Friday, May 20, 2016

When in a shit storm...

"Why does this shit keep happening to me?? I don't get it. I'm a good person. I try to do the right thing. I've done the best I could"... etc etc... 

Don't take offense, take note. Life is not punishing you, life is trying to get you to LISTEN. Your authentic self doesn't care what others think.  It doesn't want to be nice and proper and please everyone. It wants you to be real, honest, and useful to those amazing folks that ARE inspired by you. That includes the bitches, the assholes, the brutally honest, the take-no-shitters, the super sweet, the not-so-sweet, the dorky, the smarty, the brainiac, the artsy fartsy, the fairy, the EVERYONE!!! 

 Your authentic self wants you to claim what is rightful yours with vim, vigor and gusto, and with that confidence offer it to the world. If life is throwing shit at you, I challenge you to not view it as punishment, and instead view is as motivation. Life is trying to get you to change, to grow, to expand, to get on the path that is rightfully yours.  Forget culturally acceptable. We are not meant to fit in a box. What is your unique gift??!! 

Here's a lil' Free Hugs Friday throw down Vlog.  I hope you enjoy it... and I sure hope your lil' voice inside gets louder and that you listen to it before it starts getting aggressive :).  

Becky Jo, xoxo

p.s. .. if you aren't sure what your unique gifts are, come on an InnerAttainment Adventure with me... let's see what we can uncover :)