Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Top Ten

Time for a Blog Highlights Reel!

It's been close to 4 years since I started this thing. Not sure how I went the first 28 years without it...  I looooveee to write!!  I tried to make it a TOP TEN list... but that was impossible.  I got it down to 13... close enough :)

Listed in chronological order, old to new, here are some of my favorite Blogs:

13. I heart Weirdo's:  This blog is from 2011. It's no wonder I love them... I've become captain of the team :).

12. Close your Eyes:   My first intro to meditation, forever changed my life.  Thank you Australia, for bringing this into my life!

11. Kindness of Strangers: Australia was amazing. IS amazing. So are Aussies :).

10. 4 Days of Kolkate awesome:  Incredible India, what can I say. That place is magic :).

9. Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!:  That wonderful day I entered my 30's.  Oh I do love this decade!

8. Farmville... not the Facebook kind:   Arguably one of my favorite home-stays, with a Nepalese family. Cultural immersion at it's finest!

7. Snakes, Islands, Flat Tires, and a moral Dilemma:   Just a little scooter ride across the country of Vietnam. No big deal :).

6. God Bless you GodBlessy:  A recap of my transformative month stay at the Orphanage in Moshi, Tanzania, Africa.

5. My Inner Voice is Loud too: Ponderings after a magnificent stay at the Pleasant Valley Sanctuary, a yoga and meditation retreat in Northern Cali.

4. Of Mountains and Motorcycles:  Halfway into my 4,000 mile motorcycle East Coast Roadtrip, I'm in love with nature and tell you alllllll about it :)

3. Refuse the Dinner Date:   Why I love being single, and dating advice from yours truly :). 

2. Life is beautiful:  Rantings from a sick girl (me) who was (and is!) HIGH on LIFE! 

1. Adventure and Ashram Magic:  A recap of my first few weeks in Ecuador. A mighty adventure up a 15,000' hike, and the beginning of my yoga teacher training.  Perfection :)


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