Friday, June 3, 2016

What happened to The Bloom Woods??

"WTF Becky, how come you've stopped promoting the Bloom Woods all the sudden and are gung-ho about InnerAttainment Adventures???"

Ohhh, not to worry, InnerAttainment Adventures is just a necessary step towards the Bloom Woods getting actualized :). 

Sometimes I jump into the river with two feet. Most the time it works out excellent, but like this time, I broke my feet on the bottom. It hurt, but the good news is they heal, and I learn :). My feet are back to normal now, even stronger, so I'm heading right back into the water.  Full steam ahead with a lot more wisdom :).

I love me some risk.  The Bloom Woods. The Bloom Wagon. The Spread Happy Superheroes. I mean, why not try to do something fabulous? Multiple things fabulous?? They all align with my life's personal mission:

To utilize my enthusiasm, positivity and loving nature to instigate people towards full realization of their own courage, authenticity, potential and power of community.

My favorite place to be is outside my comfort zone.  Wanna join me here?