Friday, July 3, 2015

Nude for thought :)

Photo from Oregon Live article: Here

Last Saturday was the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland, OR.  Yes that's right, naked biking! As in, 10,000 super rad Portlandians pedaling throughout the city in an amazing display of unmasked and uninhibited human freedom. We were 'protesting' (that's the law loophole that allows us to be naked in public) in support of human-powered transportation, safe streets, and positive body image. 

Whewwwww! Now that's a cause I can get behind! ;)

Pun intended ;)! 
More crack thank a drug dealer!!!  Photo by Drew Bandy

When I saw the advertisement a month ago, it took but a nano-second to confirm attendance!! I knew what I was getting into after my 'random-chance-encounter'  (no such thing) with this World Naked Bike Ride Organization in Philadelphia a few years back.  I was sitting in a yoga class when the ruckus outside started happening... once we realized it was naked people on bikes streaking by, I lasted maybe 2 minutes before I couldn't stand it, I had to join!!  I 'just-so-happened' to have ridden my bike to class that day (even though I was only a few blocks walk from my friend's house), and opportunities like that don't knock too often. I apologized to the teacher, exited, disrobed right there on the curb, and pedaled along!!!!  Yeeehawww!

This time around, I was more prepared... meaning bodypaint!!!!! Can you guess what I got done??  Rainbowwwws, helllooooo! ;)!

I love rainbows!!! Remember this blog? Read here!

After getting painted, and then even painting a few people, my time slot for volunteering came up.  I helped by fundraising for the organization, selling bike seat covers (an excellent investment at $5!) and stickers by perusing thru the masses... meeting just, oh, a few thousand nudies! That was phenomenally fun, as was the liberating and energizing ride (complete with a nude band and nude bike tricks!).  The cherry on top was most certainly the dozens of us jumping off the docks and ramps into the Willamette River at the end of the night.  Naked!!! Ohhh so wonderful!!!

This roadside band was naked!!! Yayy!
Traffic jam
Hey Butty! 

Why do this? Why nudity? For me, it's many things, but at the core it's simple: positive body image.

How many sets of boobs have you seen in real life? AKA not in the movies or magazines? How many dicks? How many asses? Well, after 2 naked parades , 3 Fantasy Fest's, nude beaches, plus miscellaneous gatherings and such, I’ve seen kazillions ....and I can tell you, your body is absolutely imperfectly... which makes it perfectly yours, and that is your beauty. :)

Fun with paint! 
Free to be just as you are

I love that these kids are being exposed to nudity as normal, not as sexual :) 

The irony of people feeling scared to get naked in front of others, is that it is from within the masses you realize just how great you actually look. There is no perfect body, and for me, the experiences of seeing so many have made that a reality. Sure, there are some that seem dang close (and so they get paid for them!), but the other 5.99 billions bodies out there are imperfectly perfect.  Big/small, short/ long, perky/saggy, curvy/straight.. there are examples of beauty in every package. Comparing is no bueno!!! 

It is an absolutely phenomenal feeling to accept, and then even love, the body you call home. I wasn't always so comfy naked.  My breasts are uneven, my nipples lopsided, my curves minimal to say the least.  Some cellulite, some stretch marks, too much chubb here, too much hair there... these are things our culture tries to make you feel ashamed of.  Nope! Don't do it, don't compare!!! I love my home, my body.  I treat it right and it in turn empowers me to do anything I want, and it speaks to me loud and clear when it has something to say.  It's only fair I then love it unconditionally!!!! The reason I like to get naked? If you’ve been reading my blog a while, you know I get high off being an example, making people think outside the box, maybe push a boundary or two. I have no problem being an intentional fool or social outcast to demonstrate an important point, and it’s the same with nudity.  By societal terms, my body is nothing to call home about. Yet, the more I grow into my absolute authenticity, empowering my self-esteem and unfolding life purpose, the more comfortable I feel in my own skin. There IS an inner beauty that shines through.  To exist as an example of self confidence in a imperfectly perfect package is an honor for me. I promote nudity, because it’s just another way to promote being authentic and having consistent and constant self-love. When you know who you are, when your soul is full of peace and love and happiness, you can't help but be beautiful.  

So then, the big question is: What comes first? The chicken or the egg?  The acceptance of your body or the acceptance of your soul?  Loving the curves of your body or the depth of your heart? I think it's commonplace to believe that if you are 'perfect' on the inside, the body will follow along.  Or that you'll be happy once you get your body looking 'better'. But what if, by seeing enough real, imperfect bodies, you begin to accept yours, and from there you begin to accept your individual thoughts, feelings and vulnerabilities. When you stop judging and start loving others with all their imperfections, it's only a matter of time before you do the same for yourself :).

The intention of this blog (along with all of them), is just to get you thinking. There is no right or wrong when it comes to nudity, just what we are comfortable with. We are all soooo different, and at such different stages in life (half the naked riders had their undies on!).  Is it not true that what can be a powerful tool for one may seem crazy to another?  Sometimes just being open to the possibility is all it takes to start a domino effect of goodness.  :)

I hope you have a wonderful and happy 4th of July weekend! Wishing you sun, fun, freedom... and inner and outer confidence! If at some point you should want to experience being entirely unmasked, but need some stepping stones, give me a holla!!   I’ll don my birthday suit a million times if it helps to get this point across... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL :). 

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