Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Bloom Wagon: Spread Happy!!!

Living my architect side's dream right now by designing a pretty awesome cabin/treehouse to live in on an amazing piece of land (read about it here) I just bought in Washington State!!!  Since it's raw land though, I need somewhere to live while building.  Hmm, well, I just so happen to own an RV (with pink interiors!!!) that is currently parked in Alabama. Perfect! ....just need to get it here.... plain driving it across would be too vanilla for me.... 

Ahhhhh, the idea is born!!  My performer side's dream comes true too: 

loooooveee to spread happiness. I love to work hard, I love to play hard, I love to do good deeds, make people smile, and be an example of how much greatness one can squeeze out of our one wild and precious life! What better way to combine all that than on an epic cross country RV adventure trip, practicing the always awesome art of spreading happy?! Want to be a part of this??  Yes please!

What we'll be doing:

Creating events, outings, gatherings, and social shenanigans of all kinds where we can spread love, joy and happiness, inspiring curiosity, growth and change. There will be random acts of kindness, volunteering, and all around good times in both urban and rural settings, as well as climbing mountains, seeking out swimming holes, and searching for adventurous and authentically awesome people (who may eventually be a part of the Bloom Woods! See workaway.info ad here)

Positivity rules the RV, henceforth known as the Bloom Wagon ... the mobile unit of the Bloom Woods! :).
Parker's concept sketch for the Paint Job= YES YES YES!

Who we are: 

I (Becky Fromm) met Parker Jones in training class, both having been hired as cross-country adventure tour guides. We met, we camped, we bonded, we had ridiculous amounts of fun, and we chatted many a night away over any topic under the sun. As both architects by degree and funsters by birth, a beautiful friendship was inevitable :)

We are so open to other people hopping on with us! Where do you live? Let's swing by and pick you up for a day or two!

Requirements for joining are:

Be an AWESOME person: meaning badass, big-hearted, open-minded soulful human being who is clever, compassionate, confident, and a great communicator interested in making the world a better place! 

Send me an email (beckyjo@thebloomwoods.com) with a little video of yourself saying how you're awesome, where you're located, and what idea you've got to #spreadhappy!!! Send some other unabashed info about yourself too! Don't be shy, I am an information junkie... the more the betttttttterrrr :)

What we need help with: 

We need contacts all across the US (from Alabama to Washington State) who can:

-help us set up events (social, volunteer, adventure, etc)
-find either the individuals or organizations that would greatly appreciate some helping hands and some happy
-create some buzz for us
-collaborate with local businesses 
-find the best spaces/places/adventures in the local area
-people who want to stow-away and go on a mini adventure with us! 

Or any other skills you want to share with us to make it outstanding!!!! 

Here's our general destination route, which most certainly will change and have detours added, so if you are full of enthusiasm for spreading happy, don't be scared if your location is far off :). Approximately dates: leaving Huntsville, AL March 23, arrival to Hood River, OR, April 23, 2015.

IDEAS welcome! Suggestions welcome! Hook-ups welcome! Introductions to awesome people welcome!!!! We are hoping to find a Videographer to come along for the whole ride, expenses covered!  A grand adventure for free?? Yess! It's for real!! We're going to be making YouTube videos along the way and a documentary of the whole trip! Know someone who would be perfect?? Is it you?  Please check out below for more info!

So please, please share this around with anyone who could benefit or be involved!!! Email me at beckyjo@thebloomwoods.com. The website is underway, but feel free to follow along at @thebloomwoods on instagram, and hashtag #spreadhappy!!!



The lowdown:

We’re looking for a badass, big-hearted, open-minded soulful human being who is clever, compassionate, confident, and a great communicator interested in making the world a better place!... who is also a gifted videographer :).

Our current team of 2 enthusiastic and positive persons are heading off on an epic cross country RV trip, with the intent to practice the always awesome art of spreading happy. We’d like to document this journey... that’s where YOU come in!

What you’ll be doing:

Videoing the adventures! The prep, the drive, funny moments, impromptu social interactions, and most importantly, the spread happy events. Just plan to be camera ready at all times :).

