Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hitchhiking Social Study

Our most recent #Hitchhiking adventure (an idealized day trip to #Portland) turned into mostly standing in the sun laughing, conversing, being silly... a sweet date really;). After two quick friendly rides from home (7 miles to the I-84 west bound on ramp), we stood for almost three hours with our thumbs out!! Inevitably, we began discussing the mentality and culture of hitchhiking. Our country is traversed with around 253 millions vehicles daily, mostly with one driver and plenty of empty seats, yet the idea of picking up a stranger going the same direction is crazy to so many. I understand, yet cannot, for understanding is to choose #fear.  It is to choose the tiny chance something creepy happens over the probable chance you have a nice encounter with an interesting human being, or at the very least help someone out in need. I understand there is a danger, but the actual danger is minuscule, while it is the fear that is ballooned disproportionately in accordance with the only stories you ever hear, the horrid ones. That's not #fair, and so I must shout out, ALL of my hitchhiking experiences, both being the hitch or picker upper, have been at least good, a lot great, and some amazzzing!  I loath the phrase, "better safe than sorry" because for bageezuz sake, shit happens even when we do every safe precaution ever advised!  Driving itself is more dangerous, especially texting and driving!!!! I talk about this not to urge people to do this without their total comfort (and some practical tips), but to even the playing field of stories being told. I simply cannot help but advocate for this lost art of sharing, connecting, and logical assistance that gets a bad reputation because we are read only one tiny paragraph of the giant novel. I am passionate about spreading THIS message: Strangers are simply friends we haven't met yet :). Not everyone who doesn't have a car is a criminal. Less cars= less traffic, less pollution, less gas. I love hitchhiking because it's just another opportunity to connect, trust, share, support, give and love (Joe loves it too, another reason why we were instant soul mates❤️).  Thanks for listening, thanks to the 3 friendly folks that gave us our short rides 
to & from the onramp (Steve, Tabitha and Pat!) and also Thanks world for ridiculously amazing scenery :). #pnw #soapbox #chooselove #fearisachoice #hitchhikingadvocate #bridgeofthegods #adventure #strangersaresimplyfriendswehaventmetyet

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