Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The house that made me.

Yesterday, I officially sold my house. The house. The ridiculously, extraordinarily empowering house that has allowed me to travel for three+ years, to pursue knowing myself, finding myself, loving myself, discovering my authentic life and purpose, and is now gifting me the ability to build my future. The house I made is literally paying me back for believing in it. YAHOOOOO!!!!

Before, March 2010
I found this fixer-upper on Zillow back in 2010. It was a two-years-vacant foreclosure: ugly, beat up, and with all sorts of problems. It had many suitors but no takers. Within minutes of entering though, I knew it was the one. It had character, promise, and most definitely potential.

What I saw in my mind (and created) when I first walked in. That ceiling!!! 

I gave it love, attention, and a chance... it gave me the wings, foundation, and opportunity to have the sweeter-than-sweet life I was meant to live :).  THANK YOU HOUSE!!!!

I bought it for $155,000 on March 31, 5 years ago today. It took some jumping through all sorts of hoops (i.e. the banks didn't want to loan on the condition), and the taking of some giant risks (i.e. it had an illegal structure attached). In a way it was my baby,  spending the next 9+ months being happily anti-social, spending every evening and weekend in full on renovation mode while still working full time in my architecture office. I suppose I was tired and stressed, but moreso glowing with pride and love and the excitement of all the newness. I spend about $90,000 in renovations, giving it new windows, doors, flooring, a roof, etc, etc....a new life. It started to look and feel like a home again. I loved living in it, I loved showing off the transformation, I loved continuing to beautify it. I think it decided to thank me for believing in it. It said "Heyyyyyy, why don't you rent me out and get the heck outta Miami?!?"

And that's how I've lived the last 3.5 years,  Thriving on the rental income I earned each month (full story here). These last 3.5 years have been nothing short of magic, chock full of life experiences that have made me understand so much about life, about love, about what happiness really is and where it comes from, how blessed I have been, how much I have to share, and how much more I have to learn. 

After! December, 2010
March 2015! Wowza, check out those plants!! 

Yesterday, one day shy of exactly 5 years since I bought it, it closed for final sale price of $472,500.... 

Holyyyyyy shitballs right?!?! Math has always been my favorite subject, but that investment equation just might be my favorite computation eveeeeeer!  I share the numbers solely to put a physical real-life example on what I am constantly preaching. Take risks. Take a chance. Look for potential. See the good. Be the good. Really listen to your inner voice. Follow it. Follow your heart. Be vulnerable. Believe in yourself, invest in yourself, and follow a path so upstanding that you have nothing to hide. “Pronoia” is the belief that the universe is conspiring to help you.  That is what I believe, that life has invested in me, like I invested in my house, so that I can give back ten-fold, making as big of an impact as I can. 

So what's next? After living the last three years on $1100/month, believe without a doubt that I could live out the rest of my days in blissed-out self-centric ease, in a hammock in Nicaragua with a mango juice and good book in hand.

Sounds rad right?!?  Certainly I’ve entertained the idea of doing just so, but that trickle of self-fulfilling thought gets drowned out by my constant flood of desire to play a bigger part in elevating the overall human experience. If the last three years taught me anything, it's that we make a living by what we get, but a life by what we give. I have no desire to get money rich. Money for me is nothing but a means to do more good in the world (hence the Spread Happy journey!). I've been blessed to understand how it feels to be soul rich, and I'm not only addicted to it, I can't fathom not trying to share it.  

It's become overly and utterly apparent that the more authentically I live my life and nurture the core needs I have, the more extraordinary my contribution outside becomes. Each and every one of us have something unique to offer the world, in all different shapes, sizes and scales. Mine happens to be big and bold, and I mean there to be no comparison to anyone else’s.  My message is this:  When you grow, invest and arrive to the point of solid self-worth, self-care, and self-love, you won’t compare. You just know you are doing the right thing. And from that right thing grows this bliss, right along with a need to contribute in your own special way.

That’s what The Bloom Woods is.  The combination of everything that makes my soul thrive, so that I can continue to live and grow into my highest level and therefore contribute to the world at my highest level.  That is the goal of life right? To be able to combine all the things you love into something that can not only provide a means to live well and happy but also a clear way to give back? Check out my new website for all the details of The Bloom Woods here

The success of my house in Miami is but a testament to me that I am on the right path. The outcome, whatever it shall be, is exactly right. I don't just know it, but I breathe this: everything turns out exactly as it should. No fear, because I know my intention. When you have fear, simply look to your intention. Is it pure? Is it good? Is it making a positive difference for others? Then poke that fear in the eye and drop it like a ten thousand pound weight. :)

The worst that can happen? I lose it all and have to start over! Actually, all the money I'm making from this sale will be spent by October of this year, invested in the Bloom Woods land, the infrastructure, and a small cabin for myself and one for mom that will be build this summer!!! That is not scary, it's exciting. I see the potential.  I don't know exactly what’s going to happen,or where all these ideas in my head might end up....and thats just fine, because the overall goal is there: "Be the change you want to see in the world."  My life purpose is to Spread Happiness any and every chance I get!!!  

I leave you with this analogy from the architect/philosopher in me: Ugliness is a temporary condition, one need only look deeper. Beauty comes from a light in the soul. Beauty comes from letting a structure, an idea, a person, be what it was meant to be. All one needs to do is feed that light. Feed it with love, kindness and authenticity. You have to scrape away the layers of society. Sometimes full on demolition. Find the true you. Find the true meaning. Find what you want to be. Uncover it. Love it. Believe in it. Take that risk and step forward into change. Don't be afraid to fail. Failure is but a stepping stone to your authentic and extraordinary life.

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