Making/editing/uploading short films on a consistent basis, while planning for a longer, overall journey recap film at the termination. Team member Parker will also be part of this.

Helping any which where else you would like to contribute :).


Departure: Huntsville, AL, Approximately March 23
Arrival: Columbia Gorge, WA/OR, Approximately April 23

Overall availability: March 16- May 1. Final dates disclosed upon selection.

Route: To be determined (will take suggestions!).


All costs associated with RV, including fuel, campgrounds, upkeep. Also all materials needed for events, advertising, marketing. Freedom to be creative (and we encourage you to self-promote yours skills). Opportunity to inspire people. Epic memories of a lifetime!!!!

AND, your flight from wherever you are to us in Huntsville, AL.

Asked of you:

We are plant-based, organic and healthy eaters. You don’t have to be, but you should be willing and pleasant in regard to eating this way! It’s so yum :) If you have the means if would be great if you can pitch in for food, but since you are 'working', it's not required.


Your end flight from Portland, OR to wherever you are going (unless you decide to stay on. Further engagement may be available! The Gorge is an AMAZING place to spend the summer :)

Your own entertainment. Your cell phone. Costs of equipment/ software. Booze :). Basically think of it like a fun road trip w/ good friends (which we’ll be very soon). We’ll cover the basics, you cover anything additional you will want/need for you own personal needs. We hope beyond hope this is something you can add to your portfolio (and personal experiences) that will bring goodness to your life :)

Overall Expectations:

Ideas are welcome! We want to get to know you! We want your input and insight. We want you to use this for your own creative expression and promotion as well!

On a continual daily basis: work on marketing, website updates, social media, the video editing, trip planning, promotional advertising, grocery shopping, and a bonus if you can cook some of the meals or drive some of the drive.

Application Requirements:

Please email or submit links of the following to beckyjo@thebloomwoods.com by March 6. Selection will be made by March 13th, 2015. We'll fly you out on or around March 20th, 2015.

1.) 3-4 examples of your video work
2.) Testimonials from past clients and their contact info.

3.) Please submit a 2-3 minute SIMPLE video of yourself, just talking, nothing fancy. Express why you want to be part of this adventure, and tell us about YOU. Not just as a videographer (your work can speak for itself, right?) but as a human being. We will all be in super close quarters for at least a month. Our promise to you: we will share our loving souls, generous hearts, and the ability to communicate even when it’s hard. And provide loads of fun :).

Also, please check out these videos to understand what style we like. Think a mix of fun, funky, inspirational travel adventure videos mixed with anything Soul Pancake :) Of course it should be unique and individual, show us your stuff!

Living the Adventure,  Captain and Clark,  Hey Nadine,
Learning with LouisStorytravelersVagabrothersTravel by Michael FlarupJonas and SteveHeart Attack!

Equipment Requirements:

All necessary equipment you’d need to produce a quality film. That’s up to you. Super fancy is not required, but quality is. We currently have a Go-Pro for anytime use.

Example: camera, video camera, computer, software, backup equipment, tripod, protective case and carrying luggage (able to be worn- i.e. on a motorcycle). Head gear to capture footage on adventures (hike/bike/swim).

Additional Applicant Qualifications:

Must be empathetic and sensitive to the emotions of ALL humans. Must be a great communicator. Must be capable and happy to engage in deeper conversation and experiences. Must be compassionate, courageous, and able to answer the question, “What makes you special?”.

Must also enjoy nature, adventures, eccentricity, and be adaptable to all situations. A low-maintenance lover of camping, and of possibly ‘roughing it’ for days at a time. We don’t expect or want perfection, just all-around awesome :).

Minimum age: 25.

Applicant Suggested Qualifications (not required):

Willing to ride on the back of (or drive) a motorcycle at times :).

Other notes: 

Housing will be provided thru May 1, although we may arrive to Hood River a week or two prior. You will have this time to continue with the video production.

The agreement will end upon issuance of the final video, but further engagement and/or employment could be discussed upon arrival to WA.

We are happy and willing to help you in your personal goals and endeavors. If you have ideas or suggestions, please let us know!

Follow us:

Becky: @thebloomwoods
Parker: @national_parker


#spreadhappy :)

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