalese family. Cultural immersion at it's finest!

7. Snakes, Islands, Flat Tires, and a moral Dilemma:   Just a little scooter ride across the country of Vietnam. No big deal :).

6. God Bless you GodBlessy:  A recap of my transformative month stay at the Orphanage in Moshi, Tanzania, Africa.

5. My Inner Voice is Loud too: Ponderings after a magnificent stay at the Pleasant Valley Sanctuary, a yoga and meditation retreat in Northern Cali.

4. Of Mountains and Motorcycles:  Halfway into my 4,000 mile motorcycle East Coast Roadtrip, I'm in love with nature and tell you alllllll about it :)

3. Refuse the Dinner Date:   Why I love being single, and dating advice from yours truly :). 

2. Life is beautiful:  Rantings from a sick girl (me) who was (and is!) HIGH on LIFE! 

1. Adventure and Ashram Magic:  A recap of my first few weeks in Ecuador. A mighty adventure up a 15,000' hike, and the beginning of my yoga teacher training.  Perfection :)


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Yes, I love rainbows. No, I'm not a lesbian… but if I was that would be fabulous :).

“I cannot tell you how great it was to be a teenager in San Fransisco in the 70’s.  Gender was completely fluid. The high school was so focused on academic achievement that the most prestigious people tended to be the chinese girls who where just acing all their classes. If you weren’t bisexual in high school, you had to pretend to be in order to be socially acceptable. I wish that kind of eduction on everyone.” 
- Naomi Wolf

In all my rainbow glory ;) 

I've got rainbow pants, rainbow socks, rainbow shoes, rainbow shirt, rainbow suspenders, rainbow jacket, rainbow earrings, rainbow watch, and who could miss the recent addition of my rainbow hair :).  I’ve also got a rainbow umbrella... and for the purpose of this blog I took a picture of myself wearing just about all of that :) 

Can't forget my rainbow toes! They like the mud ;) 

It’s been almost a full year since I started officially dying my hair. The first on-purpose permanent dye was this two-tone blue amazingness of last February.  Ohhhh lordy, that was the beginning of a passionate color affair for me :). 

I got this color just before my sister's wedding…only after realizing they might not appreciate my bright addition to their wedding photos. I was slightly nervous when I called to tell them, but their response was better-than-dreamed-up. "It's perfect. When our future kids look back at our wedding pictures, they'll say, yup, that's aunt Becky!!"  Niceee :)   

After that phenomenal do, I underwent a series of random, cheap, but still fully awesome color dyes. Even had a few fun friends try and color it with kool-aid and jello powder... you know, junior high style :)

Pinky pink fun :) 
This was 4-color awesomeness…. for about 1 wash. Then it was just purple :)
Good thing I like purple! This one started out blue ;) 

The first on-purpose test color. Washable blue gel when I was Czech Republic summer of '13!
No such thing as an 'accident'.  The real beginning of my affection for coloring my hair began with this inadvertently fabulous dye that happened during the Holi festival of India,  March of 2012. It's a religious event, but ends up being a country-wide reason to throw paint all over each other all day smile emoticon. Some of the paint throw on me was semi-permanent, leaving my face was purple for like 3 days, my hair like this for almost 3 weeks. So happy for this 'accident' :). 

This one is totally a wig... But so awesome, right? :)

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. 

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Being back here in the wonderful state of Washington for the end of 2014, I knew I needed to ring in my Power Year (the year I turn 33!!!!) with some rainbow magic :).  I went back to see Ms. Heather at Strawberry Mountain Salon in White Salmon. She’s a wizard with color (go see her! ) and the one who produced this vibrant good luck charm right on my head :)

La-la-la loviinnnggg it :) 

Since I’ve had this spectacular ‘do’, all sorts of attention has befallen me: compliments, double-takes, high-fives, thumbs-up, as well as blank stares and a few uppity noses. All anticipated with any form of being ‘out-there’, and all welcome because it’s a constant source of my beloved social experiments.  What would you think of someone with rainbow hair?  Would you pre-judge them?  Discount them? or think they were awesome? You just never know.  I walk around with the lesson “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” ready to metaphorically pull out of my back pocket at all times ;). 

