Sunday, February 22, 2015

Vulnerability: the birthplace of Innovation :)

I love her so much. All of her books are fabulous. And if you haven't seen her TED Talk,
please watch it HERE. It's so worth the 20 mins :) 

Yesterday morning I was stressed, cranky and super emotional! I just couldn't keep it together. I felt compelled to make a quick video... which led to another... which led to an idea... which led to excitement... which led to my mission of spreading happy... which led to a new friend...  and then the next thing I knew, I was documenting the whole awesome day!!!! 

This is why I love vulnerability, you get right to the heart of what's wrong when you're in such a real true raw and emotional state.  This is why there is no such thing as a 'bad' experience to me.  We learn, we grow, we create change from the hard times.  I loveeee the hard times!!  Isn't it true that flowers grow from the dirt?!! :) 

Here's my day, starting from tears and ending with a fabulous idea turned initiative for spreading happy. How can I help you??!! Want to be on part of our #SpreadHappy Tour???!! :)  Enjoy!

SO, as you saw,  I got super stoked about building a community, bartering, asking for help, and Spreading Happy!!!! I did make a listing, check it out here!!!!!  I'm so ready to really start doing my part to create goodness in the world on a bigger level, and having a home base is critical for my rejuvenation (see last blog for more on that!).  THAT SAID, do you want to be a part of this? Either with your own project you need help with or do you know someone that could use some help?  Do you know fun adventurous and GOOD people that could help us set up events along our journey? 

Here's our general destination route, which most certainly will change and have detours added, so don't be scared if your idea is far off :).

IDEAS welcome! Suggestions welcome! Hook-ups welcome! Introductions to awesome people welcome!!!! We are hoping to find a Videographer to come along for the whole ride! Please check out this page for more info, and share it! Pretty please!! 

THANK YOU! xoxoxo 

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