Monday, March 16, 2015

Love is Love: Spread Happy Huntsville!

Our first event is coming up, and it's GOING TO ROCK!!!

We've gotten hooked up with a rad venue that is also going to advertise for us!!  We got shirts and stickers and paints and banners ANDDDD special guest Mr. Christopher Scott Boykin is going to come up from Florida for it!!!! Woohoooo!!!

Check out the sweet flyer Parker made:

"In the midst of the Alabama's state court challenging a federal court order to issue same-sex marriage licenses, The Bloom Wagon team is organizing a day of love, joy and rainbows on the East Lawn at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment, America’s largest independent center for the arts. Join the #SpreadHappy team by bringing your blankets to lounge, your instruments to play, your frisbees to toss --all to support marriage equality.  Wear your most colorful outfit and help paint a community rainbow mural to show that love is love; no matter the age, size, race, or gender. Spread Happy! "

SOOOOOO, come on out and support a great cause! If you are an artist, bring your own easel and canvas and feel free to paint your own rainbow work as well.  A performer? A musician? A nerf football badass? A professional picnicker? Come on out:  your presence is present enough :). 

Much love, 
Becky Jo

The Bloom Wagon is an RV on a cross-country road trip, powered by 3 friends with a mission to spread happiness, love and authenticity, while promoting and encouraging others to encourage others! Find out the route and more info to join in, follow along and participate at, on instagram @thebloomwoods or facebook. Stay continuously involved by striving to Spread Happy whenever and wherever you can by hashtaging #spreadhappy and #thebloomwagon

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

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