This is my thing: Creating opportunities, experiences, events, questions, ideas or space that seeks out truth, growth, change, reasons for others to be bold, be different, or think outside the box. That may sound odd, but I’m odd, so it works :).  In other words, I like to put myself out there, whether that be by my hair, my outfit, some costume, some experiment/performance/blog/video/question/discussion/etc... that, in turn, might make another person turn a head, strike a conversation, ponder another option, consider an alternative, think twice, or just think differently for but a moment.  Light needs only but a crack to enter.   Change needs only but a moment to begin.  Love needs only but a second to ignite. :) 

This is the title I use on my business cards :). It works pretty darn good for now.
…and btw, please notice that 'architect' is listed as a synonym!! Cooooool!!!

The rainbow hair? It’s my badge that I use to announce how I feel on the inside: "I'm colorful" or  “I’m different” or “I’m unique” or “I’m fun” or “I’m crazy” or “I’m special” or “I’m a nut” or “I’m wild” or “I’m a kid at heart” ...or any such interpretation that might rouse up whosoever onlooker. Together with the approachability I strive to emanate, that’s often times enough for this fabulous conversation starter to work it’s charm :).  

All praise and especially jabs alike are greeted with extreme friendliness, because you never know when you might start a domino effect!  Maybe if I'm friendly, they'll be more apt to compliment other details, like the shirt of the nice lady at the coffee stand. And then maybe the coffee lady will give a free drink to the person after that. And then maybe that recipient will go pick a flower for the girl he's been nervous to talk too. And then maybe they'll fall in love and it's happily ever after!!!!...  I mean, might as well dream big :). 

Of course, of the various announcements my rainbow head might make, I’m skipping an obvious one that I don’t identify with; that of “I’m a lesbian”. Clearly the rainbow is a trademark for the LGBT community (I’ve been informed by my favorite adventure- barbie bestie that the word ‘homosexual’ is an expired clinical term from the 70’s and not to be used. Excellent education, thanks Christopher! ;).   But you wonderful gays you, no fair keeping this symbol all to yourselves; not that you want to (or maybe you do, but you’ll share for a good cause, right?). Where did this fear of wearing a rainbow come from? Is it  that pesky societal acceptance thing again?  “We can’t wear a rainbow, oh no, people will think we are gay!” Well, I say It’s too fabulous and showy of a color scheme to not parade around in it, even if that means people will make their assumptions. Let there be assumptions!!! 

Because those that matter don't mind! 

Assuming is natural. I was recently email coordinating with someone named Dru. After a few emails she wrote, “btw, I am a woman.” I laughed so hard because I had assumed it was a man!! We can’t help it often times,  but we CAN act in a way to see if the assumption was correct. I LOVE when people ask me if my hair color and rainbow clothing means I like women.  

Why do I like this question? Because I’m a fan of bringing back the art of asking. Curiosity is an invaluable skill that seems to get lost as we get older, and I have a mission to help bring it back! (check out this RAD video on asking).  It’s quite a terrible thing that as a nation, we’ve gotten so offended by questions, and become so defensive of them, that it’s not even kosher to ask anymore.  Even simple ones like: Do you need help? Why are you doing that?  Why don’t you eat meat? Do you breast or bottle feed?. (**disclaimer.. some people try to be offensive, i.e. internet commenters. Of course, this sucks, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic). We can get so much information from the internet these days, have we foregone getting it from the source of our curiosity to avoid 'the awkwardness' only to just go home and google it?  It seems commonplace to stick with our assumptions and judgements that are based on our own story/background/beliefs/upbringing and that really have almost nothing to do with this other person.  Let’s knock that shit off, okay peeps? Me too. It's worth the conscious effort :). Be Curious, ask questions; Honor curiosity, answer questions! 

SOO, Let’s rally up and LET THERE BE CURIOSITY!!! 

