Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Be a Candle AND a Mirror

I say, be a candle AND a mirror :). 

Certainly I like to shine, but oh oh oh oh oh I tell you without a doubt, I would rather be the slowest, dumbest, laziest, least developed person in a room. 

What, what?  Isn't it nice to be the best?? In my case, I think no! WHY?? Because growth is my greatest constant need. I'm a front row, A+ teacher's pet, and proud of it. Learning is my hobby. 

As much as I love to inspire, I LOVEEEE to be inspired. I love to instigate, but I LOVE to support. I love to lead, but I LOVE to follow.  I love to teach, but I LOVE to learn. 

I start things because I have a need for continual progress and I love to share all things good. But, when someone else has an idea I can get behind,  I am GUNG-HO! Have you ever seen this FANTASTIC (that's cue for watch it!) 3 min video about how to start a movement?? In a gist, it explains how the first person to do something 'out there', is just considered a crazy (that's why I'm happy to start things,  I don't mind being the crazy one).  BUT, the video explains how it's actually the first follower that is most brave, and most critical! This person is putting themselves out there to be equally criticized, but is taking the chance anyways. From there, someone else joins, another, another... and the next thing you know:  MOMENTUM! (Seriously watch the video, it's so good!)

In college, my girlfriend Kim and I used to start the dance floor like it was our job. Sandbar on Thursday night, 10pm: everyone is mingling and the floor is empty.  She and I walk in, strut out, swing our hips (and mind you I'm no natural dancer!)... and without fail, people would start pouring onto the floor.  Our work is done; The night has begun. :)

SO people! Here's what you need to know about me. I love to support the superhumans and those that don't know they are superhuman yet :). I encourage this beautifully EASY gift of encouraging others!!  You can be a candle AND a mirror! I love to see people overcome their fears, and entertain their crazy ideas that come straight from the heart (aka take chances!).  I love to see authenticity come to the surface. I want to be your first follower! OR, if that is too risky/scary/uncomfortable, I can be the 'crazy' for YOUR idea, and you can be the first follower (and no one will be the wiser ;)!

On this #spreadhappy tour,  I'm sure to meet at least one person that is ready to take a risk, and just needs a cheerleader/sideside/audience/follower. They want to perform, they want to teach a skill, they want to try out an idea. Anything. They want to sing karaoke, be the first one on a dance floor, they want to recite a poem, look in another humans eyes and feel love, or just go skinny dipping for the first time ever!!! Whatever happens, we'll be smiling all along :). Do you like to encourage others too?? GREAT! Collaborate with us!! We'll take some stow-aways on a ride for sure :). 

And with that, I'd like to just dive into what the Bloom Woods is. What the Bloom Wagon is. They are both me, my philosophies, just different modes of delivery. They are vessels through which to support people on their journey forward. They are places that shall be non-judgmental, positive, and safe, but push the boundaries of the comfort zone.  

The Bloom Woods is the long term dream. It is the newly-purchased land upon which I will happily toil and labor and spend my days beautifying and molding into it's own destiny.  What that is exactly may take many forms. Certainly it will take many years (my lifetime really) and lots of capital that I will figure out later where it will come from.  What I do know is it's a place the truth-seekers, deep-thinkers, and open-minders can thrive, expand, bloom. :)  Ground breaking this Spring!

The Bloom Wagon is the official mobile unit of the Bloom Woods!  Clever eh?? It is the starting point. It is the kick-off. It is right now! It is happening, in a sweet-looking 1988 RV that we are painting something like this: 

We'll be selling these stickers if you want to pre-order!!! $2.00 includes postage! 

How AWESOME is this logo??? The ridiculously talented Mr. Parker Jones designed and drew that up!!! I am sooooo stoked on this, not only because it is amazing, he is amazing (as a human and an artist), but because this is something Parker wants to do professionally! He's a landscape architect who loves graphic design, but hasn't marketed his 'hobby'.  I knew he liked to play around, but it wasn't until he was already on board that I learned he wants to begin designing logos for cool companies. 

FATE!!! That's what I call that!!! 

How ridiculous that we became such good friends last year (we met in training to be adventure tour guides).  Such good friends in fact, he was a deciding factor for this Bloom Wagon journey. If he had said no when I asked him to join me... I probably would have done something much different.  I tell you, when you find Superstars, you hold onto them!!  You learn from them! You lift them! You support them and simultaneously soak up all their goodness! So much greatness in this dude!

Give a holla to Mr. Parker Jones if you need some design services. Follow him on Instagram @national_parker! At 24, we can all know that we are going to see big and amazing things from this rising star :)!  Thank you Parker, for being the first very important follower in my crazy idea to do a #SpreadHappy Tour! 

Click it for more info!!! 

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