On that note, no I’m not a lesbian :). I'm surprised by the handful of people that have thought I was, even before the rainbows. Not that it bothers me, I suppose I could see some rational behind it.  I did give it a go once, just because I feel I should try everything ;). It wasn’t for me, but I'm glad I tried. Curiosity does not kill the cat, curiosity gives you perspective, understanding, awareness, and a new frame of reference, among other things. Some folks like to argue that gay people ‘choose’ to be gay... and they can just ‘choose’ to not be.  Ummm, no. IMHO, it’s as inherent as our eye color. You can try to mask it with some contacts... but it just isn’t quite the same ;).    I personally know 3 people who have been in heterosexual relationships, only to get divorced and embrace their true self, which was gay.  It’s unfortunate of course for those others deeply effected, but in the end it is SOOO much better to just be your true self, and thus it’s my sincere hope that we are heading towards a time when no one will ever feel the need to hide or cover their sexuality again. YAY for 36 states with legal same-sex marriage!!! 

These are two of my bestest bestest friends in the world (both on left) and their soulmates!  Christopher with Stratton, and Claudia with Belkis. They are not just beautiful and wonderful and charismatic, they truly make the world a better place!!!!! I am so grateful to have lived in Miami to have met and gained these remarkable friendships! 

I guess in all actuality, I’ve kissed a number of girls, but those times fell into the belligerently-drunken-20-somethings-at-a-bar-scenario, and thus they don’t count in my book ;).  But this one time (at band camp! not really, but not too far off!) a couple years ago, there was this one girl who was super rad and funny and through our close- proximity living situation, we developed a fast friendship. She remained platonic in the beginning and then made the big come-on. I, the experience-junkie, decided to just see. See if our burgeoning friendship could translate to attraction, see if it really is soul and personality we are attracted to, and just to satiate my curiosity.  I’ll skip the PG-13 details because they are gratuitous (but if you want to know, I certainly will share!) and jump right to the major things I learned: 
  1. Social Acceptance is waaaayyyy too powerful of a force here in our culture, and even though I like to think I’m immune to it (I’m not) and even though I’d be totally happy if I was sexually attracted to females (I’m not), and even though same-sex relationships are becoming more and more accepted (as they should), the anxiety I felt about ‘getting caught’ was real... because then people would talk.   OMG, talk! That talk! It’s the worst, right? No, it’s stupid. Straight up stupid (and I don’t use that word lightly!)! I almost wish I was bi so I could have a big coming-out and be like, this is SO okay :).  Feeling that society-based fear irritated me since it’s counter to the way I want to live. It made me think about how bold and brave people have to be to come out of a closet. p.s. Here's an aaammmazing video about the closet we all have. It's worth a watch!
  2. I love the science and studies that prove attraction is about energy. Pheromones, scents, aura, chemistry, brainwaves, whatever it is, whatever you call it, it’s pretty much beyond our control. For example, that great guy you wanted to like sooooo bad because he’s great in this way and that way and everyway AND he’s cute.... but it’s a no-go: Energy-mesh fail :).  If you can’t force yourself to like a guy, you certainly can’t force yourself to like a girl (well, you can but that would just be a relationship fail).  For me this female-female experiment was like trying to close my eyes and pretend it was a guy. Not a good success probability there ;). BUT,  If it’s all about energy, maybe that was just the wrong girl, in the same way that it could be the wrong guy? In theory, True. Hmmm. Thus, in conclusion, if there came a women that had the energy I’m magnetized to, then I hope I’d be open to it.  Maybe some day I will evolve to that amazing place of indifference :). I don’t actually think that’s the case though, because interesting as it was, my lesbian experience felt altogether unnatural, too soft and supple, and most importantly cockless.. and that’s just not okay for this BJ ;). 

With all that I say, ROCK ON GAY people!!! I am soooo gay too, gay as in Happyyy!  Why am I so happy? Because every day I engage in the beautiful practice of being authentically me (and me likes to try everything!). It’s not always easy, sometimes scary,  mostly crazy and chaotic, and every once in a while shocking ;).  I’m peeling away the years of layers of societal pressure that we all develop, and unfortunately sometimes suffocate under. It’s a fascinating process, one I thoroughly enjoy. “Be Always Blooming” that’s my motto :).  I’m still wearing a tons of those layers, many unknown as to what they are but identifiable by the fact that I still experience nervousness or embarrassment (albeit rarely in comparison to most). What pleases me immensely, is that I know in the grand scheme of things I know nothing, which makes me so eager to keep growing. The thought of old age brings zero anxiety to me, in fact I’m overly-excited about it. Everyday I learn more.... and with 50+ years to go, that’s over 18,000 days of learning!!!!! I will be a badass old-tiedye-naked-rainbow-hair- lady someday fo’ shizzzzleeee! 

And knowing myself goes hand in hand with this crazy hair :). I wear the rainbow hair because I feel like my soul is a rainbow and I can’t help but try to convey that!!!!!! :)  So, I start by setting myself apart:).  

Certainly, this irritates some people, who scoff and for whatever reason get annoyed and decide to narrow me down into the label of a showboat. She’s just an attention seeker, an exhibitionist, a show off! And to that I’d say:  

“Well, yes. Yes I am.”  :). 

I am an entertainer. So are mannnnyyyy people! Why should that be a problem?  It’s not, though it’s been a process for me to accept that I am an entertainer of an unconventional art for which there is no title... yet ;). What would the world be without entertainers? Boring!! Therefore, I think I’m on the perfect track, and am determined to find my own personal way, even if that means getting the occasion cold shoulders and evil scowl. And really, most of the time it means big smiles, new friends and lots of love :). 

“ You should not be giving people what they want, you should be giving people what they don’t yet know they want. If you’re lucky, people discover what it was that they needed”.  
-Erica Jong

What it all comes down to, is that I like to be seen. My soul feels like a rainbow, so I want that visible on the outside. What does your soul say? Do you wear it? Would you be proud to wear it?  What do you do behind closed doors that you hide? Is there a feeling you hide? Should you hide it? Why do you hide it? Because it’s not good or because you might be chastised?  If you lived in a utopia, with no judgement, no scoffs, no hierarchy, how would you be different? Why should it be different? 

Think about it :).  Aren’t we all just trying to be seen? Isn’t that why people get tattoos? Writing their stories right on their skin? Is that what body piercings are? or wearing popped collars, or dreadlocks, or tie dye, or brand-name purses? Are we trying to represent something? Some way to be seen??   (Hmm... I sense another blog topic :). 

In my case, it’s easier to be seen because I not only like to be the center of attention, but I love to share my innermost thoughts. But what if you don’t? You’re not a performer? Not a big talker? No problem...you can still be seen; through your work, your contribution, your generosity. It’s a progression, with the first and most crucial step to being seen starting with seeing, loving, valuing and appreciated yourself first

The biggest shift for me has been learning to see, love, and appreciate myself, regardless of whether or not anyone else does. ... Believe me when I say it makes a world of difference. ....Other people can't see and value you until you see and value yourself. They also can't love and appreciate you until you love and appreciate yourself! Self care, owning every bit of who you are, cultivating confidence, and showing yourself love and appreciation is key. We show others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves. Those confident people that others are drawn to simply see and appreciate themselves fully at their core. They exude an attractive energy because they're attracted to and love themselves. It doesn't make you "full of yourself" and self centered, it makes you smart, powerful, and focused on what matters most to your fulfillment and happiness: you.”

With that, I’ll conclude:  When you commit to being the deepest and most vulnerable you, when you begin to follow your true heart, when you learn to love and value yourself so you can be seen, happiness results as a divine by-product, and that special gift you have to contribute to the world will emerge. Move towards your truest self, where there's no embarrassement or conforming. Whether that be as big as a sexual orientation, or as simple as your preference for eccentric clothing, Let. yourself. be. seen.  I’m saying this to you, as well as to myself. Let yourself be seen, in all your perfectly imperfect (and maybe sometimes rainbow) glory!! ;)  

Create a most wonderful and colorful